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Boris Tennis tutor

I have had a few lessons with Boris and he has been a great coach. He spots the exact mistake I make and corrects and improves my technics with patience and skills that he has accumulated from being a professional player himself. You can definitely...

James Tennis tutor

James was a great coach, i recommend him! He does a great job of breaking down and explaining foot placement, momentum and techniques for every kind of swing. I'm a beginner, but i think I'll be playing much better quickly with James' help

Francisco, 2 weeks ago

James Tennis tutor

James's first lesson with me were tailored to my level and well structured, covering all the essential technical points. He not only illustrated the correct body movements very patiently and meticulously until I could replicate but also helped me...

Yang, 2 months ago

James Tennis tutor

In just one session, James taught me the different techniques needed to play tennis - forehand, backhand, serve, etc. It was really comprehensive for a short amount of time. Will recommend!

Isabel, 2 months ago

Joana Tennis tutor

Joana is really thorough and clear in the way she coaches. She really helped me with lots of technical aspects to my game!

Richard, 3 months ago

James Tennis tutor

A very technical lesson about fundamental shoots, focused primarily on how to keep in the right way handgrip and about the fundamental steps you need to hit the ball in the proper way. If you are looking for something not so training but focused...

Michele, 3 months ago

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Benefits Of Playing Tennis

As with most sports, there are benefits to both your body and mind when you begin to play tennis.

When it comes to your physical fitness, you might find that tennis is like doing some cardio, i.e. one of the best forms of exercise you could do! While you increase your movement, it will be allowing your heart to adopt a lower resting rate and will also reduce blood pressure. What's more, regular playing will reduce your bone density, improve your metabolic function, strengthen your muscles and make you more nimble. So whether it's weight loss or just a way to stay physically healthy and active then tennis is perfect for you!

Playing tennis will also increase your reaction speeds and develop your critical thinking. Whilst being more alert, you will also discover that competing on the court will bring about many other positives such as better sleep, a healthier appetite and a general feeling of happiness and wellbeing. This is because the act of movement helps to regulate the chemical referred to as serotonin which is found in the brain and is linked to these major functions.

Tennis can be a great activity for all ages. Many retirees turn to tennis because it helps them to maintain a level of fitness and socialise. Meanwhile, youngsters can also benefit from having a regular hobby such as tennis to keep them from becoming bored and keeping them out of trouble, especially in the capital.

The Basic Rules Of Tennis

Since it is almost impossible to summarise the rules of a sport like tennis, we will attempt to offer you a few insights into the game that will help you to better understand your goals or aims as a player if you want to win.

To win at tennis, you must be awarded the most points, by gaining an advantage over your opponent. To win these points, the general aim of the game is to hit the ball inside the white lines. But if only it were as simple as that!

By using a stringed racquet, players serve and then hit the ball onto their opponent's side of the court, where it must land within the lines and must not touch the net. Depending on whether you are playing singles (two players total) or doubles (four players total), you will need to use the inner side tram line or the outer. Players take it in turns to serve and must do so without error in two attempts or they lose the point. Once in play, players must send the ball back and forth with cross-court shots. If the ball bounces twice on one side of the court or if the opponent fails to send it back over the net after one bounce, then the point is given to the payer who correctly sent it over the net. If, however, a play hits a ball out of bounds, then the other player will win that point.

Do you see where we're going with this? As you can imagine, there are plenty of intricacies to these rules and regulations but this gives a general picture of how the sport is played!

What Equipment To Get

Of course, one of the most important things to buy or hire when you play tennis is a racket. These stringed pieces of equipment vary quite a lot in size and durability, so it's a good idea to think about how often you see yourself playing before deciding on which one to purchase. That said, you're always going to see better results with a better model so if you can afford to buy from a well-established brand then definitely do so!

You may also need to buy yourself a pack, or several packs, of tennis balls. If you have a tennis ball lying around at home that your dog chews on, then don't be tempted to use that for any serious games as you want the ball to be of good quality - it will help you, believe us!

Finally, appropriate clothing is important for tennis, as you need to be agile and light on your feet. So a decent pair of trainers that are suitable for tennis courts is recommended as well as some breathable clothing and possibly even wrist bands/headbands made from towelling material in order to wipe away sweat (yes you will sweat!) or a cap/visor for brighter days. You'll notice that the male professionals wear lightweight shorts and t-shirts whilst female pros wear a skirt or skorts teamed with a vest or fitted tee.

Find A Tennis Tutor

Don't be disheartened by all the information provided above, tennis is a fantastic competitive sport but, above all, it is also fun. So whether or not you want to improve in tennis just for a good time or because you think you or your child has skills that could be developed into something further, then by finding a private tennis tutor you could be one step closer to achieving that goal!

A private tutor will not only help you to improve, but they will also make sure that these positive changes happen faster and in the correct way. They will teach you about the sport whilst also encouraging you to think about technique and tactics and so on, the kinds of things you might not explore on your own and which could potentially hold you back.

Superprof London Private Tennis Tutors

In London, there are almost 50 tutors offering tennis tuition, with lessons starting at £15 an hour. The average price of a tennis private lesson is £32, but if you choose to hire a regular Superprof tutor then you can normally get your first lesson free, allowing you to find your way with your teacher and work out if you'll get on in the long run.

Head on over to our website to see those experts in the flesh (almost!), as most tutors have profiles complete with photos and details about their experience in the field, or should we say court? Do they look like a winner? Remember, your tutor doesn't have to have won gold medals in the sport to know a thing or two about a slice serve!



💰 What is the average price of Tennis lessons?

The average price of Tennis  lessons is £35.

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