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Modern music enthusiast giving theory and songwriting lessons including building up creativity/songwriting techniques/reading music/playing basics of piano&guitar

I give lessons to variety of people and nationalities, I am very adaptable to teach anyone. I have the most experience with teaching adults, but I love children, as I am still one myself. Lessons are based on what YOU need, meaning I can start from the very beginnings of any topic, or you can choose yourself what are you most into and what you want to spend the most time on.

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Industry Professional Singing & Music Theory Tutor Offering Home & Studio Lessons In & Around Brighton

I use various teaching methods, and always tailor my lessons to my student's needs and abilities. I teach contemporary vocals, and classical and applied music theory, basing my vocal lessons on building healthy habits, essential styles, practical performance, and harmony and sight reading (if desired).

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Songwriting sessions and lessons. From an Idea to a song. Let's be creative.

I have a Master of arts in songwriting and music production. I have written songs since I was young and am at the moment working as a freelance songwriter. I love to write and be creative. I have many tips and experiences I would like to share with you. I would very much enjoy giving feedback to your ongoing projects if wished.

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Experienced music student offers user-friendly music theory and reading lessons in Brighton

I like to break down each topic and go over each section at a pace dictated by the tutee, then summarising the topic as a whole once I am confident of the student's level of understanding, providing a sense of cohesion. Depending on the age and experience of the student I also like to use fun activities and rhymes or mnemonics to help them remember important information.

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3-time Top 40 artist will teach you to write beautiful, catchy songs that stand out!

I want to respect your unique voice so we will work together to develop and grow your sound, using unique tips and tricks to find rhythms, melodies and lyrics that bring your music to life in just the way you always imagined.

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Bachelors of Music Graduate Offering Music Theory, Guitar, Ukulele Lessons in Edinburgh

My teaching methodology is to approach each topic in the most beneficial way for each student. No two students' learning styles are the same and I think it is important to recognise this and adapt my teaching style accordingly. My aim is always to get the most from each student and allow them to achieve their full potential.

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Helping you with your songwriting and performance developing your own individual style

Getting the best from individuals helping them reach their true potential. Going through step by step writing, melody, performance. The simplist things are often the best but hardest to find. If you need help getting your songs completed and would like to develop your own unique style then I can help you ..

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Guitarist, drummer and singer. Looking to teach aspiring musicians how to write their own songs!

Hello! I am a university student in Southampton. I have dedicated myself to music for several years, beginning with guitar and extending to drums and singing. I am the primary songwriter in the band that I am in and I love to write music because it is an incredible form of self expression.

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Qualified experienced composer and singer-songwriter offering online assistance with music reading/theory and composition

I would be happy to assist anyone who is looking to learn, improve or prepare for exams in music theory and/or composition. I am friendly and down to earth, and try to centre my lessons on whatever the student brings that they would like to work on.

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Music Performance graduate, Singer/songwriter offering lessons in songwriting, performance and confidence building.

I build my classes around the individual, with heavy emphasis on confidence building and regular practice. Helping to get students into routines that will ultimately make them shine as artists. Fun and friendly but also hard working and motivated.

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Music university student offering lessons for music theory, flute and singing for all levels of musicianship!

Depending on the level of my student and their goals as a player, I choose to focus different facets that they can improve on in our lessons. Learning to use breath control correctly and understanding articulation are a large part of what I do, as this is how you become a great player! I love to teach and interact with children, and all age groups and difficulty levels are welcome.

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Be the best lyricists and let your words be heard, I’m here to help!

It all starts with YOU! let me analyse and guide you the right way to be the best, it’s not just words.

Corfe Mullen
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1st lesson offered free !

Music student offering easy and creative lessons on creating songs on guitar

The students can ask me for advice on the chosen song and how they want the song to form and I can help them to allow their creative mind to flow

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Got a secret desire to write a song? I'll help bring out the McCartney in you! I'll even teach you to play the guitar (but not left-handed!).

Hi there! I'm a singer songwriter with over 40 years experience in popular music. My desire is to help those who have a silent (until now) ambition to tell their story, or any story, in song, but don't know where to start.

1st lesson offered free !

I’ve had six years experience of songwriting and i’m offering classes to get the best lyrics out of every student i teach

before i teach i like to get to know my students and what interests them and what bothers them.

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Oxford Music Graduate (currently RWCMD), teaching Piano, Theory, University Admissions in Cardiff!

Most importantly, I value the importance of loving music through the process of learning. Within a framework that develops, firstly, technical facility, I hope to encourage my students to actively think about the music they make, and in doing so, equip my students with the ability to be subsequently be empowered through their music-making skills.

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Guitar lessons of all levels by College trained guitarist: Can teach almost any style!

My lessons are customized for each student based on their individual interests and learning style.

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University music graduate with 14 years of experience offering music theory lessons in Atlanta

I am a music graduate with a diploma in interdisciplinary studies, and I teach at all levels of music theory, from beginner to advanced. My teaching method is simple; I approach each topic at its most basic level. In that way, it will be much easier for the student to grasp each and every topic.

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Singer, composer and vocal coach. Specialized in MIX. Repertory in 6 languages ​​- Florianópolis / SC

Experience with several musical styles. Specialized and personally trained by Dean Kaelin in the MIX technique. Coach in vocal technique and also in composition. Private individual or group lessons (on request).

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Alfredo Lopes is an Educator/Researcher/Musician/Composer. He is at Queensland Conservatorium of Music working on a Doctorate of Musical Arts.

Flexible and creative learning with a focus on intuitive and intellectual process in problem finding/problem solving, developing personal practice strategies in self and group learning contexts.

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Student of Berklee College of Music teaches private lessons in Songwriting, Voice & Guitar - Sudbury Ontario

I teach based on the student's needs and desires. Songwriting- I teach the fundamental elements of songwriting, the basics of what makes a good song. And guide my students with advice and ideas for their music. We spend time breaking down songs and talking about what's good, what can be better, and why.

Los Angeles
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International touring artist offers music theory, guitar, piano lessons in Los Angeles

I'm an adaptive teacher, whatever level my student's knowledge is in the given field, together we assess goals and tangible milestones and I put together a game plan specific to us. Each student is different, so that's how we approach every class.

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Composer and Sound Designer giving lessons in composition, production and electronic sound design

I've been teaching since out of high school for seven years with my experience with students ranging from 4 years old to students in their 60s and 70s. I can teach instrumental practices of piano and drums to beginners and intermediate students although I primarily now teach electronic production, composition, songwriting and music theory.

Golden Grove
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Jazz Pianist teaching AMEB level Music Theory in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

I prefer to learn what kind of learner my student is as soon as possible, so I can tailor the teaching towards what works best for them.

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Songwriting and Education graduate from Berklee College Of Music teaches contemporary music

I am a professional studio and touring musician, songwriter, and educator originally from Los Angeles but now living in Boston (for the time being).

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SAE Student offering Songwriting, Mix/Mastering skills and Music Consultations, with 3 years of experience.

As a grammy nominated songwriter, my teaching method is getting to know my clients personally. We will start by talking about the importance of bringing real emotions to connect with their song. We will discuss the topic of the song and connect it to their reality.

Belmont North
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Want to learn to write a song? Accomplished Newcastle Musician will mentor you

My songwriting classes are always aimed at providing the students with the understanding, confidence and tools they need to become great writers. I listen to the goals that the student wants to achieved, and together, we work towards achieving their aspirations.

North Narrabeen
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Would you like to write beautiful songs that move people? Learn from Keith Armitage who is Sydney based and won Australian Songwriter of the Year a few years back and teaches course at two colleges. I

Keith Armitage teaches Songwriting to students of all levels. In a world saturated with run of the mill songs churned out for the masses, learn how to write original lyrics using your own landscape.

1st lesson offered free !

25 years teaching, performing, composing music in Fairfield and NewHaven Counties.

I believe each student is on his or her own musical journey, whether they want to become professionals and make a living at it or just want music to enrich their life. As a music educator, I bring a strong and refined ability to connect with students, inspire them, hone their specific needs and goals and work with them to expand their knowledge, polish their technique and progress as musicians.

Hoppers Crossing
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Victoria University Music student gives tutoring/ help to High School music students

Studying music? Feeling stuck on identifying those tricky intervals or seeing the difference between a Locrian mode to a Dorian mode? My name is Sonja and I am currently studying Music at a tertiary level. I can provide help with high school level musical theory, songwriting and learning songs on electric bass guitar.

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