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“The human mind is not a terribly logical or consistent place.” -Jim Butcher


When we stop and think about it, our minds are insanely complex and without guidance from an experienced professional, we might not exactly know how to determine our feelings and express them in words. The strange nuances of our minds make the interaction between humans even more peculiar and that is why psychologists have plenty of work to do in today’s world! Nonetheless, since the brain and behavioural science is layered, there are many different fields of study that touch on psychology. Also, studying psychology is a brilliant idea for all persons since it helps us better get to know who we are and the other people that we let into our lives. Let’s take a look at how psychology can be studied in-person and online in the Cardiff area.

Why are People Interested in Learning About Psychological Topics?

In the past two or three decades, more and more students at a secondary school or further education level have taken an interest in psychology. Also, personality tests and classifiers such as the Enneagram and Meyer’s Briggs have only increased in popularity amongst Millennials and Gen Z. Why’s that? Well, more than any other generation in the history of mankind, persons from the ages of 15-35 living today are taking an active interest in their mental health. Advocates for a mental health claim that we need to practice self-care and talk to a professional when we are experiencing disquieting thoughts. Though the piqued interest in mental health has caused persons to discuss and become more curious about psychology, there are other reasons too. Such as? Well, those with a degree in psychology are much more eligible for prestigious jobs across many domains such as finance, business, education, etc., since employers value the skills honed by individuals who have taken the type to study behavioural sciences. Individuals who have studied psychology are known to more easily adapt to new work environments with new coworkers. Also, studying psychology validates a person’s reaction to a specific situation and causes them to have empathy for themselves and other individuals. Those who study psychology often look to get to know others and try to make things right in their own life; essentially be their own therapist. In today’s confusing world where we struggle to understand ourselves, psychology will continue to become a common subject studied by university students.

How to Study Psychology Effectively

Whether you are taking psychology courses at a university level to earn a Bachelor’s or Master's degree or you are simply studying for your leisure, there are specific tips and tricks to take into consideration to effectively assimilate the information without falling behind. First and foremost, to successfully learn psychology you need to study, study, and study. Having a study routine that is strictly followed will help you to remember the key concepts you are learning and to create a foundation for future concepts. Secondly, another effective study tip is to actively participate in class. Whether you’re the only student or there are five to ten others, to take full advantage of what you are learning, it is greatly suggested to ask as many questions as possible to learn more and get the job done. Being active in class doesn’t solely mean asking questions but it also involves taking notes and having all homework assignments prepared ahead of time. Thirdly, since psychology can sometimes be a complex academic discipline, we highly recommend creating or joining a study group with like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of each other. Caution must be exercised when putting into practice the “study group” tip since you don’t want to spend too much time studying in a group instead of personal study sessions and if your study group members aren’t on the same level as you, you might end up pulling their weight most of the time. By following the previously mentioned tips, learning psychology at uni or with a private tutor will be an absolute breeze!

Taking Online Psychology Classes

Have you had the opportunity of learning a topic of interest or academic discipline online with the help of a private tutor? If not, you’re missing out, and, if so, we strongly urge you to continue since e-learning is the way of the future! But how does it work? After you’ve downloaded a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet and you ensure that you have a webcam on your laptop or tablet, the next step is finding an academic tutor that specializes in a topic such as psychology on a tutoring community site. Tutoring sites are very popular now and most tutors have their profile with availabilities that potential students can take a look at. After selecting a psychology tutor that suits your schedule and specific learning needs, you will be able to successfully learn more about specific topics of behavioural science from the comfort of your own home!

Psychology Courses in the Cardiff Area with Superprof

When it comes to selecting an online tutoring platform that boasts fantastic tutors, we are certain that you want to select the best from the start. Which is? Superprof! With more than 15 million tutors available worldwide on Superprof, if you are a student of psychology in the Cardiff area, we are certain that you will find a tutor that meets your specific needs on the Superprof site. For instance, there are currently 70 psychology instructors in the Greater Cardiff area that conduct online and in-person classes for students who need to brush up on their psychology skills. Many of the Cardiff-based psychology tutors on Superprof have accreditations from prestigious schools to back up their skills and years of experience instructing psychology topics to students. Prices per hour range from £10 to 40 and depend on the expertise of the psychology tutor in question. Want to know the best part? The first lesson with a Superprof is always free which allows persons to shop around before choosing a tutor they feel comfortable learning with!


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