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Our former students in London
review their Sewing tutors

Emma Sewing tutor

Emma is such a nice and talented tutor, being able to teach me as many knowledge about pattern cutting as possible! make the session so interesting makes me want to keep learning pattern cutting!

Stephanie Sewing tutor

Stephanie has the patience of a saint! She is absolutely brilliant at extricating anything that might be able to help - in our case a university portfolio. She goes above and beyond every single time, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Pippa, 3 months ago

Emma Sewing tutor

Excellent tutor! Helps you with whatever you want to learn and ensures you understand how to do it! Also has cheap fabric for you to buy and free calico. Took me from little confidence to being able to make trousers and a jacket. Couldn't recommend...

Jack, 3 months ago

Fiona Sewing tutor

Fiona was a lovely teacher, so helpful and I will use her again for sure.

Sasha, 5 months ago

Charlotte Sewing tutor

Charlotte is the best, I really enjoyed my lesson with her! It's very clear she understands how the garment is constructed, and really takes time beforehand to understand what your ideas/desires are, to tailor the class to you. She also has little...

Ina, 6 months ago

Ana Sewing tutor

Ana is an amazing teacher! Her methodology ensured I understood everything I was being taught, I enjoy the classes as she's very patient and is happy to go over things again. She is really well prepared and even takes the time to set homework that...

Lucr茅zia , 6 months ago

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<h2>Find the best tutors in London for your sewing courses</h2>

Who said that sewing was an activity for little old grannies, a hobby belonging to another age? In addition to being fun, sewing is a creative pastime allowing you to couple enjoyment with  a practical aspect, allowing you to create your own garments, accessories or decorations. Sewing is an activity loved throughout the worls, and Britain鈥檚 capital is no exception!

Whether you want to learn how to knit or make a buttonhole, set a zip or snap buttons, beginner sewing or sewing for children is within everyone鈥檚 grasp.

If you want to become a fashion designer, dressmaker, tailor or learn any other trade in the textile industry, sewing is the most important skill you can master. A number of sewing teachers throughout London can help you there. So grab your sewing kit and get ready to go on a sewing adventure!

The fashion industry is expanding fast worldwide. But though the big fashion designers stand for extraordinary success, remember: they all started by learning how to use needle and thread. Though creativity is very important in sewing, you also need to know how to use the basic tools of the trade, whether it be a pair of dressmaker鈥檚 scissors or a crochet hook.

In many countries, including Britain, sewing is an acceptable career that can lead to great things. Or it can remain a special hobby allowing you to fully express your creativity. Fashion design lets you create your own dress patterns, customise your clothes, make your wardrobe yourself and even darn or mend.

What will you be able to make with your new-found sewing skills? The possibilities are endless. You can make:

A trousers pattern



Wedding dresses




Hem a skirt

Blouse or shirt


Without needing to apply for a fashion design school or start an apprenticeship with a dressmaker or tailer, Londoners can learn how to sew with dozens of private lessons - and if your lucky enough to either take group sewing classes or be able to visit your tutor at home, you won鈥檛 even have to buy your own sewing machine.

The city of London is huge and its transportation system quite dense, increasing your options for learning how to sew, embroider or use the various sewing accessories.

<h3>Learn to Sew in London</h3>

Learning how to sew sounds easy - whether you want to practise it as a hobby, a passion or a career, don鈥檛 make the mistake of thinking that simply owning needle and thread is enough. If you want to progress beyond a running stitch, take your sewing to the next level or simply learn various hand-sewing techniques, you will need to take sewing courses in order to optimise your sewing skills.

By a stroke of luck, London is teeming with opportunities to perfect your sewing, knitting or crocheting skills with a competent and experienced sewing tutor. Soon, becoming a fashion design pro will be more than just a dream - thanks to our Superprof tutors who are ready to teach you how to sew like haute couture pros.

Whether cotton fabrics, felt or haberdashery - the whole scope of dressmaking vocabulary and techniques will be open to you!

Sewing and fashion schools are not hard to find in London: from the School of Sewing to the London College of Fashion, the Instituto Marangoni to the Fashion Retail Academy, from the fashion courses at the University of Westminster to an apprenticeship on Saville Row - this is just an inkling of the choice available to you to start a career in textile design in London.

Whether you want to learn sewing basics as a beginner sewer or perfect your craft in cross-stitching and hemming, you are sure to find sewing lessons adapted to your needs, no matter what your goal. In the capital city, you can become an expert in the world of textiles and fashion quickly and make fast progress.

But let鈥檚 get down to business: the best way to learn how to sew, whether you want to take dressmaking for adults or children鈥檚 dressmaking, are private sewing lessons. Textile industry professionals put their experience and knowledge at your service. Ask nicely and they might even tell you their little tricks and tips for purling.

Sewing courses can take place face to face at your teacher鈥檚 house or workshop. You can find tutors throughout London, whether in the City or near Soho, near Trafalgar Square to Whitechapel. You can find private sewing lessons or group sewing classes allowing you to master sewing during fun sewing workshops.

To work on perfecting your sewing skills on your own, you might want to invest in:

A sewing machine

An embroidery machine

An overlock machine

Sewing patterns

A dressmaking dummy

Few sites beyond Superprof offer as many opportunities to find sewing courses online or near you.

<h3>London and the World of Sewing</h3>

Londoners, come and learn to embroider, customise or design through fun or intensive sewing lessons!

London may not be the centre of haute couture that Paris was, but it has long been known as the centre of British fashion and the home of exquisite tailoring. During the time of the Empire, London was the first city to receive the exotic cotton and silk fabrics from the colonies, the fashionable India shawls and bright new dyes. The first tailors moved into what was first known as Savile Street at the beginning of the 19th century, including Henry Poole, who was credited with inventing the dinner jacket and tuxedo.

Recently, London has become one of the great centres of fashion: the London Fashion Week and other fashion shows regularly bring the big designers to the British capital.

The London Fashion week takes place twice a year. Though many other large cities have fashion weeks, London鈥檚 is one of the 鈥渂ig four鈥, together with Paris, Milan and New York. Though not quite as old as Paris鈥檚 (which dates to the 1970s), the London Fashion Week first took place in 1983. Various events and the Fashion Week Festival take place around the main catwalk show. They allow fashion designers from around the world to showcase their most extravagant creations and their new pr锚t-脿-porter collections.

London鈥檚 fashion history make it the perfect place to learn fashion design and the fundamentals of sewing, whether in group sewing classes or private sewing lessons, private dressmaking courses or online sewing courses!

<h3>Dozens of Sewing Tutors in London</h3>

Whether you want to apply to a higher school of learning to learn fashion design or simply want to improve in your skills in you favourite hobby, you should have no trouble finding a needle-wielding tutor to help you learn to use a sewing machine or do a backstitch in England鈥檚 largest city!

Whether they are professional tailors and dressmakers, a member of a sewing society or simply making some extra cash by giving sewing lessons, London sewing tutors will dedicate their time to teaching you sewing basics through online sewing classes through Skype, or one-to-one at your home or theirs.

You want to learn to sew a dress, hem a skirt or get a handle on haberdashery?

Whether embroidery, basting or smocking, you can learn any of the many sewing techniques in London, whether as a beginner sewing course or intermediate sewing lessons. Of course, various online sewing tutorials and free sewing courses online also offer insight into a range of sewing skills, but you can鈥檛 ask a webpage what you鈥檙e doing wrong or whether you set the functions of your sewing machine correctly.

From the Shard to Picadilly Circus, you are sure to find a sewing teacher near you. Dozens of sewing tutors live in London and many are willing to give live lessons over Skype, making it easier to organise your sewing classes around your busy schedule. They are skilled and experienced amateurs or professionals in their field, ready to help you get better and even get into one of the big sewing schools.

It鈥檚 important to find a tutor adapted to your needs: if you want to become a professional dressmaker or need a bit of help for your classes or apprenticeship, choose a fashion industry professional to help you on your way. Beginners, on the other hand, can benefit from classes given by a dressmaking or fashion design student, or a gifted amateur specialised in knitting or crochet. If you are interested in specific techniques such as blackwork embroidery or macram茅, make sure your chosen sewing teacher masters them as well.

<h3>London Sewing Courses: Choosing Your Superprof Tutor</h3>

Thinking of taking some evening courses or group sewing lessons in London through Superprof?

Our tutoring platform offers a wide range of teachers willing to pass on their sewing skills to beginner, intermediate or advanced sewers. With excellent practical exercises and interesting projects, you will be sure to soon attain a level of skill sufficient to embark on your projects after only a few months. And you will have your very own sewing creations to show for it!

But how do you set about getting a Superprof tutor? Nothing easier! Simply type 鈥渟ewing鈥 in the search field followed by 鈥淟ondon, UK鈥 and dozens of available teachers will pop up for you to choose from.

Click on any of them to access their personal profile and see what sewing techniques they offer, a list of their diplomas and their professional background. Our tutors pride themselves on their teaching skills and their ability to adapt their lessons to every student鈥檚 individual learning style and goals.

In London, the average price per hour is 拢35, but prices range from 拢12 to 拢50 depending on your tutor鈥檚 skills. And many of our tutors offer their first hour for free, so don鈥檛 hesitate to try them out to make sure you鈥檙e making the best choice for you!

Whether they specialise in children鈥檚 dressmaking or adult tailoring, each tutor has something special to offer!

Many tutors in and outside of London also offer lessons via Skype or Facetime, in case you are not very mobile and already own a sewing machine, or simply live too far away from the nation鈥檚 capital to make face-to-face courses practical. Though why not play around with the Superprof search criteria and see if there is a sewing tutor near you?


馃捀 How much would you pay for sewing classes in London?

The rate of sewing lessons in and around the London area is about 拢28 an hour.


The price of your lessons will vary depending on:

  • The location of your lessons (via Skype or an outside location)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the objective of your classes (are you wanting to learn dressmaking, how to properly use a sewing machine, crochet, or maybe you are just learning to sew for a hobby?)

The majority of instructors on Superprof offer their 1st lesson free.


Check out the prices of our sewing tutors in your city.

馃У What are the benefits of learning how to sew?

Learning to sew is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Not only is sewing a fun hobby but it can also be a very useful skills to have. Having a beginner level knowledge of sewing can help you to repair or customise your own clothing or make special gifts for your family and friends.


As a novice, you may want to begin with basic sewing patterns and learn how to sew simple patterns for scarfs and blankets. As you improve you can start making more complex items like skirts or shirts.


Sign up for sewing classes and learn how to sew with the help of a competent private teacher.


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A messaging service is in place for you to get in contact with your tutor to schedule your sewing classes.


Use the search engine to find your sewing teacher from among 81 private teachers in London.


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馃懆鈥嶐煆 How many private teachers are currently giving sewing classes in London?

In London and the surrounding areas, there are 81 sewing teachers available to give sewing classes


You can check out their adverts and pick the sewing tutor that suits to your needs.


Choose your course in London from our range of more than 81 sewing teachers available.

鉁掞笍 What is the average rating attributed by students to sewing tutors in London?

From a sample of 24 ratings, students gave their sewing tutors an average of 5.0 out of five.


A customer relationship manager from the Superprof team will be on hand to find a solution (via telephone or mail all week) if you have any queries about your lessons.


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