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Witham Saint Hughs
(9 reviews)
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Acupuncture student & qualified Doula passionate about Women’s health, pregnancy and childbirth in Lincolnshire

So I’m very intuitive. I base a lot of my knowledge on my gut, in the past I always had a strong sense of knowing but without the education I was unable to tie it together. Now I’m a mother of 3 studying for my degree and overcoming so many obstacles it has lit the fire within me to empower other women.

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Prepare for the arrival of your baby with the confidence and knowledge that you can offer your child the best ante and post natal care they can have.

A five week course that commences with information about early pregnancy; 1) Thoughts and feelings around the changes you could experience during pregnancy and shortly after your baby is born. 2) How lifestyles can impact on fetal development, eating, smoking, alcohol, drugs. Also a look at how your baby is developing in the womb.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Qualified Midwife Tutor: here to help new parents and new midwives- Newcastle

I can tailor my teaching method to the person or people I am teaching. I can do hands on demonstrations about baby cares or labour process' with a relaxed environment working with parents to establish what will be the best for them and their baby.

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From expecting to a bundle of love to cuddle and care for

I think the best method of this kind of leaning is practise and knowing the best knowledge I will help with techniques to any advice and guidance you may need.

(3 reviews)
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Health and sciences related and social care subjects, English and basic maths

Qualified nurse midwife, lecturer and writer, I have vast and varied experience of health and social care. I am also a qualified basic skills tutor. My teaching approach is to simplify complex mathematical conceptual ideas with poetry and especially designed materials taught one to one.

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Tutor offering online Parenting Programmes; Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; Think Family; Domestic Abuse and much more. I am based in Leicester, have over 12 years experience of training, tutoring a

I use differentiation within my teaching methods and base my classes on an eclectic array including; deligatory, facilitator, demonstrator and hybrid. This depends upon learner needs and subject matter being delivered. Basically I like to think any lessons I deliver are learner centred.

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Go Smoothly Through Your Pregnancy and Childbirth with me! I am a mom of a one-year-old baby and I want to share my good experience with you!

I am a stay-at-home mom and I am working online to support pregnant women. My goal is to first give you an overview of all the stages of pregnancy. Later on, I want to discuss your worries and expectations in order to prepare a perfect pregnancy-plan and a birth-plan. Then, I am going to coach you step by step and be there for you any time you need an advice.

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Childcare, health and social care student giving lessons on childbirth and parenthood

My teaching method is simple I do not just natter on and I on will go by what u want to know, what ever questions u want to ask and I'll help in anyway I can, we can set up a week by week plan of what days we will talk about a subject of your choice. I am a happy easy going person and I will try help in as many ways to ease the worries as much as I possibly can.

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As a recently retired midwife in Leicester, I can offer guidance in preparing you for The Big Birth Day. Whether you are planning a home birth, a Caesarian, or you just want to go with the flow, I can

I believe each family to be individual, with their own unique set of requirements and learning style. I would tailor methods and style to suit, using teaching aides such as a demonstration model of baby and pelvis, quizzes and games, or a more formal style.

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Real parent offering advice and techniques to prepare for childbirth and parenting

I like to base my teaching on fact so that parents can make their own choices based on the best information available.

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Offering education to prepare for childbirth to make for an easier labour experience knowing you will be more prepared

It will be a one on one session in: -pain relief -birth positions -physiology of contractions -after birth -relaxation methods -waterbirth -feeding methods Whatever questions you need answered I will work within my qualifications to do so. Anything serious should be approached by a qualified midwife but I am happy to help where I can.

1st lesson offered free !

Mother of 5 offering lessons on parenting.. Qualified and Childcare and 20 years experience in Childcare

I like to do a lesson using a video, explaining the subject and what topic we are doing. You also recieve an email with a lesson plan and questions to answer. I like to offer all types of lessons so face to face on skype, vidoes or written based. As all students learn differently.

1st lesson offered free !

Be the wings of your own child and the first help when he need!!

I use life experience to help others to undestand how to deal with problems and challenges everyday!!! For me life is the great teacher!! So i will use my own experience with childs to teach others mothers at the beginning of this wonderful road!!

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Preparing for child birthday anything to do with motherhood I can help

I'm here to give advice On motherhood & childbirth. Bringing your little bundle of joy into the world is one of the most precious times & a wonderful experience. First time mother's have 100 questions well I'm hear to help I have five children of my own & have a lot of experience.

Greater London
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Baby prep and support to your door with free tailored recipe books

Great for first time parents. I am a mum of 3 who would love to share her experience. Would be great to include older siblings and i come to you! Lesson 1 Demonstration and recipe book to keep for weaning. Help and advice on packing your hospital bag and and writing your birth plan. Lesson 2 Quick meal recipe book tailored to you with one demonstration of your choice.

1st lesson offered free !

Everything there is to know from pregnancy, birth through to early years

My name is Sam I am a mother to six beautiful children I hold a level 3 in childcare and education. I love children every child is precious and unique in their own way. I will teach you everything there is to know from conception through to early years. let us begin this exciting and amazing journey.

1st lesson offered free !

I give skills needed in prenatal and childcare plus, located In Medway

I am a full time mum of 7 with a college degree in childcare and education, I am sharing my skills gained to teach new mums the basics and beyond through guidance and understanding. I am very patient and understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

Full time mum offering advice on all things labour and motherhood!

My teaching methodology is either one on one or within a group where i would show everyone the basics of becoming a parent and give advice and show new time parents how to do things to maintain the newborns safety as well as their own.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Mum looking to share my tips, tricks and knowledge on all things babies.

I teach in different ways depending on the student, whether they prefer to have written information or whether they’d like pictures with explanations, I can also provide spoken classes.

Sutton Coldfield
1st lesson offered free !

Professional help and proof reading service offered in birmingham uk x x

I can answer any questions about birth, give 1:1 help, guidence, reassurance.

West Sussex
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Birthing classes. Relax and prepare for your bundle of joy to arrive.

I am a mum to a beautiful boy. I first looked into birth preparation when I started trying for a baby and decided I would gain more from it by learning more about it then just the techniques I could use myself. I started learning about the different practices and finally got to use them myself almost two and a half years later.

1st lesson offered free !

I believe in positive and confident learning, encouragement and praise goes a long way :)

My teaching method is once again based on positivity and encouragement. I believe that instead of disagreeing and disbelieving in someone that they should be shown a positive and correct manner.

1st lesson offered free !

I’m not a midwife, just a mum. I’m here to help x

My approach is listening, Iiatwn to what you have to say then give my opinion.

1st lesson offered free !

Level 2 childcare willing to help with anyone with questions. Worked in a nursery for 3 years and have my own child :)

My teaching method is calm, I don’t over complicated the subject and I try and make it stress free

1st lesson offered free !

Medical student -!”experience in gynaecology and clinical obstetrics willing to give advice

i believe you can learn through spiral learning as eventually you will encounter everything and source all information together eventually.

1st lesson offered free !

Teen Mum offering help and advice for teen childbirth and first time birth

I will offer advice and support for future births and information about during pregnancy and after birth advice on how to cope.

1st lesson offered free !

Parenting in wednesfield Wolverhampton from a down to earth full time mum

Any basic skills and care requirements from pregnancy right through to childbirth to looking after baby.

1st lesson offered free !

I can help you ease all the worries and concerns you may have!

I’m an extremely laid back person who has just a few months ago given birth to a little boy! So I can help you with any concerns or worries you may have as I know from first hand experience! I managed a quick and easy 2 hour labour!

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Perfect! Jacqui has been fantastic. She has helped me with my midwifery viva. She has fetched helpful resources and is always happy to recap information in various ways to aid understanding.

Stacie, student
8 months ago
(3 reviews)

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