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Enthusiastic, experienced Masters student offering stimulating and engaging maths lessons in London


Always start with a puzzle. This has served me well teaching from primary level to A-Level. The lesson should always start with a problem that draws the student in and gets them thinking. Really thinking. Playing around with numbers, concepts and different approaches is the corner stone of mathematical creativity. This is the base, from which, the rest of the lesson can flow from.

I would then move on to the key topic of the lesson. My general structure is to go over a small area of the topic, set the student a question, see how they do and give feedback before carrying on. Around halfway through the lesson I will then set the student a longer task or set of questions. Towards the end of the lesson we would then go over this exercise together, pull out the common mistakes and do one or two last problems, which would address these issues.

The crucial thing, for encouraging learning in maths, is to provide various ways of seeing or approaching a concept/problem. The moment a murky mathematical idea becomes clear and accessible to the student is the moment you've won. This is the importance of the puzzle at the beginning of the lesson. Making your mind twist itself round to different perspectives gives you a foundation that allows you to problem solve effectively and (hopefully!) a love of mathematics.



I am an enthusiastic student of Maths with Statistics MSci with tutoring/teaching experience. I'm excited about exploring how to improve maths education and furthering this as a career.

I absolutely love maths and I truly believe that every single person can find joy in the perplexing puzzles and patterns of this subject. I am constantly reading, researching and talking to other maths teachers to find new ways of explaining concepts to students.

I currently do upper primary maths tutoring work 3 times a week at the 'Super Learner Club', a new after-school club in Bristol that supports and helps every child achieve their potential. I've also completed a four week maths secondary teaching internship at Salesian School, Chertsey this summer. As well as this I have done work experience as a teaching assistant in a primary school and volunteered as one in a children's theatre company.

I am patient and enjoy finding new ways to make maths fun and accessible to everyone.


Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Lessons offered by Harry
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Further Maths
  • All Levels

Harry's CV

Enthusiastic student of Maths with Statistics MSci with tutoring/teaching experience and excited about exploring how to improve maths education and furthering this as a career.


University of Bristol, Bristol, UK Sept 2015 − present
Mathematics with Statistics (MSci)

Units studied include: Probability, Statistics, Complex Networks and Risk Management.
Dissertation will be on network statistics (specifically community detection) − exploring data visualisation techniques together with summary statistics in different real data sets with different models.

A-levels: Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A) and History (A) 2013 − 2015
GCSEs: 11 grades A* to A, including English and Mathematics 2008 − 2013

Relevant work experience and volunteering

Mathematics Teaching Intern, Salesian School, Chertsey June 2018 − July 2018

I observed lessons in the early part of the internship and then proceeded to do TA work and then teach whole lessons to years 8, 10 and 12 classes.
I also helped the staff with marking, displays, curriculum work and extra-curricula drama.
I attended a lot of seminars on aspects and techniques of teaching, which have helped me improve my teaching.

Mathematics Tutor at Super Learner Club, Bristol Sept 2017 − present

I plan and teach three 90 minute lessons a week to year 4, 5 and 6 classes, which vary from 4 to 16 in size. I also set and mark homework, write termly reports and do parents’ evenings.
Initially I had not had any formal teacher training, so I made sure to reflect after each lesson, seek advice from the more experienced teachers and do my own research and reading in order to improve my teaching.
This job has helped me improve my planning and time management skills tremendously. I have also gained a lot of confidence in being able to teach and handle a classroom of children.

Co-founder of ‘Beyond the Elephant’ Theatre Oct 2017 − present

Together with a friend, I set up a new Bristol-based theatre company, ‘Beyond the Elephant’ in November 2017. We put on our debut sell-out show, ‘Coldharbour Lane’, in March 2018 at the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, which received a very flattering review.
My job as producer was to coordinate all parts of the production team, make sure that everything was running to schedule and manage the finances of the company. To achieve this I held regular meetings with each creative department to keep careful track of progress.
I learnt a lot about how to manage a team effectively, stay on top of a complex schedule and I believe many of these skills are transferable to a classroom setting.

Other experience

Medical Records Clark, Priory Surgery, Bristol Oct 2017 − Dec 2017

Medical Records Clark, Vanbrugh Group Practice, London July 2017 − Sept 2017

Went through new patients’ records, extracting key information in their medical history and coding it into the electronic EMIS system. To do this effectively I had to filter information whilst still keeping a sharp eye out for inconsistencies and errors, which were not uncommon.
I gained knowledge of how to work an unfamiliar computer system and improved my attention to detail.

Key skills


Strong verbal communication skills developed through acting and drama and brought into the classroom teaching maths to children.


Fluid and logical approach to problem-solving developed extensively throughout my degree both in individual and group work.
Creative thinking on the ball as a theatre producer, which has improved how I react to unexpected situations in the classroom.

Team work

Further developed these skills on the JCR committee where I needed to be flexible in my decision making, listening to others, responding to feedback and collaborating on projects.
Although I was not assigned a leadership role I often had to take a lead to ensure the success of certain projects.


Keeping careful schedules to avoid work, study and activities clashing. To achieve this I make sure I keep strong contact links with people I work with.
In particular I have learnt to keep a close eye on detail as it is often the small things, left unresolved, that cause problems down the line.
I am not afraid to ask for help though if things do get too overwhelming.

Awards and achievements

Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship for students with exceptional dramatic talent.
Bristol University PLUS award. This is awarded to students who have done work experience and developed employability skills alongside their degree.


Reading − joined an online reading group, ‘Because We’ve Read’ and plan to set up a local reading 'Meetup' group in Bristol next September.
IT − designed a website for my brother’s artwork. Learning to code in R studio.
Statistics − communication of risk and promoting the public understanding of science.
Languages − Currently teaching myself Swedish and Spanish.

References available on request

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