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Polish Experienced Personal Trainer now in UK - experience something what u won't regret.

My teaching method is to focus on everyone personally, so your training, your workout, your diet, given guide won't be the same as the others. Everything is suited for your person, because everyone of us have different needs. More than that I'm focusing on stuff that you do daily, outside of the gym and workout time.

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1st lesson offered free !

Very enthusiastic and committed Fitness Coach teaching most genres of fitness to all ages and abilities

All teaching is created for your individual needs. I am warm and genuinely care for each of my students. I will work you hard but not make it hard work , exercise can be fun too. It is important for your health as well as your physique and is a great stress reliever.

Dr ali
1st lesson offered free !

PhD Dr and body transformation coach offering personal training sessions online, at your home, at a park or my local gym.

I use science and fun to get results for my clients. I am of the mindset that anyone can get results no matter their size, age, sex or fitness backround. I work with clients that have depression and don't want to go to the gym. For them i offer skype sessions in which i work with you and show you the moves and methods to use.

1st lesson offered free !

Level 2 Gym Instructor offering lessons in personal training and sports coaching and development

My name is Samuel Smith. My email is (concealed information) please contact me there for further questions. I have low prices but a great understanding of sports and training. I am good at helping people understand the subject and the material within it.

1st lesson offered free !

Gym instructor with experience with all kind of people offers his services to help people to feel better with themselves

My method may change depending on the objective to reach, the qualities of each clients and his needs. What doesn`t change in all my lessons are the following rules: - Always training in a secure ambient. - 100% of truth, even it hurts at the beginning, because thats the best ways of fixing ourselves. - Always face to face and at my sight.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

NVQ Level 3 Personal Trainer Teaching basic to advanced techniques to get you where you want to be based in London, 10 years experience in professional swimming and 2 years in Personal Training

I give lessons to anyone who wants to learn from beginner to advanced. I tailor my learning to each individual and find the answer to every question, but make sure that it is understood before moving on to the next teaching. As there would be no point if it wasn't understood. Each response is tailored to each individual also, as everyone is at different levels of understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

A Personal Trainer with 10 years experience offering to get you in Shape.

My teaching method is very adaptable and effective. I have trained many athletes and who have enhanced their physical and mental performance by following my guidance. I also do boot camp for summer where people enjoy training outside atmosphere.

1st lesson offered free !

Martial Arts fitness instructor with 15 years experience in bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

I am a martial arts fitness instructor and have been teaching classes and individual sessions for 3 years. I have achieve second degree black belt in karate and am level 3 sports qualified. My students have achieved increased confidence, self-esteem and self awareness as well as achieving grades within karate and improved fitness and self defence skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Strength training offered by a national level powerlifter with years of experience in Southampton

I base my method on my personal experience of trial and error. I always do what I preach and I have tried many approaches from which only few are truly successful. The Strength training path is not an easy road, but a very enjoyable one.

1st lesson offered free !

A Qualified Health and Fitness trainer offering various fitness activities in Burnley

My sessions are personalised to meet the clients needs, also to efficiently and effectively meet the desired targets. My current clients are very satisfied with how the sessions are going and results are being achieved quicker than they thought.

1st lesson offered free !

Join to sport to do fitness and other kind of healthy life

I am Tomas Pollak and live in UK , I do sport teaching how to do fitness and kind of other healthy life, for all people young and old. I also will help you how to train properly to grow up muscle gain, and also how to loss weight sport is for everyone.

Wooburn Green
1st lesson offered free !

Senior Personal Trainer with a Degree in Physiotherapy looking to impart knowledge!

My teaching method is encouraging and logical. No specific syllabus to cover but will give you comprehensive instructions in how to build programs, give nutritional advice for the general population.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Calisthenics athlete offering Calisthenics,Street WOrkout lessons in Solihull. Ninja Warrior Competitor,Street Workout Champion , Muscle up , Pull Ups, Dips, One Arm Pull Ups, Front Lever

My teaching method is about oldschool Calisthenics , with basic exercises and than with advanced exercises . I can teach you to do one arm pull ups, muscle ups, ring muscle ups,front lever,human flag,dragon flag,pistol squats,and all exercises to do in a corectly form.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian Rowers of national team 5 time at world championship undergraduate in economics master in quantitative finance

for accademic field i like a problem solving approach so, understand where your difficult is and solve it in a easier way for training i like to train with you for give you all my tips and advice as an international rower

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainer working in the North West of England with a Degree in Sports Coaching. I provide both online and 1 to 1 personal training.

I provide tailored personal training, including training programs, nutritional advice, macronutrient breakdowns, and constant support from myself. I coach for both weight management, body compositional changes, bodybuilding, sports performance, and exercise/ GP referral.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Iam a fitness trainer and bodyfitness athlète have expérience in gym for long years ago .aerobic classes crossfit fit bodybuilding ABS classes...also nutrition

I teach online to help people arround thé world to change expérience and do différent way tout have participate classes and get thé better health .second be fun classes Every time and every where .

1st lesson offered free !

JB One-One fitness trainer/coach and conditioning nutrition adviser also ex professional athlete

I'm an ex professional athlete. Fully qualified sports fitness instructor and sports coach level 3 2:1 sport fitness Bsc (hons) degree university of Gloucestershire Owner at JB One-One personal fitness training.

1st lesson offered free !

Fitness professional and LSA to tutor in all areas academically to give support and guidance.

I teach on a one to one basis in Fitness and I also tutor for Maths and English. I have 15 years teaching experience and I am working in a college as a LSA in supporting students/learners to achieve their aims in various subjects by building their self independence and confidence to pass exams and be successful.

1st lesson offered free !

If you want to achieve successful muscle development, let’s join me my friend.

I will look my clients skills, and I will write a tailored workout just for you. It is important and really good.

1st lesson offered free !

Health recovery, get fit increase muscle mass look great feel great lose excess weight .


1st lesson offered free !

Military student teaching A+ fitness routines and best workout for you from swansea

Depending on the person i would look out for what they need to improve on or need to maintain , giving a variety of options to help better your fitness or to help your need to gain a sweat workout

1st lesson offered free !

Circuits and Spin Instructor in Watford looking to help people in weight loss

I base my teaching on commitment. You have to be 100% in the game. I don't like excuses and yes I will be hard on you as a trainer but I believe that is the only way to achieve your results.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainer Offering Online Training Plans and Personal Coaching throughout the UK

My teaching method is simple. Analyse your lifestyle, what motivates you and the options you have around you in order to prescribe a simple and effective training plan that will help you reach your goals and add value to you.

(13 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Victorious training, Liverpool, Merseyside, tutoring in Personal training level 2 and 3

As a level 2 and 3 trained personal trainer, I will be providing first class knowledge, education and training to a high standard to include muscular strength/endurance, hypertrophy and power training thorugh various training stimulus such as body pump, kettlebells, LBT, fatburn, controlled multiple reps and sets and other weight stimulus (tri sets, drops sets, pyramids etc), steady state...

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

High Intensity Interval Training with pump focused bodybuilding components for pure power

Hi, my name is Andre, I am a fitness enthusiast who has been lifting weights for almost ten years, the last three of which I have been heavily influenced by skipping in efforts to better manage my weight control. These lessons are for anyone who wants to get fitter or build muscle.

1st lesson offered free !

Semi Professional Rugby Player looking to teach Sports and Exercise. 9 years experience

Very hands on coaching using my experience and science to help improve clients with long and short term goals.

1st lesson offered free !

From weight loss to strength & gaining muscle. I guarantee results in as little time as 2 weeks if you stick to my plan any experience level welcome. Money back guarantee!

A fun but intense way to guarantee results. I come from a family of pro bodybuilders and professional athletes from tennis to boxing. I myself I have been training and studying food since I was 13 years old and have an extremely varied and in depth knowledge of both different types of training and diet.

1st lesson offered free !

Fitness Instructor offering online coaching to help you reach your personal targets!

My teaching methodology is 'fun'. When helping someone to get fit they are not going to stick to it if they feel it is a chore. By adding elements of fun we can still get the same result while enjoying ourselves.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports Coach tutor - Jordan Morris, Llanelli, lecturer in Sports Science. PGCE, BSc Sports and Exercise Science

A versatile and dynamic professional with a successful background delivering substantial units from Access through to Sports with a high standard of coaching, teaching and learning. I am currently entering my 7th year of teaching and my 4th year working in Bristol delivering highly effective teaching sessions at FE.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Diets, trainings, online coaching for everybody. Its time for change in life

I am 21 years old lifetime natural bodybuilder. 4 years into fitness and health lifestyle. Upgrading my knowlege every day by reading studyies, articles and watching seminars.

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