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Professional Artist/Lecturer, 25 years of experience offering tuition in Art in Glasgow.

I bring out the best in each in each student through teaching specific modules designed to develop their creative potential, observational drawing and painting skills.Through one to one tuition I build on the students strengths and areas needing improvement.

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Art lessons by experienced artist in oil abstract painting and in wildlife painting with watercolour.

My teaching methods depend on the student. First we discuss the topic and talk about the techniques which will be applied. Then the student will begin the task with me giving demonstrations and guidance if the student requested it. If the student is not comfortable with the technique or material then we will choose something which is suited to them.

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Fashion design MA student offering darwing and fashion design classes in london and epsom

Teaching is for fun. I hope people can relax in my teaching, at the same time finding their real interests and make themselves be a better person.

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Medical and Scientific Artist offering experience in traditional and digital illustration in London

I base my classes around my students. I can cover a wide range of traditional and modern media. I approach each topic based on colour theory and strong composition. It's important to understand the basics before you are able to master illustration. We can work in line, tone, or colour. I can also provide critique and feedback for current projects and help you work towards your art goals.

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Freelance Illustrator with 5+ years experience offering Drawing and Graphic Design classes in Philadelphia

My teaching method is Project based. I approach lessons by, after establishing the students experience level, introducing a prompt for a project. As we work through the project together I help my students problem solve as issues arise. I believe this interactive way of teaching helps students learn quicker and more effectively.

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An artist and digital designer, passionate in all things natural. #Botany #Biomimicry

My methods of teaching will be unique to each student(s) needs. I'll first assess their level of knowledge and skill and take it from there. I am a patient, open minded individual who is easy to approach. I relate better with the youth as I am very aware of what I needed and appreciated most from my previous instructors.

Navi Mumbai
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Fine Art student from Navi Mumbai gives art classes to anyone interested

My method of teaching will be to first help students distinguish the lines, forms and colors of anything. From there they will move forward to shapes and hues. I will aim at helping them put the image in their mind on paper as they wish. The process will vary according to the students and their requirements. Open conversation will always be encouraged.

Fulham Gardens
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Even though I have been working in this field for over 2 decades I am still blown away by how powerful imagery and art can be in supporting people to express themselves.

I have a proven ability to provide a high standard quality of care that is in line with current evidence-based models of practice and national practice standards. In my current role as an art teacher, I use the model of service and student’s participation as an important part of the program’s activities.

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Bachelor of Visual arts from ANU graduate teaching art in its many forms

I combine physical skills based learning with a thorough contextualization of the student, in order to empower them to create art that relevant to them self and the broader community.

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Freelance artist looking for tutoring and education experience, currently working on video game development art and educational textbooks for children.

Growing up with a much younger brother, I learned patience very quickly! When teaching I believe it’s critical to take into consideration the personal goals of the student and how they learn, be it by doing or seeing; maturity of the student must also be factored in, as a child will respond to different language and concepts than a teenager or adult.

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Student in fine arts , teaching other young students the art of creativity.

I base my class on each ones individuality and guide them via their own experience and foundation. I let them understand the base and foundation of the subject before heading to explain the process. I am calm , patient and allowing of everyones own unique ideas and creativity .

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