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Personal trainers in Birmingham: find your fitness instructor!

According to NHS Digital, in 2014, around one in six adults (17%) aged 16 to 74 met the criteria for a common mental disorder (CMD), with women being more likely than men to have reported CMD symptoms.

Many chronic pathologies, like depression, affect people of all ages and social classes (cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, stroke, etc.), and are responsible for about 85% of deaths in the UK.

A link has nonetheless been made between regular physical activity and onset risk reduction of  this type of disease.

Exercising acts as a non-drug treatment for the disease, and, via the secretion of happiness hormones (endorphins, serotonin and melatonin), it can become a key driver of well-being.

Without necessarily being in poor health, you tell yourself that it is high time you get motivated to care about your body.

Whenever you hit the gym for a workout session, you tell yourself that you should’ve started exercising a lot sooner.

Therefore, in order to also let go of all of the stress tied to your work, you finally decide to sign up for a gym membership, without really looking forward to the group zumba, pilates or cardio boxing classes.

And thus, like clockwork, New Year’s resolutions are quickly abandoned, and a sedentary lifestyle forcefully imposes itself once again.

Superprof has found the solution to fight against this “laissez-faire” attitude: find a personal fitness trainer that will come to you!

Personal training in Birmingham: what are the benefits?

Working out in the comfort of your own home with a personal fitness trainer that will help you stay fit no matter your age. Need I say more?

Quite often, it’s difficult to find the motivation to regularly go sweat in a crowded gym after a long day at work. And who can blame you?

The advantage of being sent a personal training programme directly to your home by a professional coach is that these coaches puts  together program with their clients’ individual objectives in mind:


  • Toning their abs, glutes, pecs, biceps and triceps
  • Strengthening and sculpting their bodies
  • Exercising to lose weight
  • Special physical prep for building up muscle mass
  • Diet coaching, including nutritional advice for losing weight and getting a flat stomach
  • Getting in shape
  • Feeling better
  • Gaining self-confidence
  • Blowing off steam to counteract stress
  • Loosening their muscles and relaxing
  • Lifting weights without getting hurt

We can’t even compile an exhaustive list of the motivations that could guide someone to take up physical training with a personal trainer.

Adults in Birmingham are currently one of the least active communities in the country, with about one in three adults getting less than 30 minutes of exercise a week.

But this is changing! Thanks to outreach programs like West Midlands On the Move, more people are getting active to improve their general well-being.

And what better way to ease yourself into it than to be coached by a pro that really knows the job well? You will quickly see (and feel) the benefits of exercising regularly.

These benefits are manifold.

First of all, practicing a physical activity helps to push your limits and to boost your self-esteem, improving the image of yourself that you send out to the world, both physically and mentally.

Regular athletic training also has positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

In fact, stretching your muscles by flexing, doing long strides, or just by moving (walking fast or hiking, for example), can decrease blood pressure.

The likelihood of developing heart disease is, thus, drastically reduced.

Exercise allows for better lung ventilation, with an added bonus if you don’t, or no longer, smoke.

On a side note, individual coaching also serves to help smokers quit smoking via mental preparation and personalised support.

Personal training sessions at home could also help you readjust your eating habits, even more so than going to the gym or attending group fitness classes.

Say goodbye to frozen meals and red meats, and make way for vegetable proteins, lean fish and organic greens!

Relaxation, gentle gym, yoga, muscle strengthening, abdominal exercises, and countless others are the every day architects of your well-being.

And this is equally true at night: regular exercise also enhances sleep quality.

People who get about two hours of exercise in in a week, or 20 to 30 minutes a day, are more likely to get a good night’s sleep than sedentary people.


Birmingham personal training: what are the qualities of a Superprof?

In order to foster your well-being, your personal coach will intervene with kindness and empathy. Find Super coaches around Birmingham and the surrounding region in just a few clicks via the Superprof platform.

Don’t get the wrong idea, people who train themselves to become personal fitness trainers aren’t necessarily high-level athletes.

Anyone can become a personal trainer, even people who have never played professional sports, simply by training regularly in order to offer a technical expertise on a variety of different levels:


  • Fitness coach
  • Slimming coach
  • Life coach 
  • Boxing coach
  • Team coach
  • Personal development coach (particularly to help with meditation and the different states of consciousness)
  • Nutrition coach, etc.

In order to work as personal trainers, candidates must exhibit the following range of qualities:


  • Be outgoing and personable
  • Act with pedagogy, with a taste for teaching 
  • Be able to listen to their clients
  • Be patient
  • Have an understanding of psychology
  • Have a good business sense 
  • Be able to adapt to all kinds of situations
  • Lead healthy lifestyles
  • Be dynamic, cheerful and pleasant 
  • Be punctual, especially when traveling to clients’ home

We could add many qualities to this already long list. But it goes without saying that personal trainers should be sure of themselves, confident in their skills, and should also know how to make their clients feel comfortable as well.

It’s not easy to know how to make a client comfortable, and yet it’s probably the most important quality to have.

In order to exercise well, your body must be flexible, loose, and relaxed: you won’t be able to do yoga if you’re stiff as a board!

As personal training sessions are fairly consistent (often weekly), you will also need to find a coach who’s nice, someone whom you’ll get along with (considering you’ll have to see each other pretty often).


How to choose your personal trainer in Birmingham and what to work on?

So, how do you choose a personal trainer in Birmingham among all of the fitness instructors that have placed their trust in us?

A super trainer is one that will provide a comprehensive review of your shape, personalised monitoring and support, and a multifaceted coaching service.

For example, they will encourage you to do some crossfit within a body-building programme. If you’d rather work to loosen your muscles, they will recommend stretching or tai chi instead.

If your goal is to address cellulitis, the proposed exercises will more likely focus on abs, glutes, to slim the thighs, cross training, or skipping rope.

Trainers that know how to properly discern their clients’ personality traits will be able to appropriately propose martial arts or combat sports, such as kick-boxing or karate, to someone who seems to be a more impulsive person.

On the other hand, somebody who is overweight or obese would more greatly benefit from individual support and a programme more focused on gentle gym positions, yoga, aqua fitness or aerobics, for example, favoring a low-intensity routine.

Either way, anything goes when it comes to building up some muscle and achieving fast results, provided that your trainer starts with a good warm-up and that you remember to stretch to avoid sore muscles.

Personal coaches, who are professionals in their field, have typically obtained a training certification. Trainers with Level 2 certificates (Fitness Instructing, Health, Fitness and Exercise Instruction, Gym Instruction) can work in gyms, fitness centers and clubs. Trainers with Level 3 certificates (Fitness Training, Personal Training), can work independently and give classes in clients’ homes.

With many having additional training and/or education in health and nutrition, trainers have a wealth of knowledge in sports and science that makes them sufficiently qualified to give fitness lessons.

To further help you with your choice of a personal trainer, here is some criteria for selection:


  • The cost of a training session (in Birmingham, the average price is £26 an hour) 
  • The personal trainer’s certifications and experience (a lesson with a student is going to be less expensive than one with an ex professional athlete, for example)
  • The trainer’s location (make sure to indicate what neighborhood you’re in to find a coach near you)
  • The trainer’s specialties (fitness, body-building, dietary advice, senior gym, muscle toning, boxing, pilates, boot camp, zumba, etc.) 
  • The target audience (courses for beginners, intermediate-level courses, training for experienced athletes, etc.) 
  • The material provided during the session (normally, coaches will bring the required material to each session, such as dumbbells, weights, and other training devices, but don’t hesitate to ask them what you’ll need) 
  • Also, don’t forget to ask if the first lesson is free!

No more excuses to overcome your laziness and get fit fast. Get a personal trainer now and tone your body in no time!