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The average price of Skateboarding  lessons is £21.

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“For me, skateboarding is a lifestyle. I really don’t know anything different. My life revolves around skating. If I wasn’t a professional skateboarder, I’d still be skating every day.” -Ryan Sheckler


Have you ever wanted to learn how to skateboard? Does the environment of skate parks and the attitude of skateboarders appeal to you? If so, you’re definitely not alone! For the past few decades, the intrigue of riding four-wheeled boards has quickly risen amongst individuals in their teens and twenties. At skate shops, aspiring boarders can view, try out, and learn more about the various types of skateboards such as old-school skateboards, penny skateboards, technical sliding longboards, cruisers, and carving longboards. However, although salespersons will feel more than welcome to tell you about the specifics, prices, and characteristics of each skateboard, it is your responsibility to test out the board and learn how it rides. Does that mean you’re all alone? Absolutely not! Since skateboarding is a very common sport/hobby, there are hundreds of thousands of skaters across the UK that can provide tips; some skateboarders even offer lessons. Without further ado, we shall take a look at more information about skateboarding and how it can be learned in the UK.

Famous Skateboarders

When learning how to skateboard, it’s a brilliant idea to get to know who are the most famous skateboarders and what they have done for the world of skateboarding. By watching YouTube videos that feature interviews, competitions, and skating techniques of the professionals, you develop an appreciation for the world of skateboarding and improve your skills at the same time. So, who are the world’s most famous skateboarders? First and foremost, it is impossible not to feature Tony Hawk on a list of the most renowned and talked about skateboarders; even people who know nothing about skateboarding have heard the name, Tony Hawk. Born Anthony Frank Hawk, he is most famous for landing the first-ever 900 (skateboarding term) and the popular THPS video game series. Not only is Tony Hawk a brilliant competitive skateboarder who has participated in various X-Games, but he is also a fantastic entrepreneur and recognisable public figure. Secondly, another immensely popular figure in the world of skateboarding is Rodney Mullen. Known by many as the one who invented skateboarding as a sport, Rodney Mullen is a legend that merits the admiration he receives from generations of skateboarders. Mullen learned to skate at ten years of age and since then he has pioneered some skateboarding ollies and flip tricks. Such as? Thanks to Mullen, current skateboarders are aware that the backside flip, 360 flip, and one-footed ollie are possible. We could go on about other famous skateboarders so we highly recommend that you look up the names Paul Rodriguez, Bucky Lasek, Jason Lee, and Bam Margera to learn more about acclaimed boarders.

Teaching Yourself Skateboarding

Since skateboarding is a sport that requires a lot of practice to get good at, a lot of the time, beginner skateboarders teach themselves through trial and error; haven’t you heard that practice makes perfect? Therefore, to teach yourself how to skateboard you need to face embarrassment and recognise that you won’t be Tony Hawk in a day! We recommend wearing padding to ensure that you don’t get too many injuries from the get-go that discourage you from ever continuing to skateboard in the future. Also, by regularly going to the skatepark, the skateboarding watering hole, you can pick up tips and tricks from expert skateboarders by asking for advice or by simply watching their techniques. Additionally, it is important to state that one of the most effective ways to teach yourself skateboarding is by watching a lot of YouTube videos from your favourite YouTubers who have informative channels about how to improve your skateboarding technique, form, and overall skill. We recommend taking a look at the channels Braille Skateboarding, Ride Channel, and ThrasherMagazine on YouTube to get the best skateboarding advice.

Hiring a Skateboarding Teacher

While it is true that many skateboarders have had great success teaching themselves how to skateboard without the help of others, it’s worth stating that hiring a skateboarding teacher is the best way to learn everything effectively. What? A skateboarding teacher? Is that even a thing? In recent years, to meet the demand of individuals learning how to skateboard, many experienced skateboarders have been offering classes to interested persons around their area of residence. Skateboarding classes with a professional teacher are dynamic, fun, and super educational. Most qualified skateboarding teachers in the UK have years of experience honing their technique and are more than content helping others gain an affinity for the sport of skateboarding. Some skateboard educators offer classes to beginners, while others provide assistance to intermediate skateboarders who want to improve their abilities and move onto an advanced level. The expertise earned by taking lessons with a UK-based skateboarding teacher is invaluable.

Why Superprof Skateboarding Tutors are the Best

After reading the previous paragraph, you might’ve been asking yourself, but where does one find a skateboarding tutor in the United Kingdom? The answer is simple: Superprof! With over 104 UK-based skateboarding tutors available for hire on the Superprof site, aspiring skateboarders are spoiled for choice. It is important to state that most classes with Superprof skateboarding teachers are conducted in-person, for obvious reasons, and the average price per hour is around £15. There are some online courses available that focus more on theory than practice. We recommend taking a look at the profiles of the skateboarding teachers to learn more about their experience, teaching methods, and bundle prices. Also, another great thing about Superprof is that the first lesson with a new teacher is always free of charge; this helps determine if the tutor is right for you. All in all, hiring a Superprof skateboarding tutor is a brilliant choice that you will not soon regret. By following the advice of a personal skateboarding tutor, popping ollies at the skatepark can be accomplished in no time.

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