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📲 How can you find a violin tutor in Birmingham?

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There are currently 27 violin teachers offering violin lessons in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.


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In Birmingham and the suburban areas, there are 27 private violin instructors available to teach lessons


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💸 How expensive are violin lessons per hour in Birmingham and the surrounding areas?

On average violin teachers charge £27 for violin lessons per hour in Birmingham.


The price for violin lessons will differ depending on:

  • The experience of your violin teacher
  • The location of your violin classes (online or the student's place)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
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On Superprof, many of our violin teachers also offer online tuition. About 80% of teachers across our platform give violin lessons online.


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<h3>Why take violin lessons in Birmingham?</h3>

Birmingham is well known for their world famous universities, their canal, Cadbury's chocolates and much more. This city has kept a real local culture alive, starting with music. At the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, the instrumental symphony is queen, unique in its kind, simply because the best instrumentalists have taken lessons in Birmingham.

But why is Birmingham an ideal city in which to learn the violin? Because it is a cultural crossroads, where several cultures come together. Thus, you can learn different variants of the violin, from the Celtic violin with its amazing sounds to the alto violin, so typical of traditional music and more. In parallel, choosing to play the violin in Birmingham also means finding an audience that will appreciate your melody. Birmingham hosts some great music festivals, including Sloss Fest, Wireless Festival, Supersonic festival, MADE festival and Triennial Music festival among others. There are plenty of opportunities to attend a violin concerto, a blue violin performance, or listen to unique songs within their genre.

In the same way, you will also easily find a music store in Birmingham to purchase your violin. For example, which kind of wood should you use? Ebony or solid wood? Which violin bow should you get? A talented instrument maker will be able to answer all of these questions without the slightest difficulty. Take the opportunity to buy violin accessories, such as a tuner, rosin and a violin case while you're there.

When you are ready to begin your violin lessons, you will see that Birmingham is a city filled with many great opportunities: music lessons at the Conservatory, lessons on stringed instruments in music school, introductory classes to the alto violin from an association... There is something for everyone in Birmingham.

As you can see, violin classes are abundant and exist in different formats. Are you ready to make your choice among all that Birmingham has to offer?

<h3>Which violin lessons are in Birmingham?</h3>

Wanting to become a violinist in Birmingham has a certain kind of prestige and offers a great personal challenge. Whether you are a concert artist or music lover in your soul, you will find yourself at home with these ancient instruments- the violin and the cello.

We play as we breathe, said some philosophers: with perfect harmony, it's the same thing. It is essential to know your instrument families well in order to become be a virtuoso of the stringed instruments and before applying to participate in an international competition.

But the big question is: how are you going to become a musician as well known as Bach, Brahms, Mozart or Lully? Or, more recently, how will you learn to handle your stress when playing the jazz violin as well as Menuhin is able to?

The answer is simple: just check out the music training lessons offered in Birmingham! Whether in the neighbourhoods of Digbeth, Bullring or Edgbaston...  there is bound to be a place where you can develop your virtuosity or exceptional skills as a cellist.

So, what are your options for violin lessons in Birmingham?

<h3>Birmingham and the Violin</h3>

When you want to take lessons in a musical arena, it is important to know the different possible options: courses for adults, private lessons, preparation for competitions, summer break classes, advanced courses, intensive classes, short term lessons... This applies to all types of instruments, be it the electric guitar, double bass, cello or clarinet.

It is important to define your initial goals, to find the formula that will suit you the best. At Shades Music school, there are many teachers available: no doubt you will find one to match what you are looking for. It's a good idea to do some research and check out all the possible educational institutions.

Your first teaching location could be your violin store, where you will be explained how your electric violin was made, how to put on your violin strings or what are the specifics of its soundboard. You might also hear the story of the beautiful violins on auction, like a Stradivarius which sold for 11 million euros, which makes it the most expensive violin in the world! For this, check out Hobgoblin Music Birmingham, Moseley Violins or PMT Birmingham, where you can also find bass guitars or guitar strings.

To become a violinist, a royal road awaits you at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire! In addition to an impeccable technical training, you will receive specialized lessons, such as chamber music lessons or solfege classes. You will learn about classical and contemporary music, not to mention get help perfecting your mastery of the violin. With a little luck, studying at the Conservatoire will give you a place in a string quartet, or symphony orchestra!

Be aware, all the same, that another great option in Birmingham are their music schools. Why? Courses in contemporary music and music history courses (on Tchaikovsky, Paganini or Heinrich) will allow you to progress and improve your violin culture. Fiddlers are also very comfortable in school, where they can show initiative. This is the case at Shades Music on Alcester Road.

The only downside to these formations? Time constraints organized training cycles and admission requirements. So it's a good option if becoming a soloist in a quartet is your professional goal. However, if you practice the violin as a hobby or passion, then other solutions exist.

Like the famous UK violinist Nigel Kennedy, get ready to sway the hearts of your audience in Birmingham!

<h3>Learn to play the violin with Birmingham teachers</h3>

In general, violin classes for children begin around 3 or 5 years old. The teacher will quickly take note if you are a child prodigy or a regular violinist, which can be frustrating. To make progress, another solution may be useful: taking private lessons with your stringed musical instrument of choice.

Before finding the ideal teacher for your training, you need to take stock of your needs and goals. Does your study have a professional purpose? Is it important to join a school? Do you have to learn what a shoulder pad or chin strap is? In any case, choosing private violin lessons in order to learn, revise or improve is a smart option.

A private violin teacher (for whatever your speciality is, symphony orchestra or philharmonic orchestra), will be able to help you to reach your objectives, whether it is to join the prestigious conservatory of London, to help you buy a violin or review your music notes.

Now that you know why it is better to take private lessons in Birmingham, we can tell you where to look for them!

<h3>Birmingham violin lessons: choose Superprof!</h3>

On our platform, we have dozens of teachers from Birmingham to help you learn the violin, an ancient discipline. They know how to train a violist or a soloist, just look at their comments from former students, and see how they can get you from point A to point B. They can help you prepare for your first recital just as they can guide you if you are performing in a concert hall. Guided support: that's what they'll give you with your musical training!

Each teacher will draw on his personal experience at a music school or from being part of a chamber orchestra as they guide you. The real plus of this training is that it is totally à la carte: in Birmingham, Superprof helps connect the students and teachers.

Profokiev, Rubinstein, Stravinsky, Wolfgang: It will come as no surprise that you'll hear at least one of these names during your violin lessons, which are usually toted as symbols of perfection for musicians. If you hear about Kreutzer, take note: he is not a musician, but a musical instrument. This violin is among the most expensive in the world, it was sold for several million pounds some years back. Your private teacher will certainly mention it.

As far as prices are concerned, private lessons offer greater flexibility: you commit to a defined and chosen duration, and replace your courses if you have to rearrange your schedule, unlike with traditional training. In addition, our teachers travel throughout the Second City, regardless of your district of residence. Taking private lessons has never been so easy as it is with Superprof...

After a few weeks of tutoring or lessons with an in-home private tutor, your skills will improve and you will know your violin cords like the back of your hand. Studying the violin in such a bustling cultural city sounds pretty appealing right?

Don't wait a moment more before booking your first violin lesson with a qualified teacher!

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