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3rd year Aerospace Engineering undergrad studying at the University of Bath offering maths and physics lessons to secondary students

I am studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bath and would like to tutor maths and physics to younger students in primary or secondary school and college.

I always plan my lessons beforehand clearly listing what each student should achieve by the end of their lesson and I like to start each lesson off by briefly reminding students of what was previously taught to ease them into the lesson.

I am extremely keen to help you develop a clear understanding and appreciation of maths and physics and look forward to meeting you soon!

For students aged 14 years and below I charge £22/hour, for GCSE students I charge £26/hour and for A level students I charge £30/hour.

I teach maths, algebra, trigonometry, physics, geometry. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level.
I give lessons exclusively by Webcam.

Alexander 's Experience

I studied maths, further maths, physics and geography at A Level and achieved an A* in all 4 subjects. I have been awarded a scholarship by my sixth form and after sitting my university exams, was awarded the BP Centurion Award for attaining one of the top exam results on my course at university.

I have taught GCSE maths to 4 students all of which achieved either an A or A*. I taught the students over three months before they sat their GCSE exams.

I have also taught maths to 10-12 year olds who then attained 75% and above on their end of term exams.

Alexander 's CV

Alexander Taylor
Term Address: 18 Rockliffe Ave, Bath BA2 6QP, UK
Mobile Number: (concealed information)6
Email Address: (concealed information)

University of Bath MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering Engineering (5 year sandwich)
2015-2020 Average for Year One: 83% Predicted: First
Solid Mechanics 1 82 Fluid Mechanics 86
Solid Mechanics 2 83 Mathematics 1 87
Design Materials/Manufacturing 1 75 Mathematics 2 100
Design Materials/Manufacturing 2 71 Instrumentation & Electrical devices 86
Thermofluids 89 Experimentation & Engineering 69

◻ BP Centurion Award 2016 - Accredited by the department for outstanding Semester 1 exam results

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, 2013-2015
A levels: Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Physics (A*), Geography (A*)
11 GCSEs at grades A* - A including Maths, English, Physics French, ITC and Business Studies

Engineering Projects
Two-Stroke Combustion Engine Assembly, 04/2016
Required to disassemble and reassemble a two-stroke combustion engine using a PowerPoint presentation as a guide. This was an opportunity for me to demonstrate my attention to detail and organisation. This project allowed me to consolidate my knowledge I had acquired during my first year at University, particularly the content learned in Solid Mechanics and Thermofluids.

Turning lathe, milling and grinding workshops, 09/2015
Used a turning lathe and drills to produce the wheels and frame for an aluminium toy car. This required me to pay great attention to detail ensuring the components were machined as required on the specification.

CNC Machining, 05/2016
First time using a CNC program to produce a component. I learned how to program a CNC machine to cut and machine a small aluminium body for a toy car.

Paper Plane Launcher, 04/2016
Worked in a group and was responsible for designing, manufacturing and assembling the components required to construct a paper plane launcher. My component (the spinning wheels for launching) was generated using SolidEdge, which allowed me to further develop my CAD skills.

Gearbox Design, 01/2016
Designed a two speed gearbox with a dog drive gear selector for a wood cutter. I found this task particularly challenging as I was given very little information regarding the functionality and mechanics of gearboxes prior to the start of the assignment. As a result I had to conduct a lot of research myself.

Computing Skills
International Computing Driving Licence
Awarded the ICDL certificate and I am fully competent in Microsoft Office.

Designed a basic toy truck from a specification, which required me to teach myself how to use the basic commands of SolidEdge.

Used MATLAB to collate and generate graphs from data obtained through laboratory experiments.
Employment & Volunteering
Heritage International Hospitality, 06/2016-09/2016
Worked with a hospitality company that was in the process of starting up and launching which gave me the opportunity to participate and observe how a business is set up, which I have never done before. Patience, organisation and discipline were skills that I developed the most in order to ensure that tasks were completed punctually and my workload was distributed evenly.

YMCA Singapore, 09/2014
Organised and hosted a charity event for secondary schools in Singapore. Collated results and generated reports from the event by a deadline, teaching me to work under pressure in a group.

Helping Flood Victims at Red Cross Thailand, 10/2013
Worked with volunteers packing and distributing amenities for victims affected by flooding. Required hard work and effective communication to ensure boxes were distributed at the high demand required during the crisis. This role required me to motivate team members and demonstrate my leadership capability.

Soi Cats and Dogs Thailand, 05/2013
Constructed new homes for abandoned stray cats and dogs. Opportunity to meet new people of a similar age and work together as a team. Some could not speak English, requiring me to speak Thai and improve my conversational Thai ability.

Teaching Swimming to orphans, 03/2013
Volunteered to demonstrate and teach orphans how to swim over the course of four months. I felt extremely accomplished at the end of the course knowing that I was able to teach a valuable skill to children.

Martin Rees and David Lees academic awards, 08/2013-08/2015
Awarded the David Lee Scholarship for outstanding A Level performance Awarded the Martin Rees Scholarship for excellent IGCSE achievement

Duke of Edinburgh Award, 05/2013-06/2015
Completing this award proves that I am capable of working effectively under pressure. I led my group through challenging expeditions and encouraged all members to contribute evenly towards the group’s success. Not only has the award pushed me physically but mentally too, ensuring that I maintain a balance between my academics and the extra-curricular activities required to complete the award.

UKMT Maths challenges, 09/2014
Awarded Bronze and Silver certificates for UKMT Maths challenges while studying in Sixth Form.

Athletics, 03/2015
Won Bronze and Silver at the Bangkok International Schools Athletics Conference in the 800m and 1500m.

Fluent in English
Able to speak conversational French Read and write Thai

Frequently compete in road races where I am able to demonstrate my competitive side and tackle the physical challenges put forth during such events.

University Triathlon and Recreational Endurance Club
Decided to broaden my interests and start a new sport and I have thoroughly enjoyed the physical challenges and achievement presented during training for Triathlon.

I enjoy painting and cooking in my free time as a way to relax and take a break from working.

Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and IMechE, being informed regularly on latest developments within the engineering industry.

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