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West Bridgford
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An experienced and enthusiastic teacher of Business Studies who has twenty years experience in education with outstanding success in adding value to students.

I plan my lessons to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding. Once these gaps have been filled I move onto to building the students confidence in exam skills. My passion is to help develop confidence in young people both academically and their emotional wellbeing.

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Masters degree holder with extensive experience in teaching Business Studies at every level

I am very easy going, patient, and I can understand the different needs of every individual and find ways to accommodate them. I like an interactive approach. I like to make sure not to move onto next stages without making sure everything is well understood and learnt.

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Business Graduate Student with Strong Background in Finance and Accounting and Business Management willing to tutor University Level Student.

My methods include lots of example, showing relation and comparison between different topics. This is 2 way methods as I first take the students input like what they understand about the topic then adding the missing bits in their knowledge. Explaining the topics in depth and relating them with different and also real life examples.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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University Business Management student looking to teach Business studies and French up to A levels

I tailor my lessons on the subject matter that you find the most challenging and try to find past papers and other examples to further explain the topic and how to answer the related questions in the actual exam to achieve the best grade.

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Marketing student offering marketing and business related lessons based on five years courses and 3 years working experience

I'd like to use a wide variety of teaching methods to make learning fun and keep student engaged in the learning process. My class would include theory and practice which come from text books as well as my own experience. Will always keep creative which develop goals, write lesson plans, gather supplies and implement plans in a fun and positive environment.

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Public administration master student offering tutoring in a wide range of subjects: Policy Making, Leadership, Public Reform, NGO Management, Administration, Poverty Reduction, European Union and more

My teaching methods are interactive. I believe everything must first be understood, then applied on real life scenarios. I use visual and auditive toold for my tutoring because every person has a different style of learning.

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Business student at De Montfort University offering business studies lessons upto Advanced level nearby Rotherham S60. Can also help with economics and accounting simultaneously.

My teaching style is explaining a specific topic in detail and providing handwritten notes to the children for their further learnings and rivisions.

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Specialising in business studies. Support on analysis, reports & essays writing, excel etc...

To help you achieve your goals I will discuss areas of studies which you need improving on and then sit with you and step by step guide you increase your knowledge. I can also support on essays and reports writing.

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I hold a Masters degree in International Development Management and Bachelors degree in Business and Management. I am currently offering business and development knowledge at a graduate level. I have

My teaching method depends on the style of the student. I like to have a very interactive lesson, and very easy going approach. I also use my professional experience to add to my academic knowledge, as this will contribute a lot to the outcome of the lesson.

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HR Executive with 3 years experience gives lessons for career growth in London

My teaching methodology depends upon my students they way they want to understand the lessons.

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Management with Human Resource management Tutor, Vocational and classroom teaching in London and Southampton. experiencing of assessing candidates in a working place, colleges and supporting online st

I base my teaching method on approach, the stronger the start, the better the finish. I always spend a great deal of time listening to the students and documenting their thoughts. Using of quick questions, as to determine learners ability and strength. Apply diagnostic assessment in the first meeting to identify the current skills of learners.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Ex Business student and now Finance Industry employee offering lessons in all things Business Studies in Brighton area!

I have a passion for Business and Finance and my goal is to pass that enjoyment and knowledge on to you. I do this through interactive, engaging lessons where you the student are actively thinking.

1st lesson offered free !

M.B.A Professor offering Lessons via online on Finance,HR or General (Teaching Style :Good Morning,Sup Dudes? SILENCE)

One might consider my teaching method somewhat orthodox. I tend to use fewer jargons (Touche) I believe if you can't explain the concept to a child you don't know the stuff very well yourself. I can teach in the any one of the following methods, 1) Understand the concept clearly in depth. 2) Understand the concept just enough to pass the subject (due to time constraint or whatever).

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Business expert offering business tutor services, holds a masters in international management and business degree.

I base my tutoring on the areas which students enjoy the most. Using relevant up to date examples of business acumen.

Heald Green
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UK based Postgrad logistics student offering business and supply chain strategy insight online.

Experienced professional with academic supporting qualifications up to level 7. Any questions answered with industry and academic insight drawing from industry experience and previous education with insight into study methods used during my own studies. Research methods and writing tips.

1st lesson offered free !

Post Graduate offering assistance in business studies of any level or any other subject until A-levels

One of my preferred teaching methods is to introduce the topic to the students and check their current understanding about it to establish what's already been learned, and then start based on the findings. Make them go through the whole material once, and then break it down and explain, while checking the understanding as we move forward.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Corporate Executive with Business degree. Experienced A- level and undergraduate tutor for Business degrees and GCSE to A Level English, Philosophy and Latin up to GCSE.

My teaching method is entirely dependent on the student and what their objective is. For those coming up to exams, my tutoring will include understanding theory that underpins the topic, how to apply examples and how to your structure answers.

1st lesson offered free !

Accounting, Management, Business, Marketing, Spreadsheet, Sage 50, 13 year industry experience and 6 year teaching experience

The majority of my students have achieved excellent grades through my exam focussed approach. I always identify learning style of my learner and include relevant activities in my lessons to meet the needs of my learners.My strategic approach includes face-to- face lecturing combined with communicating with students via email, webex, join me, wiki spaces, phone and multi-media resources.

Worcester Park
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1st lesson offered free !

CIMA professional willing to teach operational, management and strategic level to professionals

I am passionate about teaching and helping professionals/students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in linguistics with management and arts-related experience as well. I have had over 3 years experience in tutoring and have taught many arts and management courses. My teaching method involves an introductory session to understand what the student really wants.

1st lesson offered free !

Business and Management Graduate offering Business Tuition up to University Level !

My teaching methodology is 100% based on repetition and focused learning. I ensure that all content has been summarised in a way which it can be easily understood.

1st lesson offered free !

Current Law student. Past IB Diploma student with Business Management HL. Offering Business Management support and tutoring.

My teaching method: - teaching key definitions - establishing the needed format for tests and essays in Business management - providing relevant and previous resources my peers and I found helpful in high school - offer to proofread essays if needed I am an enthusiastic tutor that is willing to set time aside to help students with struggles in the Business Management course.

1st lesson offered free !

Business and Management Student offering Business Studies Lessons in Swindon and Bristol

My lessons will be eligible for both secondary school GCSE's and for AS/A Level Students! Whether you're struggling and need some support and additional learning or someone who knows the syllabus but is just lacking confidence.

1st lesson offered free !

Computing & Business Studies graduate offering tutoring in her field of study.

I am based on people interests and preferences. I am also based on trasforming people's weaknesses and gaps into knowledge.

(2 reviews)
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Interactive Business studies lessons at GCSE and A-Level with real life examples

My lessons are interactive and students really take part in them, not just listen. I tent to give a considerable amount of homework and always discuss the results, so pupils get a lot of independent practice as well. Business studies involves many real life and imagimary examples so students learn how to apply theory to practice.

Marseille 6e
(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Professional coaching, preparation for jobs interviews, resume writing and cover letters, english

I lecture to students of primary and secondary school since the beginning of my university studies. The course should be a time of learning in which the student has time to understand the topic that interests or on which he will work. Develop his fluency in written and oral expression (in French and English), to be autonomous and self-confidence.

Lyon 2e
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

HR Manager at CAC 40 Companies gives courses in Human Resources: CV, cover lettre, coaching...

I can help you to write your resume but also your cover letter in order to get an interview. My first course is to understand your profile and also your goals to write your cover letter and also your cover letter. I'm dynamic. It takes 24 hours to send you your cover letter and resume. NB: I can also coach you in order to prepare an english interview.

Dr yogesh
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

HRM, OD, TnD , Psychology , Industrial Psychology, Counselling Psycholoogy, Train the Trainer , become certified Happiness Coach.

Focus on Conceptual clarity , applications, interaction based learning. Case study , tasks , simulation exercise etc is used in learning process. Techniques used include discussion , facilitation , use of flow charts and mind mapping techniques. Help to organize study notes and how to study ..

(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Find your best ever Answers related with Human Resources management and related subjects. Thank you

My teaching method is to develop interest in each and every student related with subject. I will start from the basics of the HRM because it's necessary to learn about the basic of any subject therefore i personally follow this method BASIC TO COMPLEX. Also i will provide notes and later on videos on you tube.

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