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1st lesson free!

Movement Therapist (Master's) and Yoga teacher (course in India) offers guided meditations. With and without movement.

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My guided meditations can be both, dynamic or still, minding your preferences. In my meditations you'll have the opportunity to experience stillness of thought, peacefulness, connection with the self, healing, emotional release, among other positive feelings. There'll be a starting talk, where we'll reflect on a phrase or mantra and then the meditation will take place, with my guidance in visualisations, mantras, breath work among others. We'll then have a smooth coming back and a message for the day.


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About Lorina

I'm a Movement therapist and Yoga teacher with a profound interest in the benefits of meditation. I've studied Psychomotricity up to the Masters Degree and was made a Yoga (Ashtanga and Vinyasa) teacher in the birthplace of Yoga itself - Rishikesh, India. I've taught and led movement therapy sessions for more than 10 years having guided mindfulness sessions too. Also have taught Yoga and guided meditations for 2 years.



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