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Why should you hire a sports coach in Glasgow?

Even the least active people must admit that exercising is good for your health. It allows you to build muscle to avoid getting easily injured and to work on your cardio to train your heart. You have every reason to get started.

But sometimes, the required motivation isn’t always present. You need to find the time and actually put aside a couple of hours a week to truly reap the benefits of exercising.

Setting a good pace for your fitness training can quickly become a huge hassle.

But this is where your fitness instructor comes in!

Getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight. Hiring a sports coach or personal trainer has huge benefits you may not have necessarily thought of initially.

First of all, by choosing to get help from a personal trainer, you’re forcing yourself to put aside some time for exercising.

Once that first step has been made, people feel obligated to honour their commitment.

This also helps you to not give up easily. Something that happens a lot more frequently when you try to exercise on your own.

Exercising with a fitness instructor also helps you get (and stay) motivated. Because YouTube videos are all nice and good for a bit, but they can quickly become boring. A personal coach knows how to rally the troops by finding the right words to quickly get you back on track.

In fact, you can actually see results a lot quicker. Personal trainers know all of the exercises by heart and know which are the most effective. This will avoid you spending days on end doing squats the wrong way until your roommate walks in on you and points out your bad posture.

Your strength and conditioning coach will teach you the right movements to avoid getting hurt and will make you follow a consistent program that will include muscle strengthening, stretching and a different range of movements.

A good way to set objectives for yourself is to never lose sight of your main goal, whether it’s losing weight, getting healthy and fit, or improving your cardio.

Where can you benefit from a personal trainer in Glasgow?

There are many different ways to benefit from a successful fitness lesson. The most common way is to go to the gym. And there are quite a few in Glasgow. This is because people are beginning to care more about their health. For example, while the percentage of adults achieving the recommended level of moderate physical activity is still quite low (63%), there has been a recent uptick in people cycling in the city.

A personal trainer at the gym will explain to their clients how to use the machines. But, not only that, they are also there to give out advice and will sometimes even provide some lessons.

How to reduce stress, lose weight, build muscle mass... These are some of the technical skills that a sports coach can provide for you.

Some gyms propose weekly lessons with a professional fitness instructor, such as zumba, body pump, body sculpting, aerobics, body fight fitness, spinning, etc. Most of the time, these tend to be group courses, although they can sometimes be offered individually. In either case, exercise classes allow you to take advantage of a lot of valuable health and well-being advice, including nutritional advice.

Some of the gyms you can find in Glasgow are: 

  • The Fitness Group 
  • Glasgow Club 
  • SWEAT! Glasgow
  • Village Gym Glasgow

To obtain a personalised report of your strengths and weaknesses, and to take advantage of qualified trainers, gyms are a pretty good option. Whether you go occasionally or decide to opt for a monthly subscription, you’ll be able to benefit from weight training, cardio workouts, yoga, etc.

Beginners: don’t fear! All levels are welcome at the gym. Personal trainers are also available for you to help you get started.

So, why should I opt for a personal trainer?

Athletic training, running, personalised coaching, cardio sessions, self defense classes, muscle building, custom-made programs, and more! It goes without saying that a personal trainer’s programme is not a walk in the park.

The programme will of course vary depending on the fitness instructor and on your own expectations.

Instructors will adapt their programme after conducting a personal assessment, which may help reassure our less-active readers.

But, is there really a big difference between choosing to consult a personal trainer at the gym and having them come to your home?

Deciding to find your own personal trainer will allow you to choose from a larger list of instructors. A chance to really find the fitness instructor that matches your needs. In Glasgow, 10 trainers are available for personal lessons on the Superprof platform.

Online personal training also lets you avoid having to run around the city and waste time on public transport or in your car. A big time saver that motivates many.

And what can be better than exercising in an environment in which you can feel comfortable? You can even decide to take your exercise classes in your garden if you’d like!

That being said, it’s better to ensure that your coach’s transportation fees are included in the cost.

Being coached at home also allows you to learn how to use the tools available to you so that you can continue your fitness routine when your trainer is gone. Something that’s a bit harder to do when you exercise at the gym, as it’s a bit complicated to make room for all of the machines in your functional but tiny living room.

Personal trainers can show you how to work your glutes by using your stairs, your abs by using miscellaneous furniture, and how to use a chair for different muscle toning exercises.

Personal fitness instructors also often take the time to give you some nutritional advice to complement your physical activity. Because improving your diet helps reduce weight gain and will make you feel better in the long run.

These custom-made training sessions also allow you to benefit from a proper shower immediately after the lesson, without having to worry about lugging your toiletries around everywhere.

Exercising with a personal trainer also enables you to have your classes when they fit into your schedule. And that, my friend, is priceless.

Of course, you can come up with a plethora of excuses for not exercising in today’s day and age: lack of motivation, lack of time, frustration when you don’t meet your goals, etc.

But these excuses are no longer valid when you have an online personal trainer. By choosing a coach via Superprof, you can even benefit from a first lesson for free. A chance to really test out the concept to determine if it’s right for you.

What Glasgow neighbourhoods should you exercise in?

Despite Glasgow’s gloomy reputation, the weather conditions are actually quite favourable for exercising. In fact, several studies have proven the many benefits of working out in chillier weather conditions.

One research study by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research found that keeping active when temperatures drop may actually help decrease the risk of catching the flu by up to 30%! This is because the colder weather seriously helps “boost” your immune system.

Another study at Duke University, in the United States, proved that 30-minute workouts are the best way to fight the winter blues. This is because, by exercising, air flows through and pumps oxygen into your body, producing what we call happiness hormones, which help reduce stress and keep us, well, happy!

As with any new type of exercise, however, it is important to follow the NHS recommendation to stay safe as you keep fit. You should always warm up for about 10 minutes before your training session, and, in the winter, make sure to wear several layers to keep your body temperature in check.

If you’re exercising after dark, and chances are you are in the winter, make sure you wear reflective clothing and try to keep to well-lit areas. And, of course, avoid running or cycling outside if it has rained or if there is ice on the streets.

In Glasgow, there’s a growing number of activities to accommodate your outdoor workout. Parkruns, for example, are free, weekly 5k runs that take place on weekends in various parks around Glasgow. Similarly, the Park Lives program organises different free activities, such as Zumba, tai chi, and Nordic walking, in 12 different parks across the city.

Finally, outdoor gyms are also cropping up across Glasgow. You can find some at Bellahouston Park, Elder Park, Househill Park and Alexandra Park, for example. Free to use, the machines available can help you work your abs, glutes, and biceps and triceps, while breathing in some fresh air (and not your neighbour’s stinky, sweaty armpit!).

So, what are you waiting for? Get off that couch and go fight those winter blues by taking advantage of Glasgow’s plethora of outdoor activities! You certainly won’t regret it.