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German, Dutch and Philosophy student offering German, English or singing lessons in Sheffield.

My teaching method is relaxed and friendly and I can teach any age up to and including degree level. I structure my lessons with an introduction or recap at the start, then new themes or topics. I like the student to learn but also enjooy themselves whilst learning.

1st lesson offered free !

I lived in Austria for 15 months and part of my ancent were Germans

I base on experience from my elementary school, a lot of reading, new words, writting, homeworks, conversations. Also, teaching about the Country, holidays, events, history, culture, people, living, interesting places. translations, philosophy, science, maths on German too, any topic which student wants to talk.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

German native speaker offering german tutor lessons in Colchester for every skill level

I would need you to give me a brief overview of the topics you need help with so that I can prepare my lesson. As I'm twenty, I understand that one cannot be that motivated every day, so I try my best to start the lesson with a little warm up and to create a fun atmosphere.

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German national with perfect grammar, in England for the past 37 years

Total immersion language teaching is best. This is when it is all in the language you want to learn.

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Student with 3.5 years of experience teaching online languages offer German lessons in Salford

My teaching method is based on the agreement with the student where I adjust my lesson content, structure and plan according to student's goals, wishes and level of proficiency. I have given lessons to students of any age. I am able to teach German to upper intermediate/advanced level.

New Malden
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German and English teacher offering vocabulary, written expression and written expression services in German to students of all levels

I tailor my teaching style according to the needs of each student. I believe the key to success is to build each student’s interest and provide them with the confidence to converse.

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Julia Underwood - Native German Tutor - all levels - all exams - CEFRL - own premises - ltmk.co.uk -

Native German Tutor Do you need to learn German for school, business, travel or refresh what you already know? Read on and contact me, I am looking forward to hearing from you. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German - for school, in preparation for the new GCSE and A level exam. All exam boards.

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German lessons taught by native speaker in Cardiff

I am a friendly German language tutor in Cardiff offering tuition via skype for adult and face-to-face tuition to pupils working towards their GCSE and A-Level exams. Tell me about your qualifications. I have an MA in English, Art History and Philosophy and the PTLLS teaching certificate. How much do you charge? £30 per lesson - if you recommend me you get 50% off your next lesson.

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German Native Speaker and State-Certified Educator with experience teaches German in Derry

Hello everyone! I am Josy from Berlin, Germany. I am a state-certified educator with not only loads of experience, but a great passion for teaching my first language. I always enjoyed making progress in English, however I know how hard it can be to learn a foreign language.

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German lessons for students who want to learn with a native German Tutor – Face-To-Face (all Ages and abilities apply)

My teaching method are on a one-to-one basis focusing on the student individually so they get the best they can. I base my teaching on using any interest the student have to fuel the interest and enthusiasm to learning German. My approach to the subject is from abc to words and then to building full sentences. Which can include creative activities to help along the studies.

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Native German speaker and translator with 6 years of experience as a tutor, giving lessons in London

Learning any language is a progress, a journey. Like every journey I like to think of this as a fun one as well. A student-personalised approach to the German language, supported through preferred media, such as songs, books, series, movies etc.(if appropriate) will help wonders for progress within the shortest of periods and will last a lifetime.

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Native German psychology graduate looking to offer help in the German language

My teaching method is based on the individual or the group I am working with. I mainly try to understand the students needs and what they have difficulties with and try to ease their minds slightly. German is a very hard language and therefore it is important to stay calm and deal with each problem step by step.

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Languages with International Business Student offering German lessons up to A Level standard in Sheffield

I have a very enthusiastic approach to teaching, as languages can be complicated to get the hang of. It is important to ensure full engagement of the students to increase their retention ability.

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Master student offering German lessons in London (I am a German native speaker)

The most important thing is your need. What do you need? We will then focus on that. This could be accent reduction, oral expression, written expression, translation, homework support for your children or preparation for a visit in Germany etc. I am very supportive, calm, enthusiastic and definitely patient. If you take my lessons, you will progress soon as I will always motivate you.

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Fun Teacher of German and EFL, with a wealth of experience, offering lively language lessons

My classes are student-centred, bespoke and allow every student to participate and develop in confidence very quickly. The courses are very practical and flexible, to meet student needs. I teach young learners at school, to university students and pensioners.

Alina cristiana
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German student (winner of Juvenes Translatores 2016 edition) offering German lessons online and in Newcastle upon Tyne

With regard to my teaching approach, I aim at instilling enthusiasm and determination in my students because that is, in my view, the secret of making the most of the tutoring lessons. I also aim at creating a relaxed environment in order for the students to assert themselves in a carefree manner.

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French/German Lessons by Oxford University Undergrad in Modern and Medieval Foreign Languages: French and German

Whilst I offer teaching that will run alongside the student's school syllabus, I believe in giving students the skills to immerse themselves freely within a language, not just by giving them set phrases to learn that they'll never use in real life scenarios.

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Bilingual Native Speaker offers German Language Lessons for all levels in Liverpool & online (Skype & WhatsApp).

I have offered language tuition on a freelance basis since 1994. Work experience include working as a language assistant teacher at high schools, covering maternity leave for an English language instructor in Italy, teaching German to young professionals in Cambodia and most recently working with a range of senior tech professionals in San Francisco, California.

1st lesson offered free !

Native German speaker with teaching and business experience offering German lessons at any level

extensive teaching and tutoring experience in 2 countries and 3 languages has made me an intuitive teacher who recognises students' learning styles and tailors lessons to requirements on every occasion. Try this analogy: your new language is a massive jigsaw puzzle and my job is to help you complete the big picture.

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Export professional offering German and Spanish lessons up to University level in Newport or Cardiff

I give lessons to students up to University entrance. I seek to identify the strengths of each student based on individual assessments and ascertain where they would like to improve. Lessons are based on the needs and requirements of each student with practical assignments drawing on domestic or business language use.

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Languages student offering German tutoring up to university level, as well as tutoring in GCSE core subjects.

After making an initial assessment of ability in the first lesson, I design a course tailored to the needs and abilities of the student. We will practise Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in each topic we cover, as well as Grammar-focused lessons that are applied to the relevant context.

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Student with C1 level German offering German lessons up to A-Level standard

I base my classes on interacting with authentic German-language sources such as stories, videos, articles and news broadcasts. I place a lot of focus on speaking, with the aim to improve students' confidence and oral ability. I offer lessons to anyone up to A-Level standard who is looking to improve their written and spoken German as well as aural and reading comprehension skills.

Tanfield Lea
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Cambridge Student in German and Spanish gives language lessons and Oxbridge tips

Having lived and au-paired in Germany and now a first-class student at Cambridge, I can help you improve your spoken and written German.

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Economics and Finance student at the University of Southampton. I speak 4 languages and I'm able to teach Spanish, German and English for writing and speaking, Spanish and German are mother tongues.

There are many different factors that need to be taken into account for a teaching methodology. First thing out of all would be the age of my student. For languages, I first need to see what kind of course/module level he/she is taking. Secondly, what the aim of my student is by taking private tuitions with me.

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An Indian Woman offering A1 level (Basic) German course. I have 9 years of experience in several fields of German language

I start with alphabets, then short sentences, verbs, adjectives, numbers. Each class will include grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading and speaking. Initially, I will speak more during the class and later I will let and help the student to speak in German.

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Experienced German teacher. Holding C1 from Goethe Institut along with PWD (Business German International).

My approach for teaching is aligned to the syllabus along with practicals focusing on skills development. I believe learning language is not just learning words but learning and experiencing the culture. My focus is on developing skills in formal (business) and informal German speaking/writing.

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German language and literature tutor with 14 years experience based in Glasgow

My lessons are based on the individual needs of my student(s). I often have them take an aptitude test to exhibit their strengths and weaknesses as a starting point from which they can develop their skills. I do focus on grammar - learning it mechanically and then putting it into practice. I have found this method works with all of my past students.

Forest Row
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Private tutoring services - 30 years experience - Oxford Graduate - French, English and German

I prefer to work one-on-one with my pupil to create a bespoke and effective teaching programme. My approach is to fully understand my pupil's capabilities and then look to strengthen the weaker facets of their language. I have experience teaching all standards of the language from Entry level, GCSE's to A-levels.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

I teach German and Maths up to GCSE Level. I am based in Croydon. My Qualification include: GCSE Maths A GCSE German A* A Level Maths A A Level German A BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

My motto is that there is no such thing as a stupid question. I am very patient and make sure the student gets a thorough understanding. Each topic is approached gradually step by step basis to build up the understanding.

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Perfect! I've spent literally years trying to find the right German tutor ... and I think I've found her! Someone who I actually want to meet and talk to, who isn't going to turn learning into a chore, who is flexible enough to adapt her teaching to my...

Eric, student
2 months ago

Perfect! We take German lessons twice a week and have been struggling to keep up in the past few months. The course we are taking has to be taught in a formal way due to the diversity of languages spoken by participants. Gabriela taught us some...

Linda, student
6 months ago

Perfect! Josephine is a fantastic tutor. She has made me feel very confident in a short space of time. She is a great teacher and a lovely person. I really enjoy our German lessons each week. I would highly recommend Josephine.

Michele , student
9 months ago

Perfect! Thanks to Swanhild for the lessons. She is clearly a very experienced teacher and has plenty of resources and ideas to help students. I enjoyed the flexibility of our classes and felt comfortable asking her any questions I had about the language.

Neil, student
1 year ago

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