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1st lesson offered free !
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Health and Exercise Science student offering sports and health tutoring in Aberdeen

My teaching method is various: - chatting online - chatting in person - doing a exercise/sport/health session I want to use the method that feels most comfortable for the tutee and make sure it is a safe, motivating and effective way to learn more.

1st lesson offered free !

Philosophy graduate, available in Central Bedfordshire, offering tutoring in Philosophy, English, Health & Well-Being

I tutor in GCSE, A-Level and I can support those who are at university level. I structure each session to your need(s) - each session is personalised for you. I can tutor online via Skype, or in person (depending on distance).

Greater london
Natasha (i'm english despite my name).
(7 reviews)

Public Speaking Classes and Courses (Individuals and Groups). Online video-calls or In-Person. Female Trainer with 3 Relevant Masters degrees & 16 years training experience. www CoursesPublicSpeaking

Public Speaking Classes and Courses for Individuals (1-2-1) and Groups. Online video-calls or In-Person. Female Trainer with 3 relevant Masters degrees & 16 years training experience. Please see: www CoursesPublicSpeaking dot com for rates and far far more information than is in this ad. _________________________________ · Hourly coaching.

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1st lesson offered free !

Fully qualified Life Coach (EMCC) specialising in mental wellbeing and self-development offers coaching sessions in London and the south-east. Also available anywhere via Skype or Zoom.

My teaching methodology works through a one-to-one or group consultation in complete confidentiality. I use time-honoured life coaching tools including the wheel of life and action plan. I enable individuals to ask powerful questions around their own current situation.

1st lesson offered free !

Get motivated! Strong minded independent individual through the roller coaster of life!

My teaching methodology is to find out where you are right now, how are you feeling about yourself, your career, your studies, your life in general! Then we can work on building your confidence (CRUCIAL!) to bring you forward. Once you have gained confidence and see yourself for what you really are (POWERFUL!), then we can look at your goals, what you want to do with your life.

1st lesson offered free !

London based public speaking and presentation tutor with demonstrable experience and BA degree.

I have a relaxed but focused teaching approach designed to encourage confidence growth from the off. Through methods such as keynote speaker analysis and video self-review I encourage my tutees to both enhance their public speaking ability and develop an understanding themselves of what makes a persuasive speaker such that their continued development outlasts my involvement .

Dr chnanis
1st lesson offered free !

Dr in Health provides Positive Living sessions for your emotional health and well-being

Each individual’s goals, background and preferences are different. Therefore, your sessions will be tailored to meet your goals and suitable for your needs. My approaches include mindfulness-based intervention, hypnotherapy, positive psychological exercises, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as coaching and counselling.

1st lesson offered free !

Present with confidence. Know your topic. An experienced presenter at inter/national conferences.

I work with individuals and groups to achieve common goals, whilst addressing individual development needs. Together with one-to-one coaching, a group approach is effective in maintaining peer support and overcoming public speaking anxiety in a friendly space. Maximum group size 10.

Gerrards Cross
1st lesson offered free !

Life coach with 3 years experience offering personal development lessons in London

My teaching method is person-centred, it is designed to encourage students to explore their own ideas of each topic and observe why they think this way. Together we will uncover limiting beliefs & past conditioning which may be limiting us today.

1st lesson offered free !

5 Stars - "I can not possibly recommend James Percy-Smith any higher!". James is an experienced private tutor in acting (incl. drama school auditon preparation & LAMDA) and elocution.

I tailor each lesson depending on a student's personal learning style and specific needs. Whatever level of experience, I enjoy helping students reach their potential, and like them to walk away after each lesson with a feeling of accomplishment.

1st lesson offered free !

Health and Well-being/Health and social care tutor hire in Milton Keynes, 2 years A-Level experience

My teaching method always differs I’ll never do the same method each time as I assure myself it suits the person i’m teaching. I like to think I’m more approachable and I can help each individual with each subject they need to learn out.

1st lesson offered free !

Current Sixth Form Student offering positive thoughts and motivation. Also available to tutor English and Maths

I am a young individual myself and therefore can relate to many pupils, as well understand their thought process. This allows me to be able to read a youth fairly easily and understand their position as well as their feelings. I never shout at a child because I can empathize with the youth and aim to provide motivation and positivity.

1st lesson offered free !

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain our balance we must keep moving". Albert Einstein was right, but, to be the best that we can, we must keep up the cadence and keep pushing our limits.

My teaching method is both practical and theoretical, teaching leadership theory and personal development techniques. For children, leadership and development techniques include confidence building, presentation skills, public speaking skills, and team leading.

1st lesson offered free !

PhD (CBT), MBA (Entrepreneur), Hypnosis, teacher, and coaching. Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. London based but can also do skype

First understand the business person, group or student's need. Gap analysis. Develop a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Work on required skills and grow it. Practice. Dry run. Demo. Explore how to go beyond the comfort zone. Develop future pacing.

1st lesson offered free !

Surgeon, based near London, For insightful personal development for all and career guidance for medically aspired

For personal development: My approach is as follows: Recognise your strengths and expectations identify areas for development and passion My first session will be devoted to the above and strategies to self-reflect and Define short and long term goals collaboratively in the second session and review options available/ mitigating factors.

1st lesson offered free !

Life Coaching - Career & Personal Development, Public Speaking, Negotiation Techniques, Situational Leadership, Sales Techniques, CV and Cover Letter Building

Life Coaching Tutor -Lessons available in Career and Personal Development structured to each individual and their requirements. Clear advice, techniques, timelines, and development notes provided. -Situational Leadership training for new or experienced managers in any business and how to successfully coach and develop a team, as well as key techniques and motivational ideas.

1st lesson offered free !

Coaching for the Leaders of Tomorrow (London): Stress, Communication, Public Speaking, Relationships

I'm a professional Leadership Trainer and Life Coach with a background as a Teacher and Physics Researcher. I work with both Schools and big businesses to improve communication and create a nurturing environment.

1st lesson offered free !

Online Life & personal coach offering supporting you to take control of your thoughts and your life

I do my coaching online via zoom calls, email correspondence I believe In being real and specific.

1st lesson offered free !

Theatre Director offering public speaking coaching to professionals at home in London

My teaching is led by the student at their needs. To start with, we would assess what areas of speaking publicly and professionally you feel uncomfortable with, by undertaking a mock presentation right off the bat. Then, we will work on the areas that are not allowing you to be the most confident professional you can be.

1st lesson offered free !

Spiritual healer offering life coaching in public speaking, motivational and positive thinking.

I base my approach on my natural people and communication skills. I prefer face to face interaction even in through a virtual workspace. I believe in following a professional attitude where all discussions are handled with utmost confidentiality and respect.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Development of Public Speaking for all ages, in London, at your home

The way I'd approach helping someone develop their public speaking skills would vary on what suits a person best, but overall, it would be by working on delivery, strength of writing and self-confidence. Sometimes, people need encouragement, or some momentum with their writing. That is what I'll be able to provide.

1st lesson offered free !

Tutoring with Elly. Criminology & Sociology undergraduate specialising in life coaching, teaching in Stirling.

I am patient and eager to teach people more, allowing them to have a full understanding of the subject or even just more confidence in it. Lessons will be student based and formed around the needs of the student. Personally, I do not believe there can be an approach that fits absolutely every student.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal counsellor with experience, Guildford based using flexible methods to suit you best.

My name is Jess and I am available for counselling for those who struggle with day to day jobs, family issues, and any other help you may require. With personal experience and the time and patience for other to excel in life. My lesson structure will consist of a short assessment so that I can plan my lessons accordingly to give you the best help and advice possible.

1st lesson offered free !

Public speaking coaching, available Internationally, please get in touch for more information

Public speaking training; I have thirty years experience of public speaking and I can quickly transform your results. One on one sessions and full classes facilitated. Don't let your fear of an audience hold you back any longer; beginners through to experts accommodated. UK based, referrals accepted.

1st lesson offered free !

Life And Personal Growth Coaching Coventry And Uk , Skype and Whatsapp

Do you feel your head is in the wrong place, do you believe that you are in the wrong place, stuck and confused. Do you have a past that needs settling and a new path to be given. ive rode the path to find my calling, and thats to help you and everyone else into greatness. my natural energy can be felt and i will guide you to where you belong. Happy within yourself.

1st lesson offered free !

15 Year old wanting to help other people with stress and any other problem in Greenwich

Im not the most experienced but i love helping people. I'm very optimistic and friendly. I try to help anyone who wants it. I don't force people into talking about their problems. I'll be there for moral support and i'll give them my full attention.

1st lesson offered free !

Are you creating the right impact? Personal Impact Trainer dedicated to teaching students the best way to present themselves in interviews, presentations and for public speaking. Over a decade of corp

Incorporating theatrical skills and techniques into an education environment is not about creating actors but about giving students fresh tools for school or work and for life. Through an exploration of traditional physical, vocal and mental techniques from the theatre I aim to help students address a wide range of hurdles, both personal and professional.

Witham St. Hughs
1st lesson offered free !

Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practioner and Freelance Trainer, 25 years experience, I have a pssion in helping people be the best they can be

I am a warm and friendly tutor who loves to help people grow!! I like to use various methods when teaching to accommodate all learning styles, I have vast experience in design and delivery of technical and behavioral training and have spent a huge amount of my career developing colleagues and various levels of management in a large retail organisation all over the UK...

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Master the art of "living" and "thinking" with an experienced life coach

My name is Morrel Oussaifi, I am 32 years old, I am expert in communication, project management and life coaching. I Have a diploma in sciences of education and a master degree in script writing and movie making. I am metis, I am from both France and Tunisia.

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