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💸 How much are sewing lessons per hour in Manchester and the suburban areas?

The price of sewing lessons in and around the Manchester area is about £22 per hour.


Prices will vary depending on:

  • Where your lessons will be held (via Skype or the student's place)
  • The number of classes you booked and the duration of each lesson
  • the objective of your classes (are you wanting to learn dressmaking, how to properly use a sewing machine, crochet, or maybe you are just learning to sew for a hobby?)

The majority of tutors on Superprof offer their 1st lesson free.


Check out the rates of our sewing tutors in your city.

🧵 What can a sewing tutor help you with?

Learning to sew is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Not only is sewing a relaxing hobby but it can also be a useful skills to have. Having a basic knowledge of sewing can help you to repair or customise your own clothing or make cute gifts for family and friends.


As a novice, you may want to get started with basic sewing patterns and learn how to make simple patterns for scarfs and blankets. As you progress you can start making more complex items like skirts or shirts.


Take sewing lessons and learn how to sew with the help of a certified private teacher.


Whether you want to take private lessons online, from home or at an outside location, just choose your private tutor and book your classes today.


A messaging system is in place on the platform that allows you to get in touch with your teacher to organise your sewing classes.


Use the search engine to find your sewing teacher from among 7 teachers in Manchester.


Start your sewing lessons

👩‍🏫 How many teachers are available in Manchester to teach sewing lessons?

There are currently 7 teachers available to teach sewing lessons in Manchester and the suburban areas.


You can refer to their tutoring advert and message the sewing tutor that suits to your needs.


Choose your course in Manchester from our range of more than 7 sewing tutors available.

✒️ On average, what rating was attributed by students to sewing teachers in Manchester?

From a sample of 1 scores, students rated their sewing teachers an average of 5.0 out of five.


In case of any problems with your course, a customer service manager from the Superprof team will be available to find a solution (by telephone or e-mail during weekdays).


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Finding the Perfect Sewing Tutor

When it comes to sewing, it's much harder than it looks. While you can learn to patch a hole in an afternoon, to get creative with your sewing and learn how to make textile art, you'll probably need to attend workshops, classes, or get private sewing tutorials.

The earliest evidence of humans sewing is from 3.3 million years ago. While sewing has probably changed a lot, the fundamentals remain the same; use a needle and thread to create stitches. While the original "thread" was made of animal innards, we now use yarn or fabric to create stitches.

The use of fibres started nearly 6,000 years ago and sewing remained largely practical for most of this time. Nowadays, sewing can include making clothes, textiles, and textile arts, with the latter is very popular amongst both professionals and hobbyists.

Sewing started to change during the industrial revolution when the first sewing machines were made. Since a sewing machine can work much more quickly than tailors and seamstresses, the amount of clothing made around the world skyrocketed.

Sewing can be a rewarding hobby or profession but that doesn't mean it isn't without its challenges. With that in mind, let's look at how studying how to sew can help, the difficulties you'll have to overcome, how private sewing classes can help, and where you can find sewing tutors in Manchester.

The Benefits of Studying Sewing

Sewing is a skill that you can work on for many years. Certain stitches are hardly intuitive so you both must study and practise sewing regularly.

In addition to being an enjoyable hobby, sewing can also help you develop and improve motor skills. This can be particularly important for children who might be yet to develop these skills. Children who learn to sew will also learn patience and build self-confidence while being allowed to be creative and use their imagination.

This doesn't mean that adults can't enjoy these benefits, too. Sewing has been shown to combat dementia in later life and while children don't have too much to stress about, adults will probably also enjoy sewing as a way to relieve stress. Sewing is also good for your mood. Those who sew tend to be happier when they're sewing. It can be fun and relaxing, after all.

Financially, learning to sew can save you money, too. Rather than having to buy new clothes, you can increase the longevity of your wardrobe by repairing minor damage or repurposing worn clothes into new items.

Sewing is a valuable craft and skill and can help you land a job in fashion or dressmaking or you can just enjoy the fun of making something of your design!

Challenges in Sewing

Sewing isn't all fun and games, though. A beginner learning how to sew either through classes, workshops, or private tutorials will probably encounter a few difficulties.

Firstly, sewing can take a long time and while it teaches patience, it can be frustrating if you don't already have it and before you can start making a dress, you might need to start with a bit of embroidery or following a basic pattern. Sewing can be a painfully slow process and it might be disheartening to see such little progress over such a long time.

Sewing also requires incredible dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It's so easy to make a mistake when sewing and while it mightn't ruin an entire project, it can be annoying having to undo a series of stitches because you were a fraction of an inch off. Make sure the projects you're doing match your skill level.

Then there are the practical challenges you'll face. Sometimes your thread or bobbin will break or you'll skip a stitch. These are rarely the end of the world but as you get better, these issues or errors will occur less frequently.

Private Tuition in Sewing

Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of sewing or just need help to get past the challenges, a private sewing tutor is a great solution. Unlike classes or workshops, private tutorials are planned with you in mind and allow you to learn exactly what you want in a way that works for you.

A private tutor will adapt their lessons to the student allowing them to learn more effectively than a teacher could in group classes or workshops.

Whether you want to sew clothes or create something more artistic, when it comes to private tutorials, you're the boss and can choose what you want to learn. Of course, your tutor might dissuade you from taking on projects that are beyond your abilities.

Finding a Sewing Tutor in Manchester

If you're looking for a private sewing tutor in Manchester, you can search for them on Superprof. You can view each tutor's profile, check out how much they charge per hour, read reviews left by their other students, and see whether or not they offer the first hour of tutoring for free.

You can use the free lessons to try out several different tutors. After all, you might end up spending a lot of time with your tutor so you want to make sure that you choose the right one. Discuss your reasons for wanting to sew, any experience you have with sewing, and what your goals are. This will help a potential tutor to adapt the tutorials to you.

There are three main ways that sewing tutors can offer tutorials: face-to-face, online, or in groups. Each type of tutorial comes with pros and cons so consider how you'd like to learn.

Face-to-face tutorials are between you and the tutor. Every minute of the session will be tailored to you, allowing you to effectively learn new sewing skills. However, tutors tend to charge a premium for this bespoke service.

If you're on a budget, you can organise group tutorials with some friends, colleagues, or family members. While you won't get the tutorials tailored to just you, you will be able to spend less per student per hour as you'll all be sharing the cost of the tutor's time.

Finally, if you can't find any suitable sewing tutors in Manchester, you can always look for tutors all over the world offering online tutorials and courses. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, with a webcam and a stable connection, you can learn new skills from tutors anywhere, any time. They can provide you with a pattern to work from and provide you with feedback.

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