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Would you like to learn or/and improve vegetarian Italian recipes in an easy and funny way? Welcome to the best lesson of your life !

The base of my methodology is my positive attitude . It means I love freedom and I learnt from my dog is important to highlight the things students are doing well. Also I pay attention to give useful tips and to be sure they will be able to make the recipe by themselves when they will be alone and they want to cook for some friends.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian Chef cook offer private lesson, only in London. Available also as private Cook.

The first thing that anyone what to become a cook has to know is the very basilar Health & safety notions. How to become a food handler is the most important step that anyone need to do before enter in a kitchen.

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Learn to cook the easy way healthy tasty meals in fife Scotland

Well I'm very bubbly and have been cooking for 40 years a long time .

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Chef of 15 yrs offers home cooking lessons. Most tastes and allergies covered.

The first lesson will cover kitchen basics, like food hygiene and knife skills. We will also discuss what you would like to learn, and set up a training program to suit. No experience necessary! All levels can be looked after.

1st lesson offered free !

Girl who loves cooking and baking at home with 6 years experiences in Swansea

All levels of welcome to join my online Skype/ FaceTime classes. Apologised that I may not able to travel a long distance to give out tutorial lesson, unless you are based in Swansea. But I am happy for students to come to Swansea to have a face-to-face lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate and knowledgable cook offering affordable and fun cookery Glasgow West. I hold professional cookery qualifications and have suitable facilities.

I'm a Glasgow born male in his 30s, who can offer good knowledge of ingredients, food processes and cookery techniques. I can teach the basics to beginners and more refined dishes to the more advanced or ambitious.

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Bespoke cooking lessons to get you started or build up your confidence

Self-taught, I have been cooking for 25 years for myself and family, looking to help people of all ages improve their cooking or just make a start. Ideal for students preparing for University, anyone who hasn’t cooked before, someone whose circumstances have changed. I will travel to your kitchen so you can learn to cook in your own surroundings.

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Catering tutor - ex-chef with 15 years experience teaching cookery at all levels in/near Dartford

I have worked in various restaurants and corporate catering settings, both in England and Australia, since I was 15 years old. My forte is classical European, though I also have a background in American and Mexican cuisine. I am passionate about food and teaching about ingredients, techniques and flavour combinations.

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Passionate about Food, many years experience in European and Latin American food

I have many years experience the the restaurant industry both as a chef and in management. I am passionate about food and quality ingredients. I particularly enjoy cooking European food and Latin American Food. I can teach basic cooking skills, give you advice on essential equipment for your kitchen, kitchen and food safety.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm a patient individual with the want to help people better them selves in the kitchen. Things like stock rotation, so it will not develop freezer burn how best to set up you're fridge with you're sh

my teaching ethic is to be patient, have fun with what knowledge you have to pass on and not just that everyone is a learning machine so You very well may teach me a thing or two. My lesson structure would be what would you like to lean weather it being cutting skills to spices and herb development.

1st lesson offered free !
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1st lesson offered free !
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1st lesson offered free !

Looking to teach others the art of cooking and to meet new people

A lot of documentation and practice,i love to cook and to teach others what i know,making new friends also

1st lesson offered free !

Italian experienced chef would love to share the knowledge to improve your health, having scrumptious meals and without giving up the flavour. Mediterranean cuisine is recognized as the healthiest

I base my classes on the explanation of the matter, sharing my knowledge to make you food aware. I am open to questions and my answers are mostly very detailed. I will teach you how to prepare your meals in a lighter way, no fuss, only a few hacks to make it easy and healthier than usual.

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Easy mediterranean healthy cooking for a healthy lifestyle - breakfast, lunch, dinners and parties!

I base my classes on mediterranean cooking, I like an easy to follow plan and show you how to cook step by step and you can also request dishes which I am happy to try to cover! I teach beginners, and those that want to know how to eat healthy.

1st lesson offered free !

Excellent tips to cooking delicious salads at home, detoxifying drinks, yummy Sandwiches etc etc

I would like my students to gain much knowledge on my topics higher than I have. I believe in doing things practically than just listening to classes, so would appreciate students who are ready to do the practicals with me.

Sajesh kumar
1st lesson offered free !

French cuisine ,Italian cuisine ,Indian cuisine ,Basics of cooking, I am from livingston

I do not have any teaching experience.This is my first try.I have over 20 years of experience in hotel management and catering.Would like to share my experience and knowledge with the students.I have got a wealth of experience in various hospitality establishments.

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Baking and cooking tutor £25 to £35 per hour in Manchester area

I am a person who is passionate about what i do. i want to provide people to go further in life by teaching them how to cook and bake and i will will do this by showing them a whole lot of skills from chopping to mixing.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian native teaches basic recipes for a delicious and easy to cook meal

Hello, I am an Italian IB student living in oxford. My family is Italian and I have lived 16 years in Italy. I will give lessons over Skype to any high school or university student that needs help on vocal and even written Italian. I am more qualified to teach beginners and medium level students, however I am happy to help any one that reaches out to me.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineers bake cook and love better than anyone, by an engineer that may you love

They say that an engineer can do everything. But what about cooking or baking or.... loving? One of the main characteristics of engineers is that can be adapt easy using with the best and most creative way what they see. This sessions of cooking are made from a civil engineer.

1st lesson offered free !

Native German&Italian speaker living in Germany gives lessons via skype, whatsapp phone,

I teach the grammar of a language and the ability to learn to speak fluently a language by listening while speaking and of course by having a conversation. I do not teach on a book. First it is important to know you and your interest in order tomset up a funny and motivating course with you.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian student, passionate about Italian cuisine, offers cooking classes to pass down this unique, rich, beloved cultural heritage

I learned how to cook by looking at my grandma at work and gradually stepping in, first just dusting the table with flour or chopping tomatoes and always keeping an eye on what she was doing, then, bit by bit, my tasks became more important. It is incredible how simple dishes such as fresh pasta, biscuits or ravioli, can turn out to be stunning when they are made with love and passion.

1st lesson offered free !

Want to learn but without the hassle of school? Learn with me and I will teach you all you need to know about easy cooking and the art of getting it right

I base my classes on healthy food as I try to contain at least one of your five a day. I create meals which would be suitable for a range of ages which expands my knowledge. I have read from books, watched chefs, watched chef shows such as the Great British Bake Off and youtube tutorials which have aspired me to do this.

1st lesson offered free !

I am an enthusiastic tutor, keen to develop your skills and interests!

I am passionate about helping others to become more confident, comfortable and adventurous in the kitchen. Allow me to pass on my knowledge and insights gained from my years of culinary experience to you in a relaxed and fun learning environment.

West Bromwich
1st lesson offered free !

Do you want to learn to cook, simple, easy and healthy meals for students

I am a 22 year old female from a asian background. I have learnt to cook from the age of 12, asian simple yet healthy dishes. From meat to vegetarian dishes all learnt from my mother.

1st lesson offered free !

"If you can read, you can cook!" Let's have fun in the kitchen.

Cooking at home should be a joy and not a chore. My classes are relaxed, fun and there to be enjoyed with the goal of teaching you to cook with confidence and spoil your friends and family around the table.

Great Sankey
1st lesson offered free !

Mediterranean delights with humour ,fun and ambience, learn with lindy .

I teach ,Mediterranean cooking with a touch of the Asian flavours ,having lived in Greece for 13 years and travelled and taught along my way I have come to realise the way to learn is to have fun .i have also taught how to play the bagpipes to many students as I have piped many years on the orient express to being in shows with many stars .my lessons will delight you .

1st lesson offered free !

Professional chef can teach you to cook or expand your cooking knowledge

My teaching method is if you are happy in the kitchen it shows in every plate of food you make

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1st lesson offered free !


Welcome to the paradise of tastes and flavors of the Italian traditional cuisine! - Appetizers - Pastas and risottos - Meats and fishes - Desserts Skillfully prepared with traditional methods to break your daily and weekend routines with little or no effort.

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1st lesson offered free !

Experienced chef in West Yorkshire offering home cooking classes for every need

I teach all my classes on an individual basis. Lessons include everything from health and safety to tricks of the trade. Group lessons for friends can be arranged and are always fun, especially when we pop the Prosecco. For the more serious student, all facets are covered.

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Perfect! Abhishek is a very knowledgeable and able cook with a strong understanding of food from around the world.

Nana, student
9 months ago
(6 reviews)

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