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Learn everything about stylish logo design to the right way of using fonts

Having taught Photoshop at college, I'm fully aware that some pick up things far quicker than others, however, I'm one who makes sure that everyone is taken care of and no one gets left out. I want to teach everyone the qualities of being a competent and exciting designer.

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Starting out in graphic design? or, just wanting to put a shine on your skills? Draw down my 40 years experience in the industry with tricks, tips and time proven methods.

My method is simple: I put myself in the position of learner... what are they trying to achieve right now and what skills will get them there. I understand the the way that we all absorb and retain information differently. I have been teaching music for decades and understand that each important piece of the puzzle needs to fit with the larger picture.

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Graphic and Web Design Tutoring in and around Bexley, Kent & SE London

I like to find out what understanding a student has of the subject and help them to find passion in their studies. Graphic Design is ever changing with technology, I like to encourage students to think out of the box.

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Professional Creative Director with over 20 years experience offering tutoring for all graphic design requirements

I can provide tutoring from school up to degree level, I prefer one to one but I'm also happy to provide lessons up to 5 tutees. I'll nurture your creativity, showing you different ways to look at design projects and help you to understand the key ingredients of a brilliantly executed design piece - message, attraction, action.

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Information Technology Student offering photoshop classes in Wokingham and it's environs with over 5 years experience.

My Teaching method is a procedural method of which I take my students through all the tools they will need in performing basic and complex designs in Photoshop. I make sure to get my students familiarised with basic tools that they would always need and others that would be of interest to them as they progress.

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Learn To Brand Your Future Company - Learn Graphic Design From Me!!

My methodology is to do 1 hr slots for understanding each software and help to slowly build you from there on. I will then set design tasks for the next upcoming lesson and help you create your own future brand ...

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Adobe Illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop lessons in Cardiff - strong background and MA Graphic Communication degree

I believe in that everyone has strength and what to learn easier what I aim to find by several methods. I describe and show the task more times if needed, as long as my students confident to solve it and then develop their skills step by step to maximise their results and experience.

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Experienced, creative graphic design tutor working at degree level in Exeter and the south west

I am a working graphic designer. My teaching is informed by my 30 years (plus!) experience as a designer and design tutor. I am informed and enthusiastic on all areas of art and design. I believe in producing designs that communicate i base this on my experience as a designer and educator. I work with students to produce real world solutions with live briefs where possible.

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Freelance designer offering PC Building, image and video editing, 3D modelling and game art lessons in Nottinghamshire.

I am an extremely chill guy, how I work is short and simple. Do you wanna know how to build you're own PC? Do you wanna know how to edit images and create things using Photoshop? You tell me what you want to learn and I show you how it is done.

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Post-Graduate qualified designer offering private tutoring in Adobe Creative Suite and SketchUp to students and professionals looking to enhance their skills

I can provide practical, hands-on training in all aspects of the design process. Rather than just focus on software functionality without context, I prefer to use a 'live' project (whether a student brief, professional scenario, or personal project) and teach the relevant skills to complete your desired outcome.

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Experienced designer offering tutoring and training in Autodesk Maya for students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

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Fashion/Apparel Illustrator offering Adobe creative suite lessons in illustrator/Photoshop based in Warrington Cheshire

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Courses will help creative and aspiring artists/Designers/photographers develop their skills with a view to moving further with all disciplines. It will help you understand digital imaging and its applications, enabling you to produce a high standard of work.

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Graphic Designer who graduate in a Belgian School with concrete experience gives design lessons.

I like to give simple exercices that really teach you how the different softwares works. I have many inspiration sources that allows me to be openminded and truly understand the style of each other. I can help student making the first step in this wonderful world.

1st lesson offered free !

Photoshop Tutor with over 15 years experience and degree offering online tutoring

I can offer step by step projects and teach skills in photoshop for beginners

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Graphic designer and researcher: Learn design methods and practice in Edinburgh - in English and/or French!

I am a postgraduate designer - highly interested in graphic design, environmental design and design anthropology. In September 2018, I will be starting a PhD Design at the Edinburgh College of Art.

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Graphic Design Foundation Degree Graduate offering Design, Branding and Illustration skills in Coventry,

I will help you build the confident foundational skills in whichever area you wish to pursue within Design. My lessons will be catered towards you personally, with a hands-on approach, to better target your needs specifically - So you will gain the most out of these lessons.

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Introductory course on development and Illustrator, and especially for the IT integration

Hello ! I am a student in the final year of engineering school, art enthusiast and design from the beginning of my studies, I now mastered the Illustrator software. I give dynamic course with a lot of practice to introduce you and make you evolve faster. Being young and open minded, I am open to any method you propose to me.

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Graphic Design and the future - An introduction to the adobe creative suite and what you'll need to get started.

My class is geared towards anyone wanting to hone their eye for design, be it young or old as an instructor one of my philosophies is to tweak a curriculum to best suit the student(s). My teaching methods are to give my students the required tools and basic foundation for what they need to accomplish their vision.

Paris 11e
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Graphic design and Adobe Suite software learning (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere)

I organize my courses in a theoretical part about software with small exercises. It all depends on the tool to learn. In the manner of a video tutorial, we start from a visualization of the result and go step-by-step. These courses are aimed at beginners as well as at intermediate level. We can adapt the exercises according to each one.

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Learn from Graphics Professional 22 year industry experience in design and print

I love to train and I am a strong advocate of a jargon-free training. Simplify concepts and processes and see the magic. The results are instant..... in the eyes of the learner... burst of curiosity.... a mute smile, a big breath of air, that aah... those re-enforced head nods, broken silence.... short notes....

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Photo shop, illustrator,corel draw, page maker, indesign, inpage and graphic designing 19 years work experience in gulf arabic teaching also for beginners

I teach in a way that any one can learn by his self pace, and can feel easiness with me in teaching method. People say that your way of teaching is easier that we can understand easily.

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Undergraduate Final Year Computer Science Engineering Student gives tutoring in Graphic Design

My teaching method involves giving practical exposure and live coverage of graphic design concepts and elements with focus on real world application. I will show you every necessary tools and techniques with real world projects which we will work according to my lesson plans.

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Former professor of graphic design of Govt Art College, Kolkata, teaches graphic design in Kolkata from home - online, one to one and in small groups. Practical and theory for BFA/BVA and MFA/MVA.

I approach any topic in a down to earth manner. I take maximum care in teaching the basics of any subject. Concept development and thinking out of the box, both are equally important. I specialize in teaching art students of graduation and post graduation level, also the freshers in design market.

(2 reviews)
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Young designer teaching graphic design to anyone and everyone who wants to learn.

I'd like to think about this tutoring as if we're members of a team, both improving and moving to success. Together, anyone can do anything. When teaching, I believe it's better to think of your teacher as your friend, as your teammate. That's what I want my students to feel like. Totally comfortable to ask me questions, think of new and creative ideas, and succeed in those ideas.

1st lesson offered free !

Beginner and Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Support Kit in Izmir from Graphic Designer

I prefer to practice my lessons as a first introduction or a demonstration and then practice. I will try to explain the logic of the transactions as much as I can, so that you can use the program in an effective and efficient way. There is no age limit for my classes, anyone from 7 to 70 can attend.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Photoshop and other Adobe programs at affordable prices from the Graphic Designer. (via internet or face to face)

First of all, I prefer to show the interfaces of the programs and then introduce them as practical. (The method of course processing may change according to your wishes.) I will help you to make a design as soon as possible and practically. There is no age restriction and is suitable for all ages. Even an individual with no knowledge of the program as soon as possible to provide learning and use.

1st lesson offered free !

Based out of Bangalore, please reach out to me for Design Classes.

DNA/R is my coaching method. I believe that every course must be tailor made as per the student, I would like to understand my student and tailor make a course thats suited for your learning capabilities and background.

San Francisco
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Become a professional startup designer: Learn product design, UX design, and branding from a professional in the industry

I offer a first consultation for free to talk through what you're looking to do with design. We can have a discussion about the kind of work you want to be doing, and what kind of skills you're looking to learn. Each week, I'll give you a project to work on based on your level. You'll complete the work outside of our meetings.

West Nowra
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Shoalhaven Design School - Dedicated to delivering quality design training and services.

WE DELIVER QUALITY DESIGN SERVICES AND TRAINING Design is important in this day and age, where everything is visual – Instagram, Facebook, Web Graphics, Print Promotions etc. What really helps is creating designs that look professional.

New Delhi
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Adobe Certified, 6+ Year Professional Experience, B.tech From MIT Aurangabad, Diploma from Arena Animation,

I always strive to push the boundaries of design across all mediums to create new and immersive users experiences. I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple and beautiful interface designs. I also love the logic and structure of designing and always strive to write elegant and efficient stuffs.

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Perfect! Rita was excellent. She was flexible, available when she said and a great teacher. I learned exactly what I needed exactly when I needed to. Thank you Rita, a great teacher.

Debbie, student
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