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Enthusiastic Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with over 10 years of knowledge and experience.

I do both HIIT and Personal Training sessions online. The levels of fitness range from beginner to experienced. I will offer demonstrations and oral explanations for all exercises and offer alternative exercises to for those anyone with mobility difficulty. I am adaptable, enthusiastic, motivating, open, respectful and flexible.

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Level 3 personal trainer offering bespoke training and nutrition plans for you!

Achieving that summer body, losing fat, getting fit and healthy, and countless other goals can’t just be achieved within the gym - it’s a lifestyle. I will help you create that lifestyle so you make progress when you’re at the gym, but also at work or home. I’m hardworking, energetic and honest with you being my priority.

London Colney
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Army Cadet offering fitness classes based on Cadet training in St Albans

Having already said my methodology in my "my qualifications" section, I will not repeat it all again. However, I will say the last line again: I may not be the best, but I will try my best for you. That is what i offer: my best.

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Fitness Based, In and around Birmingham, qualified Personal Trainer and Class Instructor

Personal Trainer that can help you reach personal fitness goals or just offer advice as and when needed. I aim to keep everything fun (nobody enjoys boring lessons) and efficient, aiming to provide maximum knowledge/results in the quickest possible time.

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Personal Trainer & National Swim Coach. 7 years Swim Coaching & Personal Training experience. City Of Cardiff National Swimming Coach Lets Get Fit Personal Trainer

My Methodology when conducting Personal Training or Coaching Swimming is set to the needs of the individual or group that I am taking. Regardless of age or ability you will find once you have had a session with me all your ambitions and goals suddenly become achievable.

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A qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor & sports fanatic, loves to teach exercise/physical activity classes to groups and 1-2-1, also give advise on nutrition and healthy living.

Fitness sessions: usually, this will start with a warm up, and then we move unto HIIT (sometimes a mixture of cardio & resistant exercise or either one or the either);or either upper body or lower body exercise depending on what I have planned for the day.

Sutton Coldfield
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I am a motivated Fitness professional who is accomplished in helping members and clients of all fitness levels get into better shape and improve their lifestyles; I would like to help others gain this

I have a very relaxed and patient tutoring approach. I am always happy to discuss the students needs and ideas, so together we can improve their understanding and passion in their chosen career path.

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A Qualified Health and Fitness trainer offering various fitness activities in Burnley

My sessions are personalised to meet the clients needs, also to efficiently and effectively meet the desired targets. My current clients are very satisfied with how the sessions are going and results are being achieved quicker than they thought.

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College Lecturer gives lessons in all aspects of Fitness Instructing and Fitness Classes. I have over 20 years in the Fitness Indusrty as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I am also an

I use a variety of teaching methods, Including Practical and theory work. I use a 12 week Lesson Plan that is individual to the Student. I also set tasks that can be taken to complete as homework, I also set tests so that I can obtain how the student is progressing.

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I am an ambitious student in the University of Aberdeen in my 4th year with Molecular Biology and Sport and Health science. Qualified Gym instructor that is seeking to provide knowledge on training, e

**Training/Fitness** I approach every person entirely independent. I always have an introduction with the person so to understand more about themselves and their goals/needs. I always give lectures and explanations on variety of topics concerning training with actual demonstrations either 1to1 or videos and teaching points for certain exercises.

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My goal is to inspire people to become the strongest version of themselves through training, you MATTER!

I can teach you simple weight lifting and cardio training to either build muscle or lose weight. If you want to train at home with no equipment, then I can teach you through video chat or go to your home if it's nearby. Or training can be done in the gym. I can always teach you Thai boxing, kickboxing, or taekwon-do combat techniques.

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Italian Rowers of national team 5 time at world championship undergraduate in economics master in quantitative finance

for accademic field i like a problem solving approach so, understand where your difficult is and solve it in a easier way for training i like to train with you for give you all my tips and advice as an international rower

East Kilbride
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Extensive Fitness and Health knowledge - Focus on fat loss, toning, sport performance, bodybuilding amongst others

I utilise different teaching methods on a person-to-person basis. I am able to use a wide group of contacts to gain further knowledge on almost any health and fitness related topic.

Greater London
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Iam a fitness trainer and bodyfitness athlète have expérience in gym for long years ago .aerobic classes crossfit fit bodybuilding ABS classes...also nutrition

I teach online to help people arround thé world to change expérience and do différent way tout have participate classes and get thé better health .second be fun classes Every time and every where .

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Experienced Personal Trainer offering Nutrition, Health & Fitness tutoring in North Yorkshire/Teesside

My approach to teaching people about how the body works, and how to get fitter is to educate people along a journey of change. I help people to understand what they are doing, what they should be feeling, and why they are doing it. I've ran a series of 6 week courses for local leisure centre, teaching people how to train and understand the importance of nutrition.

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Personal Trainer offering personal fitness and muscle strengthening sessions in Northern Ireland

A motivated tutor, wanting to help people get into fitness or get lapsed exercises back into it. I offer basic or advanced fitness sessions for both newcomers and experienced customers. These vary from basic cardio and resistance training to High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT).

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Personal training student offering sports lessons and help online! In Stoke on Trent

I'm a student hoping to further myself in sports by teaching/helping others that are also on similar topics to what I am covering now/ have previously covered. I am educated to Level 3 NVQ Certification. My characteristics as a person are calm, logical and patient.

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Enthusiastic fitness instructor Studying exercise and fitness management at the Portsmouth university

My teaching methodology is try and try again. No one is perfect at something each time.

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Personal training Tutor inverclyde/renfrewshire HND qualified and dbs checked with over 3 years experience working with young children and Adults

Female teacher suitable for all fitness levels fun motivated and pleasant to be around let's get this done Very knowledgeable in this field enjoyable to work together to do this Always have fun while work wont seem hard ???????? Thanks

Greater London
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High Intensity Interval Training with pump focused bodybuilding components for pure power

Hi, my name is Andre, I am a fitness enthusiast who has been lifting weights for almost ten years, the last three of which I have been heavily influenced by skipping in efforts to better manage my weight control. These lessons are for anyone who wants to get fitter or build muscle.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Full Time L3 Personal Trainer offering full workout programs and nutritional information.

My method of teaching is 1on1 interaction. Each session will cover topics YOU want to be covered, I will answer any and all questions you might have and I will give you my best and most honest opinions and ideas.

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Keep fit with me doing an hour of basic exercise combined with step areobics

My teaching involes warm ups and cool downs! You can go at your own pace no need keep up until you are able to.

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Personal Trainer Level 3 in London area,5 years experience,motivation and nutrition goal set up and monitoring

Are your jeans getting too snug? Does climbing a flight of stairs leave you out of breath? Has your doctor advised you to start exercising but you don’t know where or how to start? Relax – you’ve found a reliable trainer who is truly vested in your interests. I am self-employed personal trainer and nutritionist helping clients to lose weight and get fit for the past 5 years.

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International GBR athlete, Sport Studies University graduate, giving lessons support to everyday gym and fitness goers in Nottingham

I'm a 25year old GBR international athlete who graduated from the University of Worcester with a degree in Sports Studies. Providing fitness support to the gym community. Lesson structure: Main topics chosen by you. I will support those topics with core information aligned with supporting topic areas to support knowledge. Method of instruction: 1on1 discussions.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports science graduate, currently doing masters at Loughborough, enthusiastic with sports, looking forward to changing people's lives both in and out, encouraging healthier lifestyles.

I have chosen to prepare an appropriate power point presentation, explain to the client all the material which will be covered. I will also include posts, videos, and images! I am able to deliver skype sessions to make people understand the concept of fitness, health and to explain methods of inheriting healthier lifestyles.

1st lesson offered free !

GB Triathlete, Triathlon Coach and S&C student with 10 years experience in competitive sport and 6 years coaching amateur to elite athletes

I'm a final year Sports Student at Cardiff Met, looking to support Undergrad, A level, GCSE Sports students in achieving their goals. I am dyslexic and because of this I understand that everyone learns in a different way and that the conventional and normal are not always what is best.

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Dance teacher looking to spread health and fitness awareness to all ages

My method of teaching is to allow students to understand how the body works, and how to make the most of their current abilities to improve their future learning.

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Fitness Instructor offering online coaching to help you reach your personal targets!

My teaching methodology is 'fun'. When helping someone to get fit they are not going to stick to it if they feel it is a chore. By adding elements of fun we can still get the same result while enjoying ourselves.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Pilates Instructor in Canterbury with 5 years experience.

I base all my sessions in very active and different activities. All my class can be do it out door or indoor and not need much material. I can help you in your nutrition, I'm learning Health Coach in Integral Institute Nutritional and with good diet you can complete your change.

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