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Database design engineer offering to teach theoretical and practical database design using MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle and Access

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Young's strategy for IT related core subjects to achieve a great result

I am 49 years of age and a recent graduate from Bournemouth University with a degree in Computing. I have seven years teaching experience for the age range 8 -16. I created an age group teaching strategy to improve my students' academic performance. As a result, most students got better results in school exams.

Welwyn Garden City
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MS Graduate offering help to Students looking for Maths and Computer Science Subjects

Taking classes currently both inhouse and online training in Programming languages ( Java, Advanced Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS etc) and tutoring Maths from Std. VIII to Std. XII. Indepth concepts of each particular topic will be taught and in addition, assignments will be given to enhance the knowledge.

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Scientist / Freelancer giving web programming or science lessons in London in your home/library/cafe.

I try to reach the student goals : either to teach the subject, or to increase the grades. All my life i was a good student and know techniques which helps to get high grade. It includes understanding the task, organizing the work, repeating, summarizing, analyzing, remembering, exercising.

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SAP Consultant with more that 7 years of experience offering SQL Training

 Designing clear and simple training documentation.  Designing clear and simple SAP training documentation.  Maintaining training materials to ensure accuracy of training information.  Delivering training on MS SQL in online, classroom, one-on-one coaching.  Delivering training on MS Office package in online, classroom, one-on-one coaching.

Worcester Park
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Experienced Database Administrator offering to tutor students in MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access for academic and professional purpose.

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

(4 reviews)
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Professional Database Administrator able to teach MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the Bangalore University with a First. I also have a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton as well as a 2-year Diploma in Law.

St Albans
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Experienced Database administrator teaching Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 for students.

I am a UK based Academic researcher, writer, tutor, mathematician, management professional and consultant for academicianhelp.co.uk. I have extensive experience in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Management.

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Backend Web Developer offering Lessons Online for PHP & MySql for Laravel.

Stuck with a certain way of doing something? I'll guide you through the complex things that you need to complete, from a basic understanding of Laravel, to complex solutions for bigger projects. my approach would be to demonstrate something and let you code at the same time.

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University student gives programming lessons to people of any age/ experience remote/online.

I started studying web development on my own in middle school and proceeded to study more about programming languages once I got into college. I took A-levels among which C++ and Math. At this moment, I am in my first year of university studying Software engineering. Among other units, I study Web developing, Computers & Networks and Programming.

Greater London
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PhD student in Engineering teach Database SQL and computer subjects in London zone 1 & 2.

I am PhD student at City University of London. I do tutor undergraduate and post-graduate (master) students in most subjects related to Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I have attended courses on teaching styles and techniques so I can be confident to tutor most of students with the appropriate method that suit them.

Greater London
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PhD student in computer science offers database lessons at home in London

I am a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London since 2015. I have taught programming in the lab for Java, Database system, Cloud Computing, Big Data. I have taught more than 350 students all across UK majority (85-90%) achieving A grades I do skype sessions well. I like to tailor my tuition depending on the student's individual needs as I understand and respect that each student is unique.

Greater London
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Professional Online Tutor and Assignment Helper for Computer Science with teaching experience of PHP, MySQL, Programming in C, C++, Java, ASP, C#.NET, Visual Basic, Oracle, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript

I am 17 years experienced Online Tutor and Assignment Helper for Computer Science. I teach PHP, MySQL, Programming in C, C++, Java, ASP, C#.NET, Visual Basic, Oracle, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Data Structures, MS Office. I have teaching experience of teaching IT Professionals , students from different grades, graduate and post graduate classes for more than 17 years.

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"I am an Engineering Student who is offering Computer lessons in Peterborough "

My teaching method is very simple. I base my class on students intellect level and I approach each topic at very basic level and advance step by step so that student develop clear understanding of each and every thing.

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Information Technology Tutor with five years experience in the IT industry / field

I teach base on an evaluation of the students' knowledge to get a better understanding of what are the the key areas that the student is having issues with. My methods of teaching are online one on one session, regular evaluations and home work. I tutor Secondary and Undergraduate IT Studies.

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The Complete Web Development Master course from beginning to end

HI There I am Aqib A Professional Web Developer and in this Master Course I will Teach You how to Learn How to build Website And Easy ways to Learn Coding In this Course We Will Cover.

Greater London
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Big data hadoop, MySQL, web development, i am currently doing my masters, i am living in plaistow

I would like to give the lessons who interested in big data and web development, Basically ill teach from the basics-intermediate and advanced levels. in Hadoop I follow agile structure, what is Hadoop and big data, why Hadoop, and where do we use Hadoop.

Greater London
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Experienced KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Levels Maths, Science & Computer Programming Tutor

I am a Postgraduate student at University of Greenwich studying Software Engineering. My High School Graduation is from USA. I have been in UK since 2011 and have been tutoring since then. I have tutored students between KS1 to GCSE. Actually, I have been tutoring since being in the 8th Grade. I love sharing my understanding of a particular topic with others.

Greater london
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Computer Science,B.Tech,2 Years Experience in Amazon.com and located in Andhra Pradesh India

Hey Guys,This is Madhu Kandelli.I did B.Tech under the discipline of Computer Science.I would like to give lessons to those who are studying high school and under graduates. My technique is Blue print of the lesson with clarity instructions.

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B.Tech graduate offering classes on Computer basics and different languages in Bournemouth

There is no specific strategy but my motive is to teach the basics of computers and the languages being used. Will share my knowledge on the basis of my current experience and try to teach and learn from students as well. it will be more like a knowledge session rather than only a tutorial one.

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Data Analysis/Databases from BSc in IT and Business specializing in data intelligence

Two types of teaching. Direct walk through of databases. What they are? How we use them? Who uses them. Data Intelligence and how we can use data to influence business decisions. The methods and structure behind the different types of analysis.

Greater London
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Hi i am a computer graduate with MSc from University of Greenwich.

As a computer graduate, I can provide lesson to primary and higher class students. I prefer to teach with fun in friendly environment. I will make sure they will learn with practical examples. I would like to introduce them with latest development.

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Computing lessons from university physics student. specialise in programming and algorithms. knows the theory, python, low-level/assembly, and A-level knowledge of Haskell(functional programming) and

I think teaching is a 2-way street. Not only does the teacher teach the student but the teacher should change how they teach to match how the student learns. The teacher should also make the lesson interesting where possible. Ideally, i teach visually but I can teach in others as well. The lessons should also come with breaks.

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A passionate 17 from Leeds student with a enjoyment for all things surrounding MySQL!

I will give lessons at GCSE level in MySQL by walking through and posing examples and ways to practise your coding ability. I find myself to be a confident and passionate student.

(11 reviews)

Online private or group lessons for all levels and ages ¡Contact me!

I am a cheerful, friendly and energetic boy. I started at 6 years doing computer courses and have devoted all my time to this world. I did a training cycle Senior Management of Information Systems and Networks, degree and have worked in several companies as Alten, El Corte Ingles, JF Maguire ... as a technician or developer.

(10 reviews)
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Databases - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(19 reviews)
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Explore the beauty of database concepts and SQL in fields of data analytics, computer science and data scienece while experiencing the exciting revelations of the versatile subject!

My teaching methodology is initiated with analysing the theoretical basics and the foundation of the subject such that its very purpose is made clear at first. Then i go for the practical implementation and illustrations of every concept that has been discussed. Also, i make sure that the student grasps every bit of the concept so that the actual beauty of the subject is realised by him/ her.

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Computer Engineer gives introductory courses in computer science and web development or hybrid mobile

My teaching method is adapted according to the profile. I take into consideration the level and achievements of the person. The first session is a session I often use to identify the gaps and needs of the person to define the goals we will work on.

Toluca de Lerdo
(2 reviews)
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Computer Systems Engineer working as Database Analyst Mr. jumps databases, mathematics and basic programming classes

I like to transmit my knowledge through experience as a student, but focusing on explaining the skills required in the work area, in this way not only is it possible to have a complete student profile, but also a job profile, that when leaving school it is very necessary,

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