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London and Hertfordshire Computer Programmer/Engineer and tutor specialising in Mobile, Web and Robotics

I believe the best introduction to programming and robotics is through practical applications. So that might be programming a computer game or building a robotic arm. The project should present enough challenges that encourages them to problem solve which cements the concepts to memory once they have been worked through.


Katharine - East Finchley - Computer science, programming, and all things tech

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and work commercially in the technology field. I am keen to help students prepare for and excel in their GCSEs, A Levels, and university/occupational courses covering all aspects of Computer Science. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach computer science, all levels, and I help prepare students for exams and exam projects (I won't do the projects for you).

Worcester Park
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Professional PHP developer is offering online tutoring on PHP based Web Applications for professionals and students

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

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Masters Student in Advance Software Engineering gives lessons For Computer Sciences and IT.

 Preparing objectives and lesson plans for the course and incorporating the use of technology.  Established and maintained positive relationships with students and staff fostering an environment of open communication and support  Counselled students when adjustment and academic problems arose.  Tests and revision on daily basis for better understanding.

(2 reviews)
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An IT Professional with 15+ Yrs of experience in Programming and Teaching

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. Learning from my own experiences during my studies and job, I always try to provide real world examples that are easy to understand and best suited for the concept. I love to explain the topic using whiteboards and PowerPoint slides. Expect more focus on live examples and so many coding and hands-on sessions.

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A level Computer Science Student offering programming lessons for all GCSE Students

I will base lessons on current projects the student is working on, or I can provide my own tasks/challenges if needed. I will demonstrate/teach a skill, explaining how it works and where it can applied, and then set a task that the student can attempt in their own time, and show me any progress made.

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IT Practitioner and tutor with 15+ years experience in tutoring, training and programming. Tutor in Poole, Dorset

I hold a master of science degree in IT and a software and academic professional with excellent computing and programming skills. I teach computing for students of any age and levels. Conversant with modern technologies, curriculum and techniques. My method of teaching students being, prepare, teach, test and support.

Greater London
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Experienced Software developer providing - Web Development and Java Lessons in Ilford

• Provided hands on training for IT professionals and college students on below subjects.

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Computer and Software Skills in an easy, intuitive and structured manner

I am an experienced and student oriented tutor, with confident that I can provide expert and proper tutoring and guidance for your requirement. Tutoring and training has been my passion. I used to train my office staff on IT and other technical areas. I have also tutored students in GCSE and Degree level programs. I assure you Communication in clear, flowerless English (IELTS 8.

Greater London
(3 reviews)
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Computer, Website, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database, Online Marketing, Html, Photoshop, and others

I can teach you face-to-face or on Skype.I will get to know and understand your level after which I start teaching you from the basics followed by tasks and assignments tailored to your needs and more challenging on each occasion to help you to be more confident and motivated learning and progressing (even on your own).

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An engineering and computer degree holder offering tutoring at all levels needed

i always works with the current level of understanding of my students and try as much as possible to make each session interactive for easy assimilation for the student and breaking the barriers for shy students to be able ask questions

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Tiverton Devon GCSE A level computer science programming python games raspberry pi

feel comfortable and engage mind into learning. show learning intention( reason why we are learning it) and how it fits in the big picture of KUSQ (knowledge,Understanding, skills and Qualifications) See simple clear example/s (resource/s chunked up) , understand how it works (modelling)...

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Software Engineer offering lessons in computer skills, website creation, tech in the home (i.e. wifi), and basic hardware.

The world of technology is so vast and continuously growing all the time. It would useless to define one particular area to teach people about tech. Therefore, my teaching method is rather flexible and tailored to every individual. I'm based in South West London (near Wandsworth & Wimbledon), but willing to commute and can offer remote support.

Mohammadreza (reza)
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Computer Science Graduate offering programming languages and theory lessons up to university levels

Best way to learn how to code is by actually doing it. Once you start getting involved, you then can learn the theory simultaneously. I will then set small tasks that they're all connected to each other and in order to progress you need to complete them all. At the same time I will teach the theory behind them too.

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Front-end Junior Developer with the experience of 3 years of training apprentices IT & web development. Learning more skills to spread.

I trained apprentices at the age of 18- 20 dropouts as goverment funding... I teach them with understanding the knowledge of an apprentice, as well as the mathod he/she will understand easily. I am very humble and clam tutor /trainier I like to make an healthy atomsphere around he workplace. hence with what apprentice can be comfortable but at point I am well aware to make and get work done.

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Professional IT Consultant offers basic computer skills and specialist knowledge adhoc to suit!

Computing covers a very large scope of skills and each individual pupil has a unique set of requirements. I can tailor my lessons to suit these requirements. Perhaps you would like to learn how a computer works? Maybe you need to target a specific area or learn about basic office applications? Effective web browsing, social media and email are popular topics.

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IT Tutor & Conversion Expert offering PC use and web lessons in Darlington!

Your study is guided by you and I will facilitate - you tell me what you want to learn, and I will teach it to you. My teaching style is accessible to everyone, try me! I'm a relaxed and motivated teacher, if you're committed to learning I'll show you exactly how to achieve your goals.

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Computer Scientist offering programming and basic computing lessons in London and Nottingham

At school and wherever I work, I am always the go-to guy for advice on IT-related issues because I am resourceful and approachable :) These qualities help me impart knowledge fairly easily.

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30 year in IT building computers, websites and a range of software from office to adobe.

I teach IT so you never stop learning. I have been using computers since the late 1980's and have been using the Internet from the start. Method: Answer the student's questions and give an example, if the answer not immediate I tell the student I will have it next time we meet.

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Robotics student in Plymouth giving computer and programming lessons online or in person

I am a university student and I primarily gear my content towards high school students and above, however I can modify it for younger students. I typically prepare PowerPoints to teach with while speaking to you about it, and I have assignments and assessments for you afterwards to solidify the knowledge. I go at the pace of the student and make sure they understand the content before moving on.

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Essential Computing Science Guidance - Perfect for SQA Qualifications - Scotland, UK

Classes will approach topics in chronological order, ranging from basic concepts to advanced techniques and extra exercises. I aim to make my lessons as interesting as possible to retain focus and interest. Lessons can also be customised for certain areas required by you.

Mohammed sarfaraz
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Software Web Applications Developer offering a variety of Computer Programming languages Lessons London

Excellent knowledge in the Programming Languages coupled with In depth experience and knowledge of the SQL Server Database.

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Web Developer with 15 years of experience gives JavaScript and web development lessons online or in Scotland

Starting from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics and then jQuery, API, GitHub, NodeJS, MongoDB, Angular, React, Algorithms and Data Structures working towards the Web Development Engineer interview. Using a hands-on approach and external resources tailored to each student way of learning, we will understand the concepts, practice coding, learn how to debug code and best practices.

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Create your own website using HTML.Ace through your coursework by becoming MS Office proficient

My philosophy is that everyone is good at something. If you want to pass that test, trust me, follow my instructions and I promise you will reach your goal. I have a proven track record of exam passes and nothing pleases me more than seeing my students succeed.

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Masters student offereing Computer Science, Web Design and InfoSec lessons in Dundee

I provide online courses for: 1) HTML 2) CSS 3) JS 4) MySQL 5) PHP 6) Information Security 7) Microsoft Office I have worked as a web developer for an year before persuing my masters. I am currently pursuing MSc in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security from Abertay University.

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MSc IT Management Student Offering web design and databases lessons in Cardiff.

I am Bachelor in Computer Science and recently a Student of MSc IT management. So i am able to teach school and college students from basics to advance of HTML,CSS, Javascript by using development tools like Dreamweaver and Structured Query Language(SQL) by SQL Server management Studio and MySQL.

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Third year engineering student at the University of Cambridge gives programming lessons up to AS levels.

I am using modern teaching methods to make the lessons as interactive as possible and I make sure that the students enjoy themselves and have fun while learning new skills. I am flexible and I tailor my teaching style to each individual student.

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Automation Help - Learn to write & solve problems with Test Automation Frameworks using Selenium C# and API Testing

I am currently a working Automation Engineer with over 6 years of automation experience. I provide tutoring to those that are willing to learn and invest in their future in order to reap huge rewards in the IT industry. My teaching style is first to understand the level of the student and prepare a plan in which the student can learn at a pace that best suits them.

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BSc level computing tutoring including web and graphic design in London and Hertfordshire

I am very flexible as to the needs and teaching style of each and every student. I am able to provide a large array of computing tutoring from Microsoft word up to programming as well as Adobe Products.

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Senior Software Engineer with Master of Science degree offering programming languages and computer lessons in London

I can teach algorithms, Java, C, C++ programming languages, SQL, Linux, Shell Scripting via Skype. If you wish we can code some examples online and If you wish I can solve defects of your programming projects. Moreover, I may help your programming homeworks/tasks/projects in all kind of programming languages.

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Perfect! Thank you, Filipo! I believe it was down to the impeccable patience of the tutor

Maggi, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Dhara, Helped me understand Theory of Computation. Dhara explains the process with plenty of examples and extra when needed, for a difficult subject. Dhara is a great tutor and very knowledgeable on this and relating subjects.

Kirsty, student
5 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Lee was able to help me put my website together in a very short space of time, I strongly recommend his tutoring, his knowledge and understanding can help people of all levels.

Yuri, student
6 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! He was a helpful tutor, I recommend anyone who wants to learn something regarding to computing (programming) to contact with him. Really it was a useful lesson.

Abdullah, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Mona is a very warm person who is easy to talk to. She is thorough and effective in her method of teaching ensuring that I understand every point before she moves on. I am really pleased to have found a tutor who is highly qualified with has a...

Dawn, student
8 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Kirti has been very helpful in teaching me programming. With her steady paced and informative lessons I now understand the fundamentals of html, css and Javascript. Kirti made sure I understood the basics before moving onto deeper knowledge in every...

Desmond, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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