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Leadership and Management delivered by lecturer with over 20 years industry experience.

Teaching is from all basic levels to masters levels, covering all aspects of leadership and management along with associated business studies. Methodologies include powerpoint, one-to-one, student discussion, consideration and debate of specific matters. As a tutor, I have a calm relaxed approach encouraging students to develop at their own pace.

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Final year Economics Student at Aston business school enthusiastic about teaching and knowledge sharing

My teaching method is based on delivering the material and make sure the student engage ask question and do activities is very open I make sure that everyone is engaging I like to make student to participate by giving their opinion, views and think outside the box.

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Postgrad offering lessons in Business studies, Hospitality, Marketing and CV writing, proof reading for up to level 6. Coaching and stress management counselling available

I use storytelling as a powerful method to impart knowledge, values, life skills and create team work tactic to get the student engaged.

Greater London
Abdul matheen
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A management education tutor, with 20 years of teaching experience, gives tuition in management subjects including Education, Business, Marketing and Finance to undergraduate and postgraduate students

In my teaching, I focus on individual student's needs. I prepare lessons to answer the student's questions. I use the latest technology and social media to deliver my lessons. I have a friendly and caring tutor whose aim is to support students' understanding of the concepts and theories.

Greater London
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Undergraduate business strategy and marketing tutor. I can support you with assignment and examination prep

I work with mainly undergraduate students I can support you in modules including Managerial finance, Strategy, and marketing. I can assist you with assignment, dissertation and examination prep. I can support you with structuring your assignment making sure you are applying theoretical knowledge and assisting with layout and Harvard referencing.

Shah raayed
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Msc marketing management student. Can provide assistance in various business related subjects

I teach according to the needs and wants of individuals as I believe each student is different from the other.

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Offering sessions in "Management Studies, Marketing, Business Studies, Psychotherapy and Counselling"

My teaching methodology is based on experiential learning, case-studies, relevant videos. I empower students to become proficient and independent in their own studies. I also share relevant, practical and professional examples. I make sure that in sessions students take maximum learning.

Miami Beach
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Qualified Master's Student Offering Business Studies Lessons Online - Adult And Young Learners

I am educated and well versed in Business Management, Customer Service and Aviation Operations. You will be able to review my actual class lecture notes upon request. High School and Mature Learners are welcomed! Webcam sessions will be interactive and worthwhile.

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Management Post-Graduate offering Human Resource Management and Marketing lessons in Huddersfield /Leeds

I mainly focus on empirical methodology which is an easy way to understand depending upon the different mindset of each individual. I prepare lessons keeping in mind the students with what they can relate to. I use modern technology to communicate with each individual.

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A London School of Economics graduate offering Lessons in Business and Management

My teaching methodology is very flexible and adapts to students needs. I work with students academic curriculum to make sure what they need to know is exactly what is been delivered. This may vary with different students. Once a student is interested in my services, I then use their curriculum to make a personalized lesson plan and study plan.

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In-depth teaching and consultancy in Business Studies, Accounting , Methodology and Marketing

I have my unique teaching methods but quite flexible. Depends on the student’s needs, learning and needs I alter my method of consultancy. Majority of my students received distinctions from their works and graduated with the highest grade.

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Masters degree holder with extensive experience in teaching Business Studies at every level

I am very easy going, patient, and I can understand the different needs of every individual and find ways to accommodate them. I like an interactive approach. I like to make sure not to move onto next stages without making sure everything is well understood and learnt.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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University Business Management student looking to teach Business studies and French up to A levels

I tailor my lessons on the subject matter that you find the most challenging and try to find past papers and other examples to further explain the topic and how to answer the related questions in the actual exam to achieve the best grade.

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Business Studies Lecturer offering lessons on a variety of topics up to university level in Leicester

In relation to my teaching approach, I have the ability to adapt to every student based on their requirements and needs. I strongly believe it is essential to get to know each student. This enables me as a tutor to form a strong relation with my student.

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Commerce student give lessons on Accounts, Economics, Business Management and Psychology and E-Commerce

My teaching method is really very simple. I used to approach every lesson with effective and easily understandable examples and explain in brief so it will become easy for student to understand. I explain each and every line and sentence with the best substitute word for the better understand ability.

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Business management and accounting graduate tutoring students who need extra lessons in maths, economics and business management.

I teach the class, go through examples and then we work on exercises. Sometimes I even find a relevant video to illustrate the topic. We have a discussion about the topic, during that time we try and answer questions which are related to the topic.

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Marketing student offering marketing and business related lessons based on five years courses and 3 years working experience

I'd like to use a wide variety of teaching methods to make learning fun and keep student engaged in the learning process. My class would include theory and practice which come from text books as well as my own experience. Will always keep creative which develop goals, write lesson plans, gather supplies and implement plans in a fun and positive environment.

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Business student at De Montfort University offering business studies lessons upto Advanced level nearby Rotherham S60. Can also help with economics and accounting simultaneously.

My teaching style is explaining a specific topic in detail and providing handwritten notes to the children for their further learnings and rivisions.

1st lesson offered free !

Business and Marketing Management student offering tutoring in business studies in Edinburgh or Stirling.

I am able to give lessons to National 5, Higher/Advanced Higher business students. I have a warm and friendly approach to teaching to ensure that the student gets the best possible assistance and receives the best experience in business studies.

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Specialising in business studies. Support on analysis, reports & essays writing, excel etc...

To help you achieve your goals I will discuss areas of studies which you need improving on and then sit with you and step by step guide you increase your knowledge. I can also support on essays and reports writing.

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I hold a Masters degree in International Development Management and Bachelors degree in Business and Management. I am currently offering business and development knowledge at a graduate level. I have

My teaching method depends on the style of the student. I like to have a very interactive lesson, and very easy going approach. I also use my professional experience to add to my academic knowledge, as this will contribute a lot to the outcome of the lesson.

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HR Executive with 3 years experience gives lessons for career growth in London

My teaching methodology depends upon my students they way they want to understand the lessons.

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Management student offering business studies, management and human resources lessons in London

I'm a 1st-year management student and will be teaching high school students. I approach each topic based on its difficulty level. The harder the topic, the more in-depth the understanding must be, and that's what I try to provide. I go through lessons by first seeing what doubts the student has, and then going through them step by step to achieve maximum understanding.

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Business Studies Teacher seeking to tutor students who want to achieve outstanding outcomes.

My teaching method is based on a variety of modern and traditional strategies that puts the focus on student responsibility. Students are well engaged in their learning after they have been given the ground work and skills in order for them confidence to become independent lifelong learners.

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Business management and marking with sustainability and politics student at Exeter University. I also took economics, history and sports science A-levels and would be more than happy to tutor in those

repetition is the basis for all exams no matter who you are. As a dyslexic, I understand that it takes some people longer to grasp information than others and that everyone learns in different ways be it visual, audio or teaching others.

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Management with Human Resource management Tutor, Vocational and classroom teaching in London and Southampton. experiencing of assessing candidates in a working place, colleges and supporting online st

I base my teaching method on approach, the stronger the start, the better the finish. I always spend a great deal of time listening to the students and documenting their thoughts. Using of quick questions, as to determine learners ability and strength. Apply diagnostic assessment in the first meeting to identify the current skills of learners.

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Business Management Graduate - A* Grade at A Level Business Studies, High 2:1 University Grade

My teaching method would be partly to explain subjects in real life scenarios and to ask you questions to ensure your engaging and thinking about the subject. I think asking your students questions is vital in helping them think in a certain way - This is a 'you can give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, you teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time' methodology, in my opinion.

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Newcastle upon Tyne
1st lesson offered free !

Business management student in newcastle university with previous real life working experience offering tutoring

My teaching method will be actively trying to relate and apply theories from the text book to real life applications as this will be easier for the students to absorb and apply it in the future. Will be offering lessons to anyone below degree level.

1st lesson offered free !

BA Business Management Graduate offering help in coursework and exams with the experience of 2 years.

My teaching method is online and go to people home also if there is any question I will answer and also I offer to help with coursework such as proofreading,helping with reports,essay also with exam preparation.

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Perfect! i think he is one of the best you could find . he managed to explain an entire semester of lectures in a few hours , he knew what he was explaining and he did it in avery simple way. i had an exam a few days after tuiton, it went really well. he...

Denise, student
3 days ago

Perfect! Winnie is not familiar with the new Edexcel syllabus (AS Business Studies) therefore we would not pursue with the tuition.

Rekha, student
3 weeks ago

Perfect! Mark was an excellent tutor, his knowledge of the subjects associated with my Level 7 in Strategic Management was first rate. Marks easy going nature coupled with honest appraisal of my work has helped me tailor my studies in order to achieve my...

Michael, student
3 months ago

Perfect! Muhammad really helps you understand you work in detail, he also explains really well as well as provides excellent support and guidance on tasks to tackle so that you meet your deadlines and achieve the grades you want!!

Raqda, student
6 months ago

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