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Barre based fitness class, perfect for those looking for a fun & low impact workout!

Barre is the ultimate feel-good, full body workout, targeting and toning glutes, abs, arms and core! This class will help to increase strength, stability and coordination whilst maintaining the grace and poise of a dancer. Drawing on ballet exercises and traditional barre workouts, this method intensifies the sculpting & strengthening experience in a low impact way.

1st lesson offered free !

Exercise Science student gives sport, exercise and fitness lessons to all levels as well as biology to secondary school pupils. Based in Manchester/Salford

Young professional who has completed a number of fitness achievements both personally and with teams. Give fitness and exercise lessons to all ages, individually or in groups. Prefer a hands-on approach and I tend to take part in the lesson in order to lead by example. Ambitious and always trying to push students to their maximum effort.

Ocampo gutierrez
1st lesson offered free !

My culture to share. to show others about Latin dance, I am proudly Latino and I want to graduate in something that represents not only my country but all of Latin America

In my opinion, it is to teach others how to get rid of the stress and strains of routine activities, smile and end their days positively

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Sports science graduate, currently doing masters at Loughborough, enthusiastic with sports, looking forward to changing people's lives both in and out, encouraging healthier lifestyles.

I have chosen to prepare an appropriate power point presentation, explain to the client all the material which will be covered. I will also include posts, videos, and images! I am able to deliver skype sessions to make people understand the concept of fitness, health and to explain methods of inheriting healthier lifestyles.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance teacher looking to spread health and fitness awareness to all ages

My method of teaching is to allow students to understand how the body works, and how to make the most of their current abilities to improve their future learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate sports scientist graduate promoting wellbeing- offering advice for fitness and health

For the delivering of advice and tips of fitness, muscle strengthening etc I will provide written advice, including training plans and exercises. Moreover, I will deliver classes through a video or a skype session. I have a wide knowledge of the science behind an athlete, fitness, and exercise. Through videos explaining many things, online tips and forums I will positively contribute.

1st lesson offered free !

I train swimming and gymnastics for college and school people in india

teaching means motivate the children to achieve higher goals and help them to there dreams come true particularly school kids and graduates and college students to understand mantel capacity and how much can take work load and how to give good guidance to them and make them to fallow good habitue ls

1st lesson offered free !

Latino American certified Zumba Fitness Instructor in Dunfermline, more than 10 years experience in the dance industry

-To offer the participants no matter their dancing level or background, the benefits of this program and having a blast without even realizing they are exercising.

Central Bristol

Samantha - Central Bristol - Zumba

A highly skilled and creative arts lecturer with 20 years experience of teaching children and adults. Main subjects dance and art. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Dance and Art and I can teach some basic English/literacy skills. - Tell me about your qualifications.

East Barnet

Nicola - East Barnet - Zumba

I am a patient friendly tutor who will work with students to help them achieve the best. I have over ten years teaching experience working in schools and colleges teaching children and adults. - Which subject(s) do you teach? English GCSE / Drama GCSE / PE / Dance GCSE.


David - Brixton - Zumba

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Maths. - Tell me about your qualifications. PGCE Mathematics. - How much do you charge? I cycle most places :) group discounts negotiable. - Where do you teach? within 30mins cycle of brixton... - When are you available? Now. - Which ages and levels do you teach? I'm specialised at GCSE, but will stretch both ways to KS2 and A-level.


Tasmine - Heathrow - Fitness

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I mainly teach street dance. I also teach tap, modern, African, musical theatre and contemporary dance. I teach dance fitness for adults and teens, and also boxerscise. I do one-to-one personal training sessions for adults and children in all my genres. I have over 20 years martial arts training and teaching. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Reg - Kingsbrook - Zumba

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach DanceSport, which is the competitive form of Ballroom and Latin American Dancing. - Tell me about your qualifications. Member with qualifications with: Inperial Society of Teachers of Dancing International Dance Teachers association Qualification with: National Association of Teachers of Dancing - How much do you charge? Charges vary from £3.


Jekaterina - Plympton - Zumba

- Which subject(s) do you teach? Russian Dance(choregraphy, hiphop, show dance) - Tell me about your qualifications.

1st lesson offered free !

A 15-year-dancer doing aerobics/gym for 8 years. Offering personal training lessons based on psychology in Coventry, UK for kids and adolescents;)

Everything starts from your head. There are not only the decisions that "I want to be fit and beautiful", but firstly we answer the question "why?". I provide a psychological methodology, and all "talks" we rearrange to actions and movements. It is a motivation. It is a huge huge passion you do not even realise you have inside. We open our sexuality, mind, everything what was hidden.

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1st lesson offered free !

Skfitness let's you escape limitations all at the comfort of your own home

Qualified and have experience in gym based boxing, Pilates, spin, circuit training, legs bums and tums and boot camp.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Sports science graduate offering online personal training and yoga session! (3+ years experience)

Trainings that I specialised in includes (1) hatha/vinyasa yoga, (2) strength training for weight loss and (3) muscular conditioning. My lesson outline will include mobility exercises, the main routine and muscle loosening stretches for cool down.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance graduate providing health and fitness, and nutrition coaching in Chelsea, London

Whether your goal is increasing strength or endurance, improving your health or simply wanting to look good I can make the process enjoyable and ensure your goals are in line to see the quickest progression. with my background as a contemporary dancer I use many dance and pilates based skills within my coaching to help develop a strong well-rounded body.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Passionate fitness tutor with experience in both gyms and the community settings.

I base my teaching on my own experience as well as the active IQ syllabus.

Paris 11e
(10 reviews)

Special relaxation course : muscular, articulation, personal program at the student's home

Simple softening ? Stretches ? Gentle gym ? Muscle building ? Fitness ? Fitness ? I totally adapt to you and your needs so that you can progress whatever your level. Pedagogy and fun are my principles.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Bachelor of physical education, recreation and sports of the cooperative university of Colombia

depending on the chocks if it is a hard rumba class 1 with different musical genres, if it is a class aimed at a sport or physical activity 2 hours with parts that are heating the stretch the central part (this depends on what the client wants ) and the final part

(17 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Trainer, personal trainer and fitness coach state certified course gives group lessons in pedagogy (step, LIA, Strength training, fitness, anatomy, physiology etc ...)

You are training BPJEPS AGFF mention C or D and perfect wish you to successfully graduate? I offer my services as a trainer and fitness coach.

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

If your's health good n fit yours life is very long. Stay Fit n Fine

My teaching method is very easy to learn. One hour class duration. If you seriously want to fit. I'm here with you. Let's do workout.

Vivendas Costa Azul
1st lesson offered free !

Teacher of Dance - I teach: Jazz, Street Dance and also free classes.

My methodology includes the physical conditioning, stretching and progression of the dancer respecting the corporal limits and individuality of each student. We will set goals to achieve each month and at the end of each year (or 6 months, depending on the student's desire) to prepare for a presentation and / or competition.

King William's Town
1st lesson offered free !

Physical Therapist offering Health and fitness lessons to all persons who want to improve their health.

I have two teaching methods, I use both direct instruction and personalized learning. My approach to the topic is direct and strategic, the cues and instructions I give are made relevant to the individuals personality and goals.

1st lesson offered free !

German Sports Student give Classes in Sunshine Coast Studied Sports Science at Christian Albrechts University of Kiel

Im open in what area we could do the training. Im addicted to outdoor workout and outdoor Classes. But if u got a Space we could do it at yours at well.

1st lesson offered free !

Excuses can't be the reason for us to keep fit, muscle strengthen have fun as we dance zumba and body build

my teaching methods involve practical demonstration, observation and involvement of the party that is learning through assignments, online platforms, group discussions, internships, attachments and other various methods that are within our reach. active participation is also encouraged and for understanding, questions and answers and also to build ones self esteem.

(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Personal trainer, university graduate with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of training.

Personal trainer with a university degree in Sports and a personal trainer course, more than 4 years of experience in the sector, always adapting to the objective of the person, with the possibility of personal training, online training, routines for runners, preparation of oppositions.

1st lesson offered free !

The most Amazing ways to be and become fit. Best Synchrony of Body and Mind

To explain, I have examples for every kind of student. Discipline, respect, manners & etiquette is the most important out-come of my mentoring. I immediately, understand the students tendency, mood, traits, and can design the explanations accordingly.

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