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My name is Jamie 27 I've been riding mountain and Downhill bikes since I was a kid I've ridden a lot of places from my local trials in Doncaster to Antur stiniog and had plenty of crashes on the way

I can boost your confidence to tackle that jump or drop you've been losing sleep over or if you just want to learn the basics with riding or even fixing your own bike every day will be a laugh you won't realise your learning new skills

1st lesson offered free !

Endurance cyclist offering health, diet and fitness coaching online and in Cornwall

My teaching method is to see where you are currently at with your satisfaction on your health, fitness and lifestyle habits and based on the feedback see what can be improved step by step in order to maximise your potential as a human being. Each student is unique so the process will be different based on the individual.

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Cycle instructor offering learn to ride or improving road skills in the west yorkshire area

I can do one to one sessions or group sessions. We would start in a park or traffic free space then progress on to quiet roads and then to busy places. We can work at whatever pace is needed for the client.

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Down to earth mountain biking skills course around Wales’ finest hand crafted trails! Build your skills whilst experiencing the thrill!

Teach from a practical standpoint ofcourse! We’ll set you off on your bike and see what you can and can’t do! And then what you can do we’ll improve on and what you can’t do I’ll teach you!

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UKCC Level 1 cycle coach (currently midway through my UKCC Level 2), working at Falkirk Junior Bike Club for 2 years as Club Coach, willing to offer 1 on 1 quality cycle coaching for a good price in t

I believe in practical demonstrations with plenty of practical riding as this is how you will gain experience on the bike. I will also cover basic bike mechanics as well as the riding element and fitness too so that you can get a whole rounded view of Cycling.

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International Law student offering law (criminal, tort, contract and international), history, spanish and Pre-U

My teaching method is to get the student to understand the specification and what they need to know, after that; we will work methodically to understand every part of the spec. I have a different approach to Law, Spanish, History, and Pre-U and to match every student's needs.

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Kinesiologist and amateur cyclist takes practical classes for beginners of road cycling, including reading material, field trips and training guidelines

My classes tend to be rather didactic and have 2 parts, theoretical and practical, also will start at the level required by the person: 1. Basic Level: Here we consider several aspects, from the measurement and search of a bicycle, the physical evaluation start the participant, in order to know the level of training and activities. 2.

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I'm a triathlete currently studying personal trainer, I would love to share my passion and knowledge with you! Let's go ride

First of all I run some tests to see what level you are in and then we can take it from there, every sport is about consistency and practice so with a little help from me you can obtain any goal you set!

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I can teach or make u prefect in cycling because I am very passionate about this and I love riding so I will help out

My methodology is based the person way of understanding on that base I will explain him and see the topics by that also I will teach him

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Cycling coach; personal trainer here to get you to the next level

My teaching method is a bit different, I prefer to teach by having fun and setting new challenges for my students, if I that they are doing something wrong I will correct them but the main focus is on learning while having fun.

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A Cyclist teaching you a cycling lesson, maintaining cycle, maintaining health etc

Okay, So my teaching method would be both. Online and Offline. Online by communicating through whats app / E-mail. Offline by riding on a streets or an open ground. This is no restriction of age groups. People from any age group can join. No qualification is required.

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I am an Ultra Endurance Cyclist, successfully completed many events in India

A complete Controlled Training, based on the current conditions one can progress up for sure.

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Student in a Commerce College,gives efforts to make oneself good and better

My teaching method is,I want to make people learn from the grassroot level,and make them worthy citizens of India and make them feel proud through rigorous training and development and techniques that will make them feel really proud

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I’ve been comptetitive cycling for over an year and would be happy to teach you all my skills and tricks.

For sports it consists upon a small time of technical skills and a lot of time out in the field training and trying what works best.

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Fulfil your dreams by loving your passion & giving new moral values to society

Method is to make teaching lesson effective & productive by practical examples thereby making it understandable to students

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Sports curse / fitness / development at Lille with a teacher of 18 years

I am a student in political science in Lille2 and I make myself available during my free time to realize my passion and try to transmit it. This passion is sport. So I can become your coach, whatever your goals: regain fitness, lose weight, refresh your head, improve your level ... A first meeting will take place between students and me to develop a kind of small planning ..

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Here to share my learnings from 8+ years of cycling and training you to help achieve your fitness goals!

I believe in starting small and strong and then gradually coming up with a strong base over longer distances of cycling as well as triathlons.

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Student in business school gives coaching for running and cycling. I followed one year coaching training in New Zealand, and having been a member of a cycling team in New-Zealand for 2 years I really

I am a student in business school in Clermont-Ferrand, my classes are for people wishing to discover cycling, running and the sport in general. But also people who want to improve their current level and to exceed their limits (the results are guaranteed). In terms of course I also proposes training programs tailored to each, and sporting sessions (bicycle trips and / or runs).

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"In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, and in thirty sessions the body will have changed."

In each and every one of the movements we try to achieve the greatest possible precision through the control of breathing, the correct alignment of the body and, of course, the concentration. Control, concentration, fluency, precision, breathing and center of force, which is also known as the mansion of power.

1st lesson offered free !

Student at PAU ludhiana, Got a lot to share in weightlifting, acedemics and bhangra

My teaching method is to go to the roots , develop basic knowlegde , and then proceed to advanced training

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Cycling classes in Bangalore, for info contact from the AD. Free cycles

We will go from Chandra layout to Hebbal by cycle, Cutting fat and burning Down heat and Activating the actual stamina within you and end of the day fruits for everyone.

Palo Alto
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Cycling Coaching for competitive cycling and fitness cycling for young buddies who are keen in the field

My coaching is based on real life strategies which will come during cycling and more on health and nutrition topics.

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Student currently pursuing undergraduation. Cycling is my passion. I've been to various states and places for cycling

Start off with the basics and go on to teach a few techniques and tricks and if the student wishes to learn some stunts I can teach the same.

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Stay fit and serve fit by joining cycle classes never ever seen before

Its so simple. I will taught my student in very easy steps and they will definitely like my style of teaching.

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1st lesson offered free !

Mat Pilates classes all levels Balanced Body Certified instructor in Mérida, Yucatán

Instructor of Mat Pilates certified by Balanced Body 2015. The classes are aimed at young people from 12 years old to seniors and can be group so you can invite your friends, acquaintances or relatives (maximum 5 people). I have experience in pregnancy (with the prior permission of your doctor) We start from scratch or continue your progress. I am very punctual and patient.

1st lesson offered free !

A National Championship winner several times in Sports giving tutions for children

My teaching method is very simple in attracting students towards what I make them learn to get their interest. I base my teaching skills based on the student I teach to make them learn perfectly on what I teach.

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