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Psychology is a fascinating topic to learn, not only at school but beyond your education. So whether you are a pupil at school about to start a Psychology A Level or degree, or you are an adult looking to retrain or simply complete a course that you find interesting then hiring a tutor can be beneficial to you regardless of your circumstances.

Of course, a Psychology A Level will differ from an undergrad or postgrad course because the content won't be explored with as much depth, or fewer topics will be covered, but by choosing a tutor who has knowledge of the curriculum you're working towards then you can almost certainly get ahead of your peers and set yourself up for an enriching career in the field of Psychology.

And what if Psychology isn't your only passion? There is absolutely nothing wrong with studying Psychology alongside other subjects, in fact, Psychology can seriously enhance your ability to be a great leader. By understanding the psyche of your employees, you could be in a far better position to empathise with them and, in turn, they will trust and respect you.

What Is Psychology?

According to BPS.org.uk, "Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and how it dictates and influences our behaviour, from communication and memory to thought and emotion.

It's about understanding what makes people tick and how this understanding can help us address many of the problems and issues in society today."

It seems strange that this absolutely critical subject isn't more widely taught, especially since it involves the study of human behaviours, which is something that impacts us all. As humans, we show a great deal of interest in other species, so it is only right that we also focus our attention on what makes us human and explore all of the thoughts, emotions and motivations behind mankind.

The British Psychological Society, or BPS, has been founded as a representative body for the science and the professions practising Psychology in the UK. It is up to its members to promote excellence within the field as well as drive ethical practices among the profession.

Benefits of A Qualification In Psychology

There are so many valuable benefits to studying Psychology that it seems hard to even begin to summarise them.

One of the most rewarding qualities and skills that you can be rewarded with through studying this Science of the brain is People Skills. Even when studying Psychology online, as well as face to face, you can be developing an edge over others in the community. But it's not just about having something others don't, it's about the pleasure it brings you to be able to communicate with and understand others on this level. This is a benefit not only for the workplace but for life in general and will stay with you for a lifetime.

Furthermore, by understanding the psyche, you can sort of be your own therapist. While others can become overwhelmed with their emotions and why their bodies are responding to situations in a certain way, you should be able to recognise signs of stress or anxiety and work through your concerns logically. You can also explore some of your deepest goals and set about reaching your ambitions with the correct attitude and mind power.

Of course, there are many more advantages to having a solid background in Psychology, such as developing better problem-solving skills, becoming better at reasoning and generally being a better communicator.

Psychology Education

It is rare for schools to offer Psychology as a subject until after GCSE, however, some establishments may have the facility to offer it at Key Stage 4. When taking Psychology at A Level, you will normally study it for two years to achieve the full qualification and you will study two or three other subjects alongside it. This will help you to discover whether you want to pursue Psychology at a much more in-depth level or if you wish to look for a split degree course.

Psychology alone is a great degree and is very versatile, being applicable to many different fields and industries. That said, psychology and Business is another great option if you want to have a different angle when entering the professional world. Psychology is available as an undergraduate degree and a masters at many different unis across the country, as well as online establishments like the Open University. What's more, you can also study Psychology with a private tutor either alongside a course or simply to prepare yourself for an independent exam or certificate.

Other Psychology Accreditation

Of course, as we've said, you don't physically have to attend a course at school, college or university in order to become accredited in one of the fields of Psychology. It is possible to learn online through a BPS-accredited course and still come out with a qualification worthy of a job in the field. To find such courses, you can visit the BPS website and search their catalogue of courses, before signing up for a course.

And if you want some extra lessons then why not hire a tutor who can guide you with the course content and any required coursework?

Psychology Tutors At Superprof

There are currently just under 15 tutors of Psychology working in the Belfast area, but more tutors are added to the site every day. Of these experts, some offer lessons as low as £10 an hour (usually students themselves working at a high level) and can be totally flexible in terms of scheduling. Whether you want to do after school classes or weekend sessions, you are sure to find a tutor who can accommodate your needs.

Some tutors price their sessions a little higher but this is a reflection of their experience and accreditation level, so if you want to learn from the best of the best then you can expect to have to set aside a bigger budget for tuition.

Regardless of who you choose to help you, having a tutor on board can be the difference between achieving your goal or struggling to keep up in class and missing a great opportunity!


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The average price of Psychology  lessons is £19.

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