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PhD researcher in Composition offers Advanced Music Theory, Songwriting and Composition lessons

My teaching is based on an interdisciplinary methodology which extends peoples understanding of music. I use technology and improvisation as a main practical tool that helps my students understand more all the theoretical aspects of music. Ι strongly encourage them to compose their own music and express themselves through this highly creative process.

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Experienced music Ph.D. teaches woodwinds, theory and music history in Merseyside area

After so many years of experience, in so many parts of the world, I tailor my teaching to meet the needs of each individual student, whether it is in performance, repertoire or the needs of various qualifying exams, A-levels, etc.

South Cadbury
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Professional concert musician, organist, pianist, accompanist and teacher offers lessons at home

My teaching philosophy uses the best traditional and modern teaching styles. I try to encourage my pupils enjoy what they can do and make good progress at all times. I use a range of different musical styles based on individual pupil's interests ranging from classical through to pop/jazz.

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Music university student offering lessons for music theory, flute and singing for all levels of musicianship!

Depending on the level of my student and their goals as a player, I choose to focus different facets that they can improve on in our lessons. Learning to use breath control correctly and understanding articulation are a large part of what I do, as this is how you become a great player! I love to teach and interact with children, and all age groups and difficulty levels are welcome.

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Music and Music Theory Lessons - University level Pianist, Singer and Organist

I'm a professional musician, currently studying a Bachelors in Music at Hull University, where I play piano, organ, and also sing, both in choral settings and theatrical settings. I hold the qualifications and skills necessary to teach these also. I also hold the organ scholarship at Beverley Minster.

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Music theory lessions, ear training (in Amberg, Eichstätt or via Skype) by a music student

My lessons are completely oriented to the needs of the student, such as targeted tutoring for school students. But even if you're a musician who wants to refresh his theoretical knowledge and / or write songs, I can help you. Furthermore, I can also give instrumental lessons (trumpet, piano, drums, ...

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Music Composer gives film scoring and concert music composition classes for anyone who has the passion to learn.

My teaching methods are: -Take the student through the history of the topics we are learning. -Make practical and fun examples. -Listen and analyze TONS of music. -learn new technologies for the production of music.

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Undergraduate student in composition gives classes to support access to higher education

My name is João Viegas, I am 22 and at this moment I am finishing my degree in music composition at the Superior School of Music of Lisbon. I can help with entry requirements for higher education in music, composition, help to review and develop original music of students, make arrangements or orchestrations of music already written, ...

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Professional musician teaches classical guitar lessons, lute and music theory in Brussels, at home and at home.

I base my teaching method on the possibilities of the student, on his level and abilities. I like to work together and share my knowledge in order to enrich its cultural context. In the course that I give I work on several aspects: - Technique; - Directory; - Interpretation; - Extra musical aspects; - Solfege; - Theory of music; The courses are at home, at home or skype.

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Music retail manager with 5 years teaching experience, Musicologist that lives in Louisville

Teaching is simple with a willing student...I establish what the goals are with the student (what do you want to be able to do?) and then we work on attaining the proper tools to meet those goals. Then the obvious part...practice...

Kings County
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Learn to Understand and Compose any Style of Music with every Instrument

I like to teach experience based, and learning by doing. To learn to compose for an instrument in a particular style, me and my student will choose representative music where we can find examples and then try through imitation and analysis to create our own personal version.

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Think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. So come and join our musical sessions .

My teaching methods is focused on week point and convert into students strength.

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Musical Production in Ableton Live Pro and ProTools, theoretical / practical in Concepción.

Theoretical / practical methodology, according to the table of contents and restlessness / motivation, exercises will be used where the potential of the student will be developed to the maximum, accompanying the practice of the theory. The student will be able to develop musical works from analog and merge it with digital.

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Bassoon lessons in Berlin by professional bassoonist for every level; other instruments or music theory upon request

The lessons can be designed flexibly, but always with special regard to the individual needs of the pupil. As a bassoon teacher, I can provide a very wide experience, with my teaching method being based on the most modern styles. Attention is always given to proper air control.

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Graduated in composition at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia offers composition lessons

I graduated in composition at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia. I offer private and on-line lessons of Composition, Orchestration, Musical Analysis, Musical Theory, Harmony, Solfeggio and Violin.

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Study Music Theory in Sydney from the Composition & Music Production student!

I like to think that music is a universal language. We'll base our classes depending on your needs. Do you need to learn how to read notation? We'll start with basic notation systems! Do you want to develop your aural skills? We'll be listening to a lot of intervals and chords.

La Coruña
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Classes of COMPOSITION at home. In A CORUÑA (Graduated in Musical Composition)

I give COMPOSITION classes, (So I also teach everything related to Solfeggio, Musical Language, Classical and Modern Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Arrangements and Musical Forms.) Composition of all genres, both Classical and Popular and also music for movies. graduated in Musical Composition and I have been teaching for 8 years now.

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Music Theory and Composition Lessons from a Graduate Student at Universität der Künste

My lessons are catered towards the interests of my student. Whether you are at an advanced level or only just beginning, I will adapt my teaching to your needs and goals. My lessons often incorporate keyboard harmony, counterpoint, score analysis, instrumentation, and improvisation. English is my native language, but I am learning German, so our lessons can be in either language.

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Graduate in Fine Arts (B.Mus.) Gives tutoring in composition for film and media, classical composition, music theory and instrument studies in Leipzig

I offer tutoring in composition, especially film music, orchestration and music theory for students (also beginners), pupils and young people, advanced or experienced and simply interested in Leipzig. I finished my Bachelor of Music at the "ArtEZ University of Arts" in Arnhem (Netherlands) in June and I moved back to Leipzig for the time being.

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College Music Student Looking to Teach Lessons from Home or Online to Anyone Interested

I have been taking piano lessons since I was 4, I am 20 now. I am currently a junior in Snow Colleges music program. I am focusing my study on composition but I have taken piano performance lessons. I have completed all levels of theory with superb grades. I am willing to teach to anyone of any age and from beginning levels to early advanced levels.

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New York University/Juilliard trained musician offers piano and voice lessons in Omaha, Ne.

Julie uses an individual approach based on the student’s present understanding of the instrument in conjunction with a scientifically based technique book, songbook, and exercises for piano or voice that supports the current music the student is studying. The student learns to sight read, understand theory, increase stamina and range in vocal dexterity and piano technique. I teach all ages.

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As a patient tutor I explain it to you in a way that makes you understand: music theory, ear training, preparation for university, songwriting, composition, piano, singing

- CurrentIy I do lectures for music theory (e.g. at the Dt. Pop), courses and workshops for absolute beginners as well as for professionals. You can learn from me: musical theory (notes, chords, intervals), hearing (music analysis, etc.), playing the piano, singing, sheet reading, etc.

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Musicologist with a master's degree from Hannover offers lessons in various areas of music

Hello, my name is Stephan. I am happy to introduce you. During my studies of musicology in Göttingen, Hannover and Osnabrück, I have come across many different aspects of music. However, one can divide these roughly into the four areas harmonica, music history, musicethnology and musicinformatics.

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Master in Musicology Student teaching everything about all the music you love

I am a student at the end of Master in Musicology. Music fascinates me.

Maria helena
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Teaching in music

I offer tuition in the field of music, including music history, analysis, theory, musical score and instrumental studies. I am also happy to help with lectures, specialist work, homework, etc. As I make a lot of music in my life and pass this knowledge on to people, I offer you simple lessons in the above mentioned points. I offer this lesson to the Abiturn level.

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