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20 year old Jigsaw enthusiast with experience doing jigsaws from 100-5000 pieces will teach anyone and everyone willing to learn.

There's never one simple way to do a jigsaw or puzzle, there are 100's! I aim to find the one that is right and fun for you because rest assured there will be many! I give lessons tailored to what you're wanting. Are you simply looking to find a way to complete a Very difficult jigsaw and you can't figure out where you are going wrong? Not a problem we'll find a solution.

1st lesson offered free !

Want the key to completing jigsaws successfully and efficiently? Pointless skill or cheap thrill?

My teaching method is entirely practical, but every so often you'll get some cool jigsaw facts! What more could you need?? For many years, the art of jigsawing has been ignored, but as it ever advances, those who are true fans, may come forward.

1st lesson offered free !

Conductive education student offering , English , information for parents on how to help their child with a disability

I base my classes on seeing what the problem areas are and then working towards my students aims helping them to achieve

1st lesson offered free !

Tourism student teaches how to solve jigsaw games and puzzles in London

I generally like a one-on-one method, but can show how things fit together proficiently and with ease. I have worked with handicapped students on how to relate their progress with feeling good about themselves. I have worked with groups as well.

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