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Professional 1:1 football coach and scout, UEFA Qualified - providing football specific fitness and ball mastery in North West London.

I provide 1:1 fun and challenging football specific or football based exercises to males or females between the ages of 12-35 years of age. Sessions are delivered based on your personal preferences and areas where you would like to improve personally. All exercises coached involve a ball and different movement patterns relevant to the game to help develop you personally in several ways.

Saint Helens
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Professional Sports Coach Offering The Basics Of How To Be Successful In The North West

These lessons are for anyone who dream of working in sports or who are starting out within the sports industry. My techniques of teaching will be based around different methods in which you can coach and different ways you can approach teaching different ages of kids mainly from the ages of 4-11 but if anyone is interested can teach different ways and help out with ages of 2-4 and 11-19.

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I am a PE teacher that specialises in football coaching. I have a great passion for the sport and to engage others to enjoy football as much as I do.

I am an enthusiastic teacher/coach who aims to empower students to love sport the same way I do. I will regularly ask questions to check understanding and endeavour to make every session fun and inclusive. I thoroughly enjoy watching the progress each student makes and the way they develop their social skills alongside their sporting ability.

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FA level 1 Qualified Football/Futsal Coach [enhanced DBS] offering 1 to 1 Coaching[Welwyn-Herts]

improvement of close control,balance and co-ordination.this is not about turning a youngster into the next Messi or Ronaldo.This is more about improving someone that would like to participate more with their friends in the playground or in school sessions etc.perhaps a lack of confidence might be a factor.

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Sports coach in Chester, have FA Level 1 in football and currently completing Level 2. Also, voluntarily coach Chester Nomads Colts Under 9's.

My teaching method is using the Visual and Kinaesthetic teaching styles. This means I show how to do the specific drill/technique and do it myself. This shows how I would like the students' to do it and by using the most effective way.

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I am offering Sports practise and help from football to basketball in Ramsgate

My teaching method is to demonstrate each task that I will be teaching them. I will do this whilst explaining it step by step so that they don't get confused or want to give up. I also make it as fun as possible, I will make a few jokes and always give them praise no matter what.

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Sporty and active individual, currently studying Architecture at university, with a background in coaching and participating in sports

In the past I have taught primary school aged pupils (ages 5 - 13) and independently taken classes of up to 20 children at a time. My method of teaching when focussing on this age category is to ensure they will not only learn but will have fun doing so. If they are engaged by enjoying what they are doing, they are more inclined to take something from the lesson.

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Professional football coach with degree in sports management that can educate students of all ages on the beautiful game.

Football is usually taught in a very practical setting, but other important areas of the game can be taught in a classroom setting. Such theoretical areas include tactics, sports psychology and laws. This is what I offer in my online sessions. These are particular good for beginner level students who wish to gain an upper hand for when they go to practice sessions.

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I take pride in achieving excellence, I take responsibility for what I do, recognising other’s good work.  I set consistently high standards and expectations, ensuring that everyone has the skills to

Self employed Consultant Enabler As a Consultant Enabler my role was to provide student-led assistance to student’s with Disabilities, in order to help them access their learning and to engage with student life, this included, note taking and providing mobility support.

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Professional Football Skills Coaching in Thanet & Kent for all ages and ability

1 to 1 Football skills coaching is aimed at improving your overall game and helps footballers to be more confident and creative with the ball with fast and impressive moves to get past every opponent. Our sessions help speed, agility and quickness, improving technical ability, mastering 1v1 situations, ball control and ball manipulation.

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Elite Football Coach offering 1-2-1 or group sessions for players or grassroots coaches.

My experience as a coach possess me with great skills and these enable me to tailor a coaching/teaching style to meets certain individual or group requirements. No one is ever the same and being able to adapt and understand emotions both on the pitch and off are key.

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I will teach you the secrets and patterns to become a professional player

I sincere and very passionate about whatever i do, have an excellent spirit given to me by God, I love to leave a mark in whoever i come across with .I have a calm spirit and am patient with my students.

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Professional football coach offering 1-2-1 and group sessions in how to coach football and fitness.

As an experienced coach and teacher, my sessions are for aspiring coaches starting out on their coaching journey or experienced coaches who want to development and expand their knowledge. For younger coaches, building confidence and expertise in coaching fundamentals is the foundation before going into football specifics.

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FA Level 1 qualified coach and member of Suffolk FA coaching academy, 3 years experience coaching both boys and girls teams

With the knowledge gained from my level 1 course, grassroots coaching and ITFC academy visits I tailor all my sessions to the individuals that are there, I aim to make all sessions practical but fun & challening. I take pride in seeing players develop in all 4 corners of the FA player development model as well as building a rapport with each player.

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Footballer with 15 years of experience gives Football lessons at home in Edinburgh

I have been teaching football in my home country from last 8 years and have developed local football teams which have been successful on many occasions in football and futsal tournaments. I focus mostly on Practical implementation rather than theoretical. I will be teaching different drills, passing, shooting and apart from these composure, motivational and morale skills as well.

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One to one football coach, FA Level 2 qualified, 6 years experience, Andover

I like to teach the fundamentals and basics of a skill in a very in depth technical way, working up through to more advanced skills and plays. Sessions are set up in a structured way and are fun and in a friendly environment.

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One to One football coach. FA level 1 and a level 3 diploma in sport. Andover

very technical based sessions working on the basics and then moving forward to look at more complex skills and techniques. Will always go into a lot of detail to make sure everyone understands the reasons behind the things i am teaching. Every session will be in a fun and friendly environment .

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Football enthusiast offering training sessions to young aspiring footballers. Skills, fitness and tactical sessions to help them improve to the next stage in their game

I like to take complex ideas and break them down into easily understood parts to be well learned before being perfected as a whole. I try to make sessions interesting and varied because the more fun the more that’s learned.

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Active law student currently teaching 11-a-side and 5-a-side football in Exeter, Devon.

I like to start off lessons with a small warm up e.g. a jog around the pitch as well as stretches. After this, I pair or group the students together so that they can partake in a variety of drills, whilst teaching them key skills and various different match situations in the process. I end the lessons with a match and a warm down.

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Semi-Professional Experienced Footballer Giving Lessons On Anything You Want To Know Plus Tips

The teaching I provide is simple depending on your questions or what you want to know about football, I will answer your questions, whether it's technical or something to do with the tactical side of football, anything at all.

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University sports coaching student offering football coaching for ages 4+ in Cumbria

I like to make fun and engaging sessions that are inclusive and can support every ability that I come across. I teach in accord with the FA guidelines, using the 4 corner model. I have an expanding knowledge of mosston's coaching styles.

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Sport student offering depth of knowledge of many sports for an individual or group

My teaching method is that i like you to get to the answer on your own but with me giving you a slight push and helping hand towards the answer this so you learn as well getting the right answer.

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Sports Business and Coaching student offering support within football up to an FA Level 2 standard.

I have found the best way to enhance an individuals learning and development is through both trial and error as well as discussion. My coaching philosophy is to create fun and enjoyable learning environment where participants can learn and develop whilst improving on a range of skills.

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Former sports student offering help and guidance if sports the thing for you.

I will ensure that my classes are fun and enjoyable for all because i've learned through playing football that if you enjoy yourself and help the people around you, you are more likely to succeed which is what my classes will be about.

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University student and former student athlete offering football training sessions for young athletes

My teaching method is show and tell. With any sport it is usually best to demonstrate rather than explain and most times explain and then demonstrate. I am very patient and nurturing and aim to bring out the best in each individual.

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Sport Development with Coaching Graduate teaching in Ulverston with 1 year experience in teaching children

I like to use sport to make learning fun, I believe any subject can be taught through fitness and sport in general. I am always enthusiastic and fun and enjoy teaching children and watching them progress through sport. I not only teach sport but can teach children Maths, English and Science as well as other primary curriculum subjects.

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Football coach with a University degree in Sports coaching and 3+ years of grassroots coaching experience

My training method is based on allowing you to learn how you want to learn and to also learn by trying new things and problem solving what went wrong when mistakes happen. Also like to create a fun environment where students are happy to learn.

Houghton le Spring
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PCET student with a degree in Sports Coaching, offering coaching in Sunderland

I am at PCET student at Sunderland University and I have provided sports classes to an American summer camp for the past 3 years. I prefer to get involved with the sessions so I can have a hands on approach and stop specific situations to teach a better technique.

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A Sport & Exercise Scientist teaching simple physiology/performance related lessons in Edinburgh

I like to make use of applied scenarios and pose different challenges to the student. Once I have given the the pre-requisites to take on the task of a real-life applied setting, I then let them try to work it out for themselves. This leads us to a review of their solutions and what could be done to improve .

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Qualified Sports Coach based in the South West specialising in Football and Hockey

My teaching method varies from group to group dependant on how best suits the group in front of me. I try to include everyone as much as possible and have as much fun with lessons whilst maintaining and aiming for targets and objectives.

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Perfect! Timo is such an amazing coach - he’s supportive, encouraging and always pushes me to achieve my best. In the few sessions we have had so far I have already improved massively.

Tamzin, student
1 month ago

Perfect! Timo is a top coach and knows he’s job very well. He sets up tailored sessions to suit my sons needs and gives him the confidence to learn and do good.

Abubakar , student
5 months ago

Perfect! Timo is a perfect coach who is focused in helping me with my football training both technically and mentally. I will always recommend Timo as he acts professionally during my training sessions.

Jonathan, student
7 months ago

Perfect! Awesome coach, allows me to work on what I want/need to work on. Uses good drills and training techniques.

Alexander, student
9 months ago

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