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Dedicated and keen Violin, Viola and Music Theory teacher in central Manchester

I enjoy teaching violin and viola at all levels - from absolute beginner to advanced. I am on track to graduate in July with a 1st class music college degree as a violinist, with modules in viola playing, and have also Grade 8 in singing and music theory.

1st lesson offered free !

Violinist offering VIOLIN and VIOLA lessons from home to beginner - advanced level students in Manchester.

I am happy to teach violin or viola students of all ages and abilities. I believe that each student is different so I will tailor my method to each student's individual needs. My ultimate goal is to encourage enjoyment of music and demonstrate how fun and rewarding learning an instrument can be! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Alistair - Withington - Violin

Hi! My name is Alistair and I am a freelance musician. I am originally from Leicestershire however I lived in a town called Hexham in Northumberland from 1999-2008.

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Violin student dedicated into inspiring the next generation of violinists in Manchester

I have been teaching the violin and clarinet since the age of seventeen and have gained a lot of experience teaching beginners to Grade 8 standard. I am very enthusiastic in teaching the next generation of musicians and to inspire them in the joys that music can bring to our lives and others around us.

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Funny All rounded Violin & Chinese Music Tutor currently based in Manchester

Introducing the easiest way to grasp the basic music skills in just a few lessons, in focus of performance-level, advanced pop and classical violin, pop singing, classical piano, basic saxophone, guitar, ukulele and recorder. I will discuss with students what they would like to achieve in the first lesson. And I will help them to achieve their goals.

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Young and Exciting Violin & Piano Teacher living and working in Manchester, UK

I try and offer a free and open approach to musical learning that is very much geared towards improvisation and play. However, I am also fully qualified and capable of guiding a student through ABRSM grades if requested. I am a professional, classically trained violinist and pianist with additional extensive experience in folk and jazz styles.

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I offer violin lessons in Western Classical, Indian Classical and Jazz Violin from beginners to advanced levels in Cheam.

I love to inspire and help the young and old on their musical journeys. By studying an instrument, I want the pupil first and foremost to enjoy themselves. I encourage and aim to give the pupil a rich appreciation of the building blocks of music and a better grasp of the instrument by setting achievable goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Violin lessons in Manchester: Innovative and Simple with guidance and support (individual or group)

Having a good foundation is very important therefore i will start from thw basic and take note of the standards of each student.


Lauren - Chorlton - Violin

I started playing the cello when I was 3 years old and have loved it ever since! I have very strong interpersonal and organizational skills and an enthusiastic and proactive attitude. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Cello Violin Conducting Chamber Music - Tell me about your qualifications. I have recently completed a MMus (Hons.) degree at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

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Rebekah - Withington - Violin

Hi! I'm a graduate from the Royal Northern College of Music, a passionate musician and a dedicated teacher. My aim is to nurture every student's playing by encouraging a creative practice which is stimulating and rewarding for students of all ages.

Old Moat

Jessica - Old Moat - Violin

I am an experienced musician playing with the BBC Phil, Halle and Opera North. I value teaching highly as it allows me to pass on my enthusiasm and love of music, facilitated by the excellent technical skills I have acquired during 20 years of study. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach violin and viola to diploma/college level, and piano to grade 8.


Frances - Chorlton - Violin

I am an approachable, friendly and adaptable violin teacher, happy to teach anyone, be it beginner or old-timer! I am a professional violinist and an experienced teacher, please take a look at my profile and get in touch if you have any questions! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Violin, beginner piano and chamber music (string quartets, trios etc.) - Tell me about your qualifications.

Old Moat

Christina - Old Moat - Violin

I'm an experienced and friendly violin, viola and piano teacher based in South Manchester (Didsbury). I welcome pupils of all ages and abilities. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the violin, viola and piano, and will incorporate music theory and aural skills into the lessons. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Viola Teacher Manchester | Violin Teacher Manchester

I am passionate about music and hope to be able to share my knowledge and love of music with anyone who is willing to learn! I believe that through a fun and structured approach, a life-long love of music can be formed. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Viola Violin - Tell me about your qualifications.


Alice - Withington - Violin

I am a young professional violist and violinist with a passion for teaching any age and ability. I believe that music can be enjoyed at any level, whether you wish to aim for something in particular or simply have fun. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the violin, viola, piano and .

Central Manchester

Sarah - Central Manchester - Violin

Hi there. I'm a final year Postgraduate student at the Royal Northern College of Music and, along with performance, teaching is a great passion of mine. Please have a read of my info! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach violin, and all areas of classical music including theory. - Tell me about your qualifications. I have a Bachelor of Music (Hons) 2.

Moss Side

Ruth - Moss Side - Violin

I am a freelance violinist based in Fallowfield and have lots of experience of teaching both the violin and general music to students of all ages. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Although my main instrument is the violin I also specialise in providing music lessons for the under fives which includes using percussion instruments, singing and learning the principles of music through movement.


Laura - Chorlton - Violin

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the violin and viola alongside music theory, aural and general musical knowledge. - How much do you charge? I give student/consultation discounts. - Where do you teach? I teach at my home in Withington, Manchester. I am willing to travel but there may be an additional cost.

Clayton Vale

Violin Teacher Manchester - Janet Trim

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the violin to pupils of all standards and abilities from beginner through to Grade 8 and can offer theory coaching. I also teach the viola at beginner learner level. - Tell me about your qualifications. I hold LRSM qualification in violin performance.

Moss Side

Kurt - Moss Side - Violin

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Violin and Viola, alongside Music Theory and Music History. I also specialise in ABRSM exams. I can also teach Chinese. - Tell me about your qualifications. I hold a degree in Music (BMus) from a Music Conservatoire, and am currently studying for a Master of Music degree at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Central Manchester

Tim - Central Manchester - Violin

I am an experienced and dedicated teacher who is passionate about sharing my love of music. I am friendly and approachable and believe strongly in the benefits of studying music, whether you want to learn seriously or just for fun! - Which subject(s) do you teach? My main instrument is Violin, but I also teach Viola, Piano and Music Theory.

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Rhiannon - Gorton - Teacher of Violin and Viola teaching at home and willing to travel within Manchester.

I am a freelance viola player living in Manchester. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Violin and Viola. - Tell me about your qualifications. I have a Bmus (hons) from the RNCM and a Masters in Viola Performance also at RNCM. - How much do you charge? £30/hr £15/half hr If I need to travel, travel costs may need to be negotiated.


Madeline - Longsight - Violin

The requirements of tutoring are personal so feel free to contact me to discuss your tuition needs. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the violin, viola, piano, music theory and singing to Grade 8 and beyond, but can also help with academic subjects (see subjects above). - Tell me about your qualifications. I graduated in a degree from Magdalene College, Cambridge in 2009.


Heather - Rusholme - Violin

Hi, I'm Heather and I am currently studying Oboe/Cor Anglais at the RNCM. I'm 21 years old and keen to teach and pass on my experience to other people who are interested in learning an instrument. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Oboe, Cor Anglais and Classical Violin - Tell me about your qualifications.


James - Rusholme - Violin

I am a classical violinist based in Manchester and am enthusiastic about teaching students of all ages and abilities. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I offer one-to-one violin lessons, beginner piano (up to grade 5) and can also provide coaching in ABRSM Music Theory and aural preparation for grade exams. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Violin lessons at home for all skill levels (beginners to expert violinists)

<h3>Why take violin lessons in Manchester?</h3>

Music lessons, ancient violin lessons, cello lessons: does it spark your interest, do you want to learn how to play the violin yourself? What a great idea! And you're in luck, Manchester's vibrant city is renowned for its excellent music classes, especially in the field of instrumental music. With its strong influences by ancient cultures and bordering countries, music of all kinds are learned in Manchester! But the city of Mancs has many other surprises in store for you!

Indeed, one of the most famous buildings in Manchester is the Opera House which hosts musicals, ballets, concerts and pantomimes. What could be more inspiring for a budding violinist? From time to time, a string quartet performs: musicians with double bass, clarinet and the violin, creating a harmony close to perfection. The violin is a precious stringed musical instrument, whose bow will allow you to create incredibly moving and passionate music.

If Manchester is known for its local gastronomy, including its chips and gravy, it is also known for its entertainment scene and its many music festivals. For example, Parklife Manchester is a well-known independent music festival held annually in Heaton Park. There is also the MIF, Manchester International Festival, that takes place every 2 year s and brings together artists from different art forms and backgrounds in popular culture, visual arts and performing arts. Artists such as Bjork, Steve McQueen, Wayne McGregor, Punchdrunk and more have participated. For those who love the violin, traditional or contemporary music, there is something for everyone!

Manchester is an attractive city, which can inspire you to want to create inspiring music and learn how to play a beautiful instrument. It is only a few hours from neighbouring countries, so it is not surprising to meet a musician who plays the violin as well as the bass guitar, the electric violin, the fiddle, the cello or others.

Advice for amateurs: each district of Manchester has its own style and musical life, which you can enjoy mixing and mingling with. There's the city centre, music halls, pubs, street music, music in the park, festivals.. the list goes on!

Let's now look at what kind of violin lessons can be found in Manchester.

<h3>Take violin lessons in Manchester</h3>

The stringed instruments with their accompanying bows are notorious as being instruments that require a lot of hard work and training before one can consider themselves to be fully competent. It is essential to go through a lot of training and practice to become a violin virtuoso! The advantage in Manchester is that you can just as well train at home, as you can play for your first audience outside on the streets. Improvised concerts are often organized, at parks, pubs and street corners.

If you want to become a soloist or a concerto player, the best way to learn how to play the violin is at the Royal Northern College of Music. There, you might learn very simple basics starting from a very young age: which hand is your dominant hand for playing the violin, how to put on a chin rest or shoulder pad, what are the main notes of chamber music... This basic training can be completed by then taking specialized training, to help you on your way to becoming a renowned violist.

Manchester is a dynamic city in terms of artistic education: singing lessons, general music lessons, history of music lessons ... If you do not like the idea of taking lessons at the conservatory, you could always sign up at a reputable music school, or a music association. For example, Chetham's School of Music and BIMM Manchester offer musical lessons to their students where you might find classes on bowed instruments or wind instruments. Not to mention Manchester Violin School or One Education Music where you might find children's violin lessons, or beginner violin lessons.

The city of Manchester, because of its dynamic student population and cultural heritage, is an ideal location for taking classes, even during the summer holidays. But how can you choose between courses in schools versus private lessons? Because it's true that learning the violin in Manchester is altogether possible, provided that you are well taught by a musical professional!

<h3>Manchester and the violin</h3>

Whereas music schools and associations offer music lessons, it can be difficult to find specialized training dedicated to the alto violin or Chinese violin for example. It is best to seek out other options if you want more specialized or tailored lessons in the violin.

One option to learn more about violins is to go to a violin making or music shop, where you can learn about different brands of violin. Did you know, for example, that the Stradivarius violin is the most widespread, but also the most expensive in the world? Of course, this won't be the exact violin you end up buying- the Stradivarius violin which sold at auction for 11 million euros! It might be worth learning about what makes this violin brand so special right? Or to learn if your violin is made out of ebony or spruce? You can ask all these questions to the professionals at the music stores, like Ayres Violins, a violin shop specialized in making, dealing, repairing and restoring violins, or Helen Michetschlager, a modern violin maker.

Once you have all your accessories (wax, violin bow, strings, chin strap, shoulder strap, violin case), you can start looking for a violin class in Manchester. But what are the other opportunities to learn the violin outside of the conservatory, music schools and associations?

<h3>Hundreds of private violin teachers in Manchester</h3>

Instrumentalists will tell you: an innate musical gift is not given to everyone, some aspiring musicians will have to find passion and dedication in order to improve! First, it will be important to be very attentive to your instrument, to know the difference between a muting pedal and a tuner, to know how to use a metronome or change your violin strings. In short, everything about the violin can be learned, but it will take time!

The Manchester region is full of teaching opportunities to take violin lessons, but the first question to figure out is what are your goals? Do you want to become a famous violinist one day like Nicola Benedetti? Do you want to learn by heart the violin music of Amadeus, Vivaldi and Pizzicato? Or do you just want to learn the violin for the simple pleasure of playing?

Depending on your goals, it will help you to choose the best violin course option for you. If your goal is professional, internationally recognized training will be preferable. But if you want to learn to play the violin to participate in an international competition, or just for fun, you can work on your skills with an association or private violin teacher.

How might a private violin teacher help you to progress? They'll help you to learn how to read violin music scores, teach you the technical aspects of the violin, or the history of the violin: everything is possible! They can even take you to a cultural event, to your first music store or to a music festival to help you examine all aspects of playing the violin. Ready to take violin lessons in Manchester?

<h3>Manchester violin lessons: choose Superprof!</h3>

To earn your place in a symphony orchestra, to know Beethoven or Tchaikovsky as well as the back of your hand, discover old instruments, or learn both contemporary or traditional music, learning with a private violin teacher is a great idea.

And how might you find this talented violin teacher? On our Superprof platform of course! Our website is dedicated to helping to connect students to their professional teachers, according to geographical criteria. Peruse our online violin teacher profiles to discover a former conductor turned specialized teacher, a passionate music scholar or a Rubinstein specialist to help you develop your vibrato!

After buying or renting your Stradivarius violin, or alto violin, it will then be time to set your goals with your teacher: they will need to know what motivates you in order to tailor their music program just for you. Frequent courses, evening classes or courses on weekends, it is up to you to choose the schedule. And who knows, if you are interested, maybe your teacher will propose you to go to the Opera or Conservatory, a perfect opportunity to meet other violin lovers and be inspired during your lessons. If symphonies or concertos fascinate you, you will inevitably find someone to share this passion and learn while enjoying the harmonies.

Indeed, whether you live in Castlefield, Sinningfields or the Northern Quarter makes no difference, your in-home violin teacher will be happy to come to meet you at the neighbourhood which best conveniences you. You could also choose to meet at a park, cafe or museum for some of the meetings. So, are you ready to start learning the violin in the vibrant city of Manchester?