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Great prices: 95% of tutors offer their first class for free and the average lesson cost is £17/hr

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💸 What is the price of French lessons in Coventry?

In Coventry, the average cost of French lessons is £17.


Rates will differ depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of your French teacher
  • where your lessons will take place (via Skype or the student's place)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • the goal of your classes (are you learning French for fun, or perhaps you are studying to get a French language qualification)

97% of Superprof teachers give their first French lesson for free. Check out the rates of our French tutors in your area.

📘Why should you take French classes in Coventry?

Learning French has a number of benefits. The ability to communicate in another language will open up many doors to you in terms of employment, travel, and culture. Other benefits of learning French include increased employability and improved cognitive skills.


On Superprof, we have a number of highly skilled French tutors available to offer private tuition.


A French tutor can help you with many things:

  • GCSE or A level exam prep and past papers
  • Mastering the rules of French grammar
  • Practicing speaking and pronounciation
  • Writing and conjugation
  • Giving advice to help you with your course work
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Help with homework
  • Helping you to grow confidence in your French skills.

You can decide with your teacher what you hope to achieve from your private French lessons.

All French lessons with a certified tutor offer you the occasion to master the French language more efficiently.


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💻 Can you take French classes online?

Connect with native French speakers on Superprof to master the language faster and to perfect your pronounciation.


Many of our French teachers also offer private online tuition. In fact, about 80% of the private tutors across our platform offer French classes via webcam.


To find the available online tutors, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via webcam offer you more benefits. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.


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🏅 How many tutors are available to teach private French courses in Coventry?

There are currently 80 teachers are available to give French lessons in Coventry and the surrounding areas.


You can refer to their personal tutoring cv and message the French teacher that best corresponds to your needs.


Choose your lesson from our range of more than 80 teachers.

🧑‍🎓 Where can I find a French teacher in my area?

On Superprof, you can browse our range of teacher profiles to find the best solution for your French tuition.


Simply enter your criteria in the search bar to see the list of available teachers near you.


You can check out a tutor's individual tutoring cv and pick the French teacher that suits to your needs.


Once you have found a teacher you can get in touch with them via a messaging service on our platform to discuss the details of your course.


In Coventry and the surrounding areas, 80 private French tutors are available to offer courses.


Choose your tutor from our range of more than 80 tutors.

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Learn to speak French with the help of native speakers

If you are interested in learning a new language, we highly recommend that you choose French. Not only is French a major language that is spoken by hundreds of millions of native speakers across Europe, the Americas, and Africa, but it’s also quite sexy. How’s that? The blissful words and attractive pronunciation of French have influenced media outlets to categorise it as the world’s most romantic language; sorry Italian and Spanish! Nonetheless, although you might be taken by the smooth sounds of French, if you want to become fluent in Edith Piaf’s mother tongue, a lot of dilligent effort is required. How can it be done? Through the use of online resources, helpful apps, and fantastic private tutors. Let’s guide Coventry residents through the stages of acquiring French as a second or third language.

French: A Romance Language

Though French may seem unique in many ways and unlike any other language on the planet, that’s not necessarily true. How’s that? Well, for example, as is the case with other tongues such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian, French is part of a linguistic family known as the “Romance Languages.” The Romance Languages are the modern languages that evolved from Latin from the third to the eighth century. Known to some as the Latin-based languages, the Romance Languages have changed a bit throughout the years but their origins remain from the same source. It is important to state that Italian is still the closest of the Romance Languages to Latin. Also, contrary to popular belief, the term “Romance” language does not stem from the fact that they are more viewed as more romantic than other tongues but rather because they are “from Rome.”

The Romance languages are a sub-group of the Italic languages that are part of the Indo-European language family. Of the six most prominently spoken Romance languages, Spanish has the highest number of native speakers at over 489 million, closely followed by Portuguese in second place with 250 million natives, and thirdly, French with 77 million speakers, mostly located in France and Africa. And, even though English is part of the Germanic language family, a lot of words in modern English come from one of the Latin-based languages. Now that we’ve covered the origins of French and why it is classified as a Romance language, let’s take a look at how French classes with a professional tutor may be conducted depending on the preferences of the student.

Learning French: Online or In-Person Tutor?

We salute all of those who decide to embark on the journey to learn French. Why’s that? Well, learning a new language is a brave endeavor that merits commendation since it won’t always be easy but the benefits are overwhelmingly great. Nonetheless, it is important to state that there are various pathways currently available that lead to language acquisition. For instance, some students prefer to teach themselves and learn through YouTube videos and other helpful resources. Others prefer the traditional language learning experience at a language school with a group class and a professional teacher. However, in recent years, the most popular method to acquire fluency in a foreign tongue has been through private tutoring. Private tuition to learn a new language boasts fantastic results and is much more interactive than other options out there. However, if personal tutoring is the right fit for you, there are two things you must be aware of: classes can either be conducted in-person or online. Which option is best? It’s difficult to recommend one over the other because both in-person and online language learning with a personal tutor are valid options.

Nevertheless, if you prefer feeling a close bond and connection with your French tutor that can only be felt face-to-face, we recommend in-person lessons. Also, if the thought of learning how to use a videoconferencing platform to take virtual classes scares you, face-to-face classes are perfect for you. However, it’s important to state that students often have to travel to their tutor’s house for face-to-face classes and they are less flexible than online courses. On the other hand, the beauty of virtual French lessons is that you can take them from the comfort of your own home and at a time most convenient for you; it could be 1 or 2 am if that’s the time you got to spare! Also, through online lessons, students do not have to travel and tutors can use alternative teaching methods such as screen sharing, using e-books, and showing videos. In all honesty, the choice is up to your preferences but we greatly suggest trying both in-person and virtual classes to determine which is best for you.

Using a Superprof Instructor in Coventry to Learn French

Even though Coventry isn’t as big as other UK cities such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester, citizens might be surprised at how many private French tutors there are available. For example, according to Superprof, the best tutoring website in the UK, there are currently 69 French instructors offering private lessons from £15 per hour. Many of the Coventry-based French tutors boast various qualifications and have many years of teaching experience under their belt. We recommend taking a look at their profile to see the type of classes they offer to French learners. However, one thing is certain: you will greatly enjoy your French courses with a Superprof tutor. Also, a bonus of using Superprof is that the first lesson with a private French instructor is absolutely free of charge; what’s not to like about that? Start learning French today!

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