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Guitar Lessons for Children

Every year there are millions of guitar sets being bought from the stores. Guitar enthusiasts have increased gradually with the number growing each day. This is not limited to children. Have you desired your child to get some Guitar insights? Our Superprof Guitar trainers will help your child grow to an expert level.

Private guitar training has boomed over the past years, with nearly half of the guitar experts receiving some private lessons. This means that the children will also learn appropriately in a private environment. Especially in classes that require much concentration like guitars.

Benefits of Learning Guitar as a Kid

Generally, children should be at least 7 or 8 years old before beginning playing the guitar. At that age, they are mature enough and big enough even to hold the guitar in the right way. Thus, it is crucial to make them choose the instrument that suits them perfectly, even when they will grow up.

In our case, we assume that your kid is passionate about learning guitar. From that point, you can hand over the task to us. Most guitar lesson sites are geared towards teaching adults, which can make the content confusing for children. We've de-constructed the essentials of learning guitar to the smallest, bite-size, kid-friendly pieces we could manage, and presented our lessons in a kid-friendly way.

Our lessons are strategically planned to cover all basic guitar techniques, learning some fun, popular songs along the way.

Our lessons are presented by professional guitarists and teachers, who has poured their years of guitar teaching experience into each lesson on Superprof.

Learning Guitar Has benefits that the kid accrues from the training:

1.   Opens their Mind

Guitar will help the child to discover new styles and culture. Exploration is often the gateway to success and Increasing Intelligence Quotient. Its unique history accompanies each musical style. History will enrich your child's appreciation for music.

2.   Connecting to the World

Another advantage of guitar that it allows children who wouldn’t normally meet at school or in the course of their daily routines to form new friendships. Having something in common not only brings grownups together but children too. In addition to learning how to play the pentatonic scale and power chords, perhaps your child will encounter children from different social classes and backgrounds to their own at guitar class.

This is one of the best parts of the guitar. It is a social instrument. Only classical guitarists play solo - so, your children will certainly be making friends while practising their barre chords, guitar tricks, and favourite songs.

3.   Teaches the Kid to be Discipline

Who wants undisciplined children? We all know how having a self-disciplined child is awesome. To learn how to play the guitar, you must be disciplined. This is not limited to children. There are many intricate motor skills and also mental skills that must be developed to play the guitar successfully.

4.   Self-Confidence

Learning how to play the guitar, or any other musical builds the child’s confidence. This is because they develop skills that they can see and hear quickly, and that makes them feel comfortable. It is an important factor for a child to have confidence.

Why Choose Superprof Teachers

There are many guitar tuition websites out there, so why choose us? At Superprof, we have sessions personalised to fit your kids' schedule and preference. In due course, the trainer learns the kid and can tell the best time for learning for the kid. The sessions are also timely such that the child will not lose concentration. We all know how a kid can easily lose his concentration due to small distractions. Our trainers have proven ways of capturing the kid’s attention.

This ensures that the kids grasp all the skills taught. This makes us different from other sites and platforms for guitar training. We always ensure that the child is not learning to please anyone but to get life skills. Through that, we have trained many children who are now experts in the guitar space.

Unlike a grouped class, a private tutor gives you full attention and checks on your progress. We all know that we are different, and the ability of learning differs from one person to the other. Therefore, a private instructor can discern your strengths and weaknesses faster than in a grouped class. This helps the instructor to design lessons and know the limit that you will be comfortable learning per lesson.

What Will You Learn During your Guitar Lessons?

In a Guitar training lesson, your child will learn theory as well as practical. Our collection of the guitar lessons for children are designed to teach them how to play acoustic or electric guitar by covering the absolute basics up through playing chords and songs. You’ll learn about parts of the guitar, scales, right and left-hand form, chord progressions, strumming patterns, and more.

Secondly, the trainers highlight on the Chords. It does not matter what kind of music your child will be playing. Even if the lead guitar is your ultimate ambition, chords are the essential foundation for understanding the guitar. There are exceptions, but 99% of the time focussing on chords sets new guitarists on the best path to success.

We ensure that we start with the easiest chords for the kid to learn quickly and easily. The trainer doesn't want the child to quit the classes because 'they are hard.' Instead, he wants the kid to be interested in the classes and always yearning to know more.

Getting your child to learn many things is never a waste of resources nor time. On the contrary, it is like putting some treasures or assets in them. Additionally, many benefits accrue in your child being a guitar expert at a young age. When the child continues with learning the skills, they gain mastery in guitar at a tender age which is a cool thing. Additionally, the kid will be taught by experienced trainers. Most of them with over ten years of experience.

So why don’t you join Superprof for Private Guitar Lessons?

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