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Guitar virtuoso with 15 years of experience gives guitar lessons at home in Newcastle

Since I am currently studying PostGCE for Young People and Adult Specialists at Newcastle College, I am learning more effective teaching methods and improving my teaching. I always make my lessons clear and instructive with an achievable goal for the lesson. Using individual lesson plans which are designed with the student each student has a tailored plan for what they want to achieve.

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Experienced, versatile guitarist available, I can travel to your home, also provide instruments (if you are starting out), let me teach you how to play the music you want to hear!!..very competitive h

I attempt to get the student playing basic chords as quickly as possible, and then move on to their favourite songs. I then break down the songs into simple structures-so they are playing their tunes as soon as possible. This gives them confidence, and also wishing to learn more.

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Playing music is something from the soul. Find your Genre. Find your Pasion!

I know starting can be tough but all you need to do is find the technique that's will work for you to learn and improve.

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Experienced Grade 8 guitarist gives guitar lessons in St Helens and Skelmersdale

Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable with the aim of helping the student achieve their personal desired level of ability. All styles and genres are taught in a progressive manner to help the student become a well rounded guitarist. All ages and abillities are welcome. Very competitive rates. Fun, progressive learning. Understanding music theory. Song writing tips.

Herne Bay
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Guitar lessons taught from a guitarist of 15 years, 5 of those years being in a gigging/touring/recording professional band.

I teach my lessons without getting too bogged down in theory, and focus more on actual playing. I will teach a basic level of theory so that students understand what they are playing, but lessons will focus more the practical side of playing as well as developing whatever the student wishes. Progression comes through learning increasingly difficult songs to expand technique and feeling in playing.

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Guitar Tutor. All levels. Pop, rock and blues. 30 years of experience. Degree level teacher.

Tim Daley guitar school caters for all individuals from children to adults. I teach guitar based on what you want to learn through a progressive and structured system in a modern studio. The guitar school is different to others in that I am a fully qualified, degree level teacher. Most 'guitar tutors' are simply guitarists who have decided to teach.

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Electric guitar lessons, Rock, Metal, Blues, 18 years of stage and studio experience. Become a guitar hero\m/

I approach individually to every student, depending on his music taste and goal that he wants to achieve. I teach the foundation of guitar playing like chords and scales and then I teach how to develop them in an intuitive way. I'll teach all kinds of techniques like picking, sweep picking, tapping, arppegio, bending of guitar playing targeted for a Lead Guitarist.

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Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar! now you can with my help

I teach students who want to play in bands, or just want to learn an instrument, tailoring each lesson to the needs of the individual student and their individual learning abilities. I am committed to help students achieve their individual goals and learn the guitar in a fun way.

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Whether you’re just starting out or wish to develop your existing level of ability I cover many styles of both acoustic or electric guitar.

“An exceptionally creative lecturer with an excellent depth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm and ambition for his students and colleagues.” Susan Kenyon, OFSTED. Managed, innovated and developed specified programmes of study. Provided learning support and guidance to students. OFSTED awarded outstanding grade 1.

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Berklee College of Music Graduate, Boston University Music Education Doctorate student giving online guitar lessons

I am deeply committed to education and course development. As a teacher and performer, critical listening and research have provided the analytical foundation for my instruction. I focus on educational quality and pedagogical need so students, both in private lessons and ensemble situations, can develop as musicians.

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Initially professionally guided, but mainly self taught guitarist of 14 years, with teaching experience, in Dundee seeking students.

When I first began studying guitar, after a period of time I became frustrated with the fact that the material I was learning was not in line with what I most enjoyed about music. I became disenchanted with my instrument and my learning slowed.

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Professional Guitar Tutor - local and online sessions available, all styles welcome!

Before studying a Bachelors Degree in Professional Musicianship, I made my living as gigging and session guitar player which included: festivals, weddings, studio work and songwriting. My lessons are primarily based on what the student wants to learn, and to provide the skills and guidance to help them achieve whatever it is they want to do with the guitar.

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Experienced Guitar & Vocalist offering lessons from home in Dundee also willing to travel

I offer a friendly and approachable one on one tuition to focus more on the student allowing you to feel at ease using demonstration methods mixed with discussion methods to help the student navigate their way through learning to help build the students confidence and techniques.

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Professional Guitar Teacher located in Southampton. All ages, abilities and styles welcome!

The style of my lessons really depends on each student, I want to make sure that the student is getting everything they can out of the session! I take some time to find out a bit about each student...what type of guitarist they want to be, what styles they want to learn, their influences, what they want to achieve from the lessons and where they want to be in the future.

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Experienced teacher gives electric and acoustic guitar lessons in Seaford and surroundings

It's vital to me to adapt to every different pupil's needs and tastes, as every student is unique and deserves a personalized method. I always start by finding out how much the pupil knows, their preferences, their goals and the amount of time they will spend practising, and prepare the lessons taking that information into account.

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University student and guitarist with 10 years of experience teaches electric guitar in Cambridge

I believe that catering the lessons for the student's specific interests is the most important part of musical instrument lessons. Based on favourite genre, artists, albums or songs, I try to make lessons as interesting, fun and insightful for the student. If you begin learning something you truly love, your learning process becomes effortless and fast.

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Calling all aspiring guitarist in the rhondda and surrounding valleys. learn from the best with over 17 years experience. lessons from £10 per hour.

The lessons are aimed at entry and intermediate level guitar to encourage musical progression. The sessions are based on 1 hour weekly but can be extended and adapted as needed. I will teach at a level that you can understand and differentiate between each participant fairly.

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Experienced musician from Essex will help you master the guitar fast. Grade 8 guitar, Grade 6 theory.

My lessons are client-based so, whatever you want to learn, I teach! I'm known for creating great improvement in a short space of time by creating excitement around the instrument as well as making use of book and technology resources.

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Musician offering lessons in electric and bass guitar as well as music theory.

Depending on your level, I approach each lesson differently. I will always teach at your pace and I pay attention to what you want to learn. As a beginner, I might sit with you and go over the basics, teaching you the fundamentals of guitar playing or music in general. If you're more experienced you might want a more advanced lesson (eg sweep picking) or you might want to learn a specific song.

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Want to learn guitar? Need more motivation? You are in the right place.

I approach teaching differently to most. I try and keep it simple but the most informative for my students. Everyone is different so I try and cater to the individuals needs rather than what's expected of you. Music theory is not essential as we shall learn along the way to read and understand music in s way that sticks with you.

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Experienced and Enthusiastic Private Mobile Guitar Tutor Available For Lessons In Bristol.

I tailor lindividual lessons for my students. Each lesson will have a recap/test, some fretboard knowledge and applied theory. My students like having a split lesson - they can learn/tweak certain guitar techniques, expand their own playing and applying it to a song/tune at the end of each lesson.

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Guitarist with 6 years experience offering guitar lessons for beginners in Hatfield

I'm self taught so my teaching is probably a bit different to other tutors but I believe that this makes me a better teacher as I have methods that make it easier for beginners. When I started out it was really difficult for me to play so I developed my own methods to make it easier.

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MOBILE GUITAR GURU AND TEACHER giving tuition with 10 years teaching experience

I have been playing music for 20 years and enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience to people of all levels looking to learn and play guitar.My method for each student is dependant on what they want to learn and are interested in.

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27 year old musician with over 10 years of teaching experience offering lessons to all ages with reasonable price.

I'd rather teach privately 1-on-1 but can consider groups is students are motivated to learn. I am patient and calm in my teaching and offer insights into playing. I know how to help remember things I have taught and know the best techniques to learn fast. I teach with books and words and by example. I approach teaching from the standpoint of students wishes.

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Quality Guitar lessons from Beginner to Advanced in Glenrothes, over 30 years experience

I base my teaching on what songs and which guitarist the student is influenced by, this gives a target that can be worked with the student to achieve. Each lesson is structured as a review of previous material, then rhythm work, lead work, ear training, song learning and performance.

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Music Student offering Guitar tutoring to beginners for any age, acoustic or electric.

I prefer to teach in a way that is fun to the player, adapting the lessons to what they like but also what they will need with the relevant theory and background knowledge. Music theory does not have to be always be boring, if applied in the right way. I like to allow a learner to study their own techniques in their own way to find what they're most comfortable to.

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Guitar and General Music Tutoring available in Hobart area | 10+ Years Experience

My teaching method varies, on a case-by-case basis. Every student learns at a different pace, and as such I alter my teaching methods to accomodate each student. From learning simple chord patterns, all the way up to advanced techniques. I cover a range of styles, from basic blues progressions, all the way up to advanced genres including jazz, ska, and various rock & metal genres.

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Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique

The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists, guitarists, etc. whose music you would like to play. Once I know this, it becomes much easier to figure out what skills & knowledge you will need to learn in order to play that music.

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Weekends and After hours - can come to you - Beginner to Intermediate Guitar lessons around the Geelong Area.

I approach teaching guitar with a casual teaching style, i will work to adapt to how you prefer to learn. I can assist with online resources or provide originals customized to you. A mix of practical knowledge mixed with theoretical underpinnings will give you a full picture to greater aid in your learning.

1st lesson offered free !

WAAPA graduate (Bachelor with first class honours) and Fulbright scholar available for private tuition in music, english and maths to year 10, essay and academic writing for high school and uni studen

I tailor lessons for individual students and their needs, and try to balance things they find more enjoyable with more challenging materials to keep them enthusiastic and engaged. I am outgoing and friendly, and aim to help the student appreciate the value of the content, rather than just learning it out of necessity.

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