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  • Hourly rate £45
  • Response Time 13h
  • Number of students 50+
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Qualifed Grammar School Teacher with over 15 years of experience. Over 100 Oxbridge references available


We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Kamal will be happy to arrange your first Academic tutoring lesson.

About the lesson

Teaching Pedagogy: The vast majority of One-2-One tutors simply ‘turn-up-and-teach’ without adequate preparation. Maths is mostly about ‘understanding’, and less about ‘throw up facts’. A tutor gets ONE CHANCE to impart ‘understanding’ clearly and coherently. Not having prepared and risking an incomplete, confused or incoherent explanation instils confusion in the student, rather than confidence.

• Regular feedback and homework: Most tutors either set no homework at all or thoughtlessly set exercises from a textbook containing inappropriate questions. My homework is specifically written to complement the lesson, containing some items designed for routine practice and some questions designed to challenge the student; encouraging them to ‘think’ and to develop their logical capacity.

• Exam Practice: I give students plenty of the most recent exam papers for practice – but only at the right time, once they have a deep understanding of all of the individual topics within the syllabus. Far too many tutors use exam papers to ‘teach’ from, which means they are setting papers when the student isn’t ready: The upshot of that is the student’s scores fluctuate wildly, and their confidence is destroyed.

Please note that I have access to the latest practice papers for the new syllabus (first assessment September 2018 which are not available that easily in schools or the internet for sure). The old-style syllabus exam papers are not competitive any more as a lot of new content is added to the latest syllabus (especially in Mechanics and Statistics)

My lessons are stimulating, inspirational and cutting edge as I keep a great hold on my subject.
With this immense experience, I have developed a tutoring technique which has produced outstanding results and student achievements every year.
I make the lessons fun and engaging. I try to promote interest in the subject, so learning Maths becomes fun and an ongoing natural process. Students take the newly learnt concepts into the school environment and start seeing the results from the very next lesson. This helps to increase their confidence and engagement in the lessons. This, as a result, increases their liking for the subject. This liking is vital to maintaining their commitment, trust and interest in Maths.

As a result of this process, my tutees are relaxed about learning Maths. This helps them concentrate on other subjects also at the same time, and they can achieve well holistically. (Having a decent grade in Maths along with those essential subjects as well is much better)

I am very confident that my charges are excellent value for money since I have delivered outstanding results for my students. Please do not take my word for it. I have many satisfied parents who you can speak to before contracting my services. My past students and their parents have often said that they cannot thank me enough for how much I have changed their career possibilities with those outstanding grades in they achieved in Maths and their overall changed attitude towards learning and education.

In short, you may want to refer me as the Maths A* Specialist.

Please get in touch soon to book your place for success at exams in 2020 and beyond.

Fees structure: Please note that the fees are indicative only and not the final ones. As each student has different goals, aspiration, work ethics and commitments (and as a personal tutor I have to work and cater around this) I can only give a final price after an assessment.

Please note that during peak times of exams (From February onwards prices may vary significantly especially when booking in advance and for a longer period).
Please get in touch to discuss in detail your circumstances.

Important Note regarding pricing:

1) Entrance exam preparations to top competitive schools are not covered in the above price list.

2) Directory prices shown here are only indicative as the actual price varies as per students needs, the amount of work involved to achieve their aspirations, etc. etc. I recognise that your child is unique, and my approach and pricing will be based on what they are like rather than “A one price fits all” tag. I am sure you agree it's difficult to quote you a price when I don’t even know their name (let alone their aptitude to learning) I am offering highly effective one to one customised lesson and can vouch for 1000% for the prices I charge.

3) Please note that prices are subject to change without consent and the current market since this is a seasonal requirement (I.e. You may be able to book a lesson with me in the summer holidays for £20 but that same lesson may cost you over £50 if booked just a day before the exam in May!!) I hope this is making sense.


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About Kamal

I am a fully qualified Maths Teacher (QTS) registered with the UK National College of Teaching and Leadership. I work in an outstandingly high achieving Grammar school near London.

So far I have tutored over 150 students on a 1-1 and group /pair basis in the past ten years alone. This is over 6000 hours of tutoring (40 weeks for each student a year X 150 students = 6000 hours)!

Moreover, I work as a Grammar school teacher, and I am required to deliver outstanding lessons following the OFSTED Framework. Hence I have an accurate and in-depth knowledge of the most recent syllabus changes and the exam boards. That combined with my daily touch of robust Maths puts me in a firm position to very quickly and thoroughly assess the educational needs of a student and then build upon their strengths. My lessons are Laser sharp and objective oriented wherein I intend to achieve a clearly defined learning objective at the end of each of my tutoring sessions.



  • 5h: £220
  • 10h: £430


  • + ££5


  • £45/h


For IB and GMAT, SAT and Internation exams the rate will be slightly higher due to the more complexity involved.

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