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Greater London
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Young enthusiastic freerunner, ready to train new people, unfamiliar to Parkour in London

My name is Kacper, I am 16 and I have a love for Parkour and Free-running. I want to teach new people that are unfamiliar to the sport and are outgoing and want to try something completely new. As a tutor, i would teach the safety aspects of free-running, the importance of stretching and the first steps into the sport as well as more advanced aspects of Parkour.

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Parkour athlete with 11 years of experience gives basic and advanced lessons in Liverpool

The first class would consist in a exposition of Parkour History, and to explain what Parkour really is (due to some misunderstandings I have been finding in my experience). After this, there would be a little chat with the beginner to see his/her level so I can adapt the trainings to each specific case.

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Ever wanted to climb huge walls, backflip and land, go to crazy locations or even impress your friends. Here are lessons on learning everything about Parkour!

Step by step easy to learn lessons on each thing from the easiest to hard techniques and all very simple to follow.

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Professional coach parkour, waterfall physics falls, combat scenic), acrobatics on the island of france

The courses are open to all persons (men and women) from the age of 13 years. * Whatever the chosen specialty, the course is as follows: - Cardio, joint warm-ups, muscular stretching. - Oral presentation of the techniques of the day. - Workshops specific to a movement. - According to the advance, chain of techniques learned.

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Parkour and Freerunning Athlete and aCertified Personal Fitness Trainer from BFY

I am Karthik Mulpuru. I mainly teach fitness through Parkour and other movements. I also teach Calisthenics and Parkour for people who are interested in the movement itself. I have trained in Parkour for 3 years now. Parkour has changed my life and I want more people to experience it.

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Energetic Educator offering English, gymnastics and life lessons in VA with 17 years experience

My teaching methods vary according to the student's situation. Maybe some students do better with physical examples, some do better with stories, some do better with written and verbal cues, or discussing fears out in the open before trying to overcome them.

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Slackline (Tightrope) - Bodybuilding, Balance, Health, Concentration, Wellbeing, Meditation, Stress management, Self-Confidence, Fun - Juvisy Sur Orge 10min from Paris

A very complete balance sport that works the physical and boosts your mental qualities in a fun way! Toning of his posture (It is in fact the stabilizing muscles of the body that are targeted. You gently and smoothly muscle your abs, your buttocks, lumbar, muscles of the legs, shoulders, arms, ankles, etc.

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Wanna be Cool? Wanna save the world with swag? wanna woo lot of girls? come to us. Learn Parkour

I dont use classroom as u know parkour is something which can only be learned outside.

Algueirão-Mem Martins
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Parkour instructor gives private outdoor and gym classes in Sintra and Lisbon

The classes are progressive and all exercises are adapted to the student's abilities, starting with the basics and the simplest exercises, and with the training we move to more complex movements / exercises. I believe this is the way to evolve better and more safely.

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