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Guitar virtuoso with 15 years of experience gives guitar lessons at home in Newcastle

Since I am currently studying PostGCE for Young People and Adult Specialists at Newcastle College, I am learning more effective teaching methods and improving my teaching. I always make my lessons clear and instructive with an achievable goal for the lesson. Using individual lesson plans which are designed with the student each student has a tailored plan for what they want to achieve.

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Guitarist with 6 years experience offering guitar lessons for beginners in Hatfield

I'm self taught so my teaching is probably a bit different to other tutors but I believe that this makes me a better teacher as I have methods that make it easier for beginners. When I started out it was really difficult for me to play so I developed my own methods to make it easier.

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MOBILE GUITAR GURU AND TEACHER giving tuition with 10 years teaching experience

I have been playing music for 20 years and enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience to people of all levels looking to learn and play guitar.My method for each student is dependant on what they want to learn and are interested in.

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Electric guitar lessons, Rock, Metal, Blues, 18 years of stage and studio experience. Become a guitar hero\m/

I approach individually to every student, depending on his music taste and goal that he wants to achieve. I teach the foundation of guitar playing like chords and scales and then I teach how to develop them in an intuitive way. I'll teach all kinds of techniques like picking, sweep picking, tapping, arppegio, bending of guitar playing targeted for a Lead Guitarist.

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Professional Guitar Tutor - local and online sessions available, all styles welcome!

Before studying a Bachelors Degree in Professional Musicianship, I made my living as gigging and session guitar player which included: festivals, weddings, studio work and songwriting. My lessons are primarily based on what the student wants to learn, and to provide the skills and guidance to help them achieve whatever it is they want to do with the guitar.

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Experienced Guitar & Vocalist offering lessons from home in Dundee also willing to travel

I offer a friendly and approachable one on one tuition to focus more on the student allowing you to feel at ease using demonstration methods mixed with discussion methods to help the student navigate their way through learning to help build the students confidence and techniques.

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Professional Guitar Teacher located in Southampton. All ages, abilities and styles welcome!

The style of my lessons really depends on each student, I want to make sure that the student is getting everything they can out of the session! I take some time to find out a bit about each student...what type of guitarist they want to be, what styles they want to learn, their influences, what they want to achieve from the lessons and where they want to be in the future.

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Experienced teacher gives electric and acoustic guitar lessons in Seaford and surroundings

It's vital to me to adapt to every different pupil's needs and tastes, as every student is unique and deserves a personalized method. I always start by finding out how much the pupil knows, their preferences, their goals and the amount of time they will spend practising, and prepare the lessons taking that information into account.

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27 year old musician with over 10 years of teaching experience offering lessons to all ages with reasonable price.

I'd rather teach privately 1-on-1 but can consider groups is students are motivated to learn. I am patient and calm in my teaching and offer insights into playing. I know how to help remember things I have taught and know the best techniques to learn fast. I teach with books and words and by example. I approach teaching from the standpoint of students wishes.

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Experienced musician from Essex will help you master the guitar fast. Grade 8 guitar, Grade 6 theory.

My lessons are client-based so, whatever you want to learn, I teach! I'm known for creating great improvement in a short space of time by creating excitement around the instrument as well as making use of book and technology resources.

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Want to learn guitar? Need more motivation? You are in the right place.

I approach teaching differently to most. I try and keep it simple but the most informative for my students. Everyone is different so I try and cater to the individuals needs rather than what's expected of you. Music theory is not essential as we shall learn along the way to read and understand music in s way that sticks with you.

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Quality Guitar lessons from Beginner to Advanced in Glenrothes, over 30 years experience

I base my teaching on what songs and which guitarist the student is influenced by, this gives a target that can be worked with the student to achieve. Each lesson is structured as a review of previous material, then rhythm work, lead work, ear training, song learning and performance.

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Hi! I'm a guitar player in the Bathurst region wanting to teach in person or online

I am a self taught guitar player that learnt by picking and playing my favourite songs on acoustic and electric guitar. I picked up fundamental skills, learnt to read tab and play with correct technique through a mentor of mine which was very important for my development.

Bondi Junction
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Professional guitar teacher gives lessons at home! All ages, low price, excellent level

My teaching methodology varies according to age, experience level and overall personality of the student. When teaching children, lessons should focus on what music is (rythm and harmony) and on what music they enjoy and why. When teaching initial level students, I'll focus on learning the specifics of guitar and developing a refined understanding of music.

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Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique

The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists, guitarists, etc. whose music you would like to play. Once I know this, it becomes much easier to figure out what skills & knowledge you will need to learn in order to play that music.

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Southern California woking singer / guitarist with 25 years experience in performance and tutoring the music craft.

Music needs to be fun at its very core. It is important to get started correctly, but ultimately it's all about the songs and entertaining people. I share my background as a gigging musician to students to the performance level.

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I have graduated from PARS school of music with a Diploma in electric guitar and classical music theory and harmony.I also graduated from TAR Music Institute earning a Diploma in jazz composition and

i believe any student must learn the basics before getting to play songs , therefore i always start with the fundamentals . correct fingerings , correct picking gesture and style , reading tabs , learning chords etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Rock/Metal guitarist with over ten years of experience, teaching in the UCF area.

My teaching method is first and foremost based on what the student wants to learn. Anything from basic techniques to music theory and sweep picking. Nothing is off limits. My main demographic focus will be to help beginning and intermediate guitar players hone their instrument. I want students to enjoy themselves in a fun and stress free learning environment.

1st lesson offered free !

Beginner Guitar lessons for the musically illiterate in Guelph Ontario (12 years of playing experience)

Usually, I will gauge the student's skills first. From there if the student is a complete beginner we would start to with the fundamentals (finger placement, stretching and dexterity exercises), in the same lesson we would also go over some Chord shapes and/ scales.

Fort Saint James
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Music graduate improves your guitar playing online and in Fort St. James

I tailor lessons to individual student needs and goals. Some students want to learn songs, some need yo learn theory, some want to learn to improvise; I guide people to reach their musical goals with directed instruction and useful course material.

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Film composer and guitar instructor with ten years of music teaching experience

My typical class is based on a student-centric approach. I look at the individual needs of the student and based on my years of experience, evaluate what is the best route for improvement and interest for the student and give you a tailored experience and game plan.

Ocean Grove
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My business, Bellarine Music tuition offers guitar, bass, drums, piano and saxophone lessons in Ocean Grove

My teaching method is hands on. I like to get my beginner students to learn basic chords/beats and to some easy songs first and then introduce them to theory and music notation slowly to keep them interested and having fun. I find my method works well and 90% of my students progress rapidly.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitar Teacher/Performer --> All Styles, to all ages. More than 20 year of experience.

I base my method first on the intellectual and auditory perception of the elements of music, and then i showing the many ways of making music with the guitar, interacting with all these elements.

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In studio guitar or bass lessons from an experienced Winnipeg preforming musician with teaching background

The focus of my class is improvisational theory, with little note reading necessary other than assignments the material is based on strengthening ones ability to listen constructively to identify the key of song being worked with and having an arsenal available to approach what ever comes your way.

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