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Hair Stylist based in Devon teaching any Level 2 hairdressing up to Hair Extension applications

my teaching method is help each individual how i would have wanted to e taught myself.

1st lesson offered free !

Find your personal style, one step at a time - I'll give you all the knowledge to do that!

My style lessons are held online at a time that's convenient for you.

1st lesson offered free !

A secondary school student who expresses herself in creative writing and enjoys to read in Manchester

Firstly, I try to find the type of genre that a certain person enjoys to read or write about; in my opinion this is essential to the way I teach as it finds the way in which someone will enjoy to write about because if someone doesn't like what they write they won't continue and find their true potential.

Hemel Hempstead
1st lesson offered free !

Makeup, hair and beauty enthusiast with over a years experience in the beauty industry.

I am happy to teach and work with anyone who has a passion and enthusiasm for makeup and beauty. I like to work around you taking your best methods of learning into consideration weather that is visual or practical we can work to what suits you best.

1st lesson offered free !

Makeup lessons from beginner to advanced for those who want to improve their makeup skills

As a tutor I try to make sure that I personalize my lessons to what my students need, If they are visual learners I will upload videos as pictures if they are the best as trying until perfection I will show tricks on how to practice, and if they are oral learners I will post videos and step by step instructions or diagrams to help each student learn best.

1st lesson offered free !

Insta worthy hair and makeup tutorials varying between glam and natural x

I am a 15 year old girl who loves to do both hair and makeup. I love to change things up and try all different fashions when it comes to hair and makeup. I can teach to whom ever is interested both female, male, adult, teenager or child. I can teach in which ever way you may find most effective and we can work out hours between us that are at your most conviniece.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Beauty tricks and tips for beginners to advanced, bro I can help you out

I am here to help you as an individual or as a beuatians to improve your work and self, I will give you all the top tips and tricks for you to succeed, hunni you honest honesty will go farm I will not intimidate you in any way, I will have you to become confident in both yourself and your work!

1st lesson offered free !

Learn,easy,basic money managing whilst shopping with me. Budgeting is simple when you know how.

I teach on a simple platform which is led by YOU,you ask and I will advise and also throw in any extras that will help.

1st lesson offered free !

Fully qualified beautician wanting to sharw my skills and knowledge based in walsall.

Im able to teach anyone, wether you are just coming into the make up and beauty industry, already in it and want to gain more knowledge or just wanting to learn the basics. I am able to teach anytime of the day.

1st lesson offered free !

Need to do your weekly or daily shoppping? Not a problem- I can do that for you

I love shopping for myself, so it won’t be a problem to shop for u as well, and I’m looking forward to it

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1st lesson offered free !

Makeup and Fashion Styling Tutor in Birmingham Uk - over 10 years of experience!

I am a Professional Make up Artist and Fashion Stylist with good Photography experience, including Adobe PS picture editing. Teaching all levels of experience, from begginers to experienced Artists who wants to expand their knowledge and learn new techniques, including working closely with clients, photographers, designers. Lessons are open to ladies only, I also speak Polish.

Oxley Park
1st lesson offered free !

Professional makeup artist and stylist offering Make- up and grooming lessons for all levels

- one to one lessons on how to look smart ( makeup & hair ) - one to one personal shopping ( makeup and hair ) - focusing on key concerns to improve on - how to clean brushes and disinfect - How to blend and choose the right foundation for your skin I will be teaching you tricks and tips tailored to your needs e.

1st lesson offered free !

Makeup Advisor through emailed photographs - Helping with simple makeup skills and artistic skills

Email me with your concerns or quereies (including pictures in necessary) and i will reply with detailed advice including suggested products, discount codes, pictures and videos on how to improve your skills. This can be anything from everyday makeup to specific looks.

1st lesson offered free !

Platonic teacher from Kent able to help you talk in a good manor

My teaching method is to make you feel at ease, also to let you have your say in whatever you need too, but too make you work for it so you achieve well.

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1st lesson offered free !

College student studying Media make up giving make up lessons in Manchester or at home.

I am a college student who is currently studying Media Make up as it is something I am rather passionate about! I hope to enthusiastically teach anyone whether it be a beginner, intermediate to professional or someone who finds enjoyment in make up any useful tips and tactics I can offer. I have plenty of knowlege in all things make up and the industry which i can share as an aim to help others.

1st lesson offered free !

Male fashion model and personal stylist offering fashion and style understanding lessons.

There are some rules need to be understand, there are feelings need to be express, there is a body needs to be seen in right geometry and there is a mind that feels good in concrete colours and fabrics. And at last there is a concrete life needs to embody all that.

1st lesson offered free !

A stylist lives in Manchester has a Fashion Diploma and A Master's degree in Fashion and Luxury, gives lessons in any subject related to Fashion and styling.

I am a Stylist living in Manchester, UK. I have a B.Sc in Commerce, a Fashion Diploma from Italy and MA in Fashion retail and Luxury Management from London School of Business and finance. I am also the founder of "Pearl Style" an Image and Fashion consulting services company. I offer personal styling, personal shopping, full makeovers, color analysis and more.

1st lesson offered free !

Verified Makeup Artist Teaches Makeup Classes Online! Way cheaper and 100% effective! Flexible Hours!

Makeup is indeed a form of art. I graduated two years ago from one of the most prestigious fashion/modelling/makeup academies in my country, and I have learned to do incredible awesome things and I learn more everyday.

1st lesson offered free !

Future of hair future of men & women future of us all

Hi I'm Martin I've got 4 degrees in hairdressing and a unique eye for the future of design. If your just starting off please come to me I will be happy to pass everything I know on to you. I've a younger sister who has also passed her hairdressing courses thanks to my knowledge of this industry.

1st lesson offered free !

Self employed makeup artist offering detailed lessons in different levels of makeup

My teaching method is starting from basics and working out way up.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm a student from Surrey who knows quite a lot of knowledge to do with the fashion world. This can include anything to do with trends, designs and journalism.

My teaching method is all about the visuals. When I studied in fashion, I remember constantly making mood boards, designing different products and I would practice writing articles from magazines. I like to let them learn independently but obviously they are free to ask me anything whenever they need help as thats what I'm here fore.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn beauty skills from the screen of your computer from the comfort of your home

I build in what people already know and then develop their skills from there I prefer online teaching as I can talk to you from the comfort of your home and make this environment a comfortable place to talk about your beauty questions.

1st lesson offered free !

Fashion and wardrobe tutor, specialising in sustainable fashion and capsule wardrobes.

Teaching you how to create a Capsule Wardrobe, in the most sustainable way possible, to help maximize your closet and feel more confident in your wardrobe. Learn how to sustainability source your wardrobe and make what you already own work for you .

1st lesson offered free !

How to be A beautiful inside and out and make up tutorial

Public opinion may have some say in who is labeled as "beautiful" on the outside, but inner beauty takes on a whole other meaning. Feeling beautiful on the inside has more to do with your character than your appearance. Learn what beauty means to you and have the confidence to live by your own rules starting today. 1.

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Personal Shopper & Personal Stylist for Image and Fashion Style at BAB

Fiorella Gonzalez, founder of the agency Perú Personal Shopper, shares with you her vision of the trade ... A personal stylist just for you is a personal shopper. A fashion professional who offers you real exclusives, an exchange of accomplice and silhouettes adapted to your personality and your budget.

1st lesson offered free !

Redesign your lifestyle with Fashion Management and Design in planning lifestyle wardrobes.

Seamstress since age nine self taught designer I have made clothing for weddings and Proms and in general everyday outfits that I have had the pleasure of Designing and I have special designs that I will turn into outfits for you

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate and keen fashionista gives make up and self-grooming classes in Bangalore

My teaching methods involve both theory as well as practical sessions. The classes are structured in a way that it is possible for anyone to easily get their hands on. I undertake classes for personal styling, dressing based on your body shape, everyday make up and skin care, party make up, and bridal make up.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified warm and friendly Personal and Fashion stylist / Persoanl Shopper in Paris

Graduated from the Karis Training school - Image Consulting course Training in Art Direction and Styling - Central Saint Martins School - London Body type Colour type Style type Style, make up and hairstyle. For everyday or for a special occasion. I style men, Women and teenagers.

1st lesson offered free !

Student of airhostess giving you fashion knowledge (hair styling , make up , dress up, shopping etc)

I think everyone is beautiful in their on way. but most of the time we used to try to coping other and lost our on beauty so i like to teach the proper beauty lesson i like to groom them.. and make them satisfied in their life..

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