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Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted conflict management skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

(6 reviews)

Mindful Creativity Coach, Life Coach, Personal Coach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, confidential support with experienced coach

HOW CAN COACHING WITH ZANGMO ALEXANDER HELP ME? - Dissolve blocks, procrastination, resistance, fear, anxiety and negative beliefs sabotaging your personal, creative and professional development - Clarify what is really important, authentic and meaningful in life and creative practice for you – what are your core values, aspirations, goals and beliefs that make life worth living and creative wo

Greater London
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RADA trained actor, Kings College MA graduate and public speaking expert providing voice tuition in London

Classes are suitable for all with a gentle, accumalitive approach to exercises. I focus on breath, relaxation and posture to eradicate physical tension and enable students to achieve a more confident vocal and physical presence. I start with exercises that induce a state of relaxation before working through voice, diction and articulation and then applying my methods to text.

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Want to find ways to free up and manage the creative side of your brain? That's what I do!

Creativity is surrounded by myths. My approach is all about demonstrating that it is a skill that can be mastered rather than a superpower you either have or you haven't. I can run you through exercises that can show you how your brain will be creative if you simply give it the right circumstances and learn to overcome the outer and inner critics that life throw in our way.

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Creative life/business coaching - helping you turn your ideas & vision into your reality

Focusing the creative mind discoaching.org Creative Life/ Business Coaching helps you to become more focused and creative with your life and your business, so you can make the necessary changes to start doing the things you really want to do and dancing to the beat of your own drum as you work towards a more productive & creative independent lifestyle on your terms.

Central Liverpool
(10 reviews)

Flloyd - Central Liverpool - Public Speaking

I am an experienced voice/acting coach & professional actress, having worked in the UK, USA and Australia for many years. I offer tools to develop a strong, flexible, effective and creative speaking voice and powerful communication skills. .

Bury St. Edmunds
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I am life long community workshop leader working with vulnerable adults, learning difficulties, women's refuge and offenders or those in risk of committing crime

I most enjoy one to one connection, responding to human thoughts in the interactive practice and learning to distinguish the fine line between help and support. Judging when to stand back, how to encourage, how to acknowledge the small steps, draw on the positives, be receptive and respond flexibly to whatever situation arises.

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Life coach specialising in lifestyle changes and rediscovery of oneself after major illnesses

I have been successfully teaching various subjects and then coaching via Skype for a number of years with clients living across the country and beyond (Luxembourg, Austria, Hong Kong, France to name but a few). My clients` testimonials: Ignaty has helped me greatly with his life coaching.

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MBA student London offering you to master the art of public speaking

My method of teaching is totally practical. I relate content to real world scenarios and situations so that it becomes easy to understand the theoretical as well as practical order. Lectures would provide all the necessary information needed to be proficient in professional public speaking.

Milton Keynes
(4 reviews)

Richard | Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach | Active in Milton Keynes, London and Worldwide via Skype

Public Speaking success is about understanding and building a connection with your audience to move to them to think or act differently. Very few of us are born great speakers, but every one of us can find our voice and success through planning, practice and performance. I am a specialist Communications Coach with over 10 years of experience.

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A qualified and experienced personal life coach and mindfulness practitioner, mentor, University level teacher, energy-worker, metaphysical worker and intuitive, spiritual consultant.

I work intuitively bringing the gift of guided insight and intuitive reading to the coaching process, as well as developed and experienced knowledge of Metaphysical energy. I will endeavour to promote structure, motivation and an inspiring plan of action!. We get to the heart of what you really want and overcome what may be holding you back.

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Qualified Teacher who is able to inspire and engage students to enjoy learning

Teaching is tailored to the individual needs of the student and adapted to their learning style. The lessons are informal and are guided by the student. As a teacher, I have an innate ability to built a rapport with my students so they always feel comfortable to ask questions, which is necessary in order to clear any misconceptions they have.

Sowerby Bridge
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Personal and Professional Life Coaching - Covering - Wellbeing, Development or Career Progression.

Getting to understand my clients through listening, I explore the clients strengths and weaknesses, working with them to enable positive action whilst discovering the options and resources that are available to the client. Combining my knowledge of NLP to deliver effective quality one to one sessions which bring value to the clients.

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I want to listen what it is in your heart. I’m not a psychologist, neither I am a friend. But I will be in between.

I will listen every word, every sound and every feeling that comes from you. My task is to listen and help you with emotional intelligence to find a solution. Sometimes I use music as therapy too, as it helps you think different and the melody just changes the vibes in your mind and even the body.

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Experienced and passionate singer and performer with musical theatre qualification, offering creative arts sessions in London, with singing and expressive dance movement being core part.

I offer fun, interactive themed sessions encouraging improvisation, personal self expression through creative work and collaboration with other like minded people. I have a compassionate, calm , holistic approach, able to encourage, motivate, guide and support others in developing skills and confidence in performing to others.

(1 review)
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You are in the driver seat of your own life ! - Handle your life and happiness as you should ! Life Coaching; Happiness Management

I hear my clients talking about their problem or the difficult situations they face. From a life coach's perspective it becomes more flexible to target the problem area and work on it with my client. What I ask from my clients is however, their participation and patience.

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Creative 300hr Advanced Cert. in Yoga Teaching, with additional Yoga Therapy qualifications

I get people to be honest with me, so they can be honest with themselves. Drawing on experience from mindfulness, personal development & techniques like NVC, CBT & NLP, we spend time exploring the individual, both where they’re at, and where they dream of being. Classes depend of what the lesson is, but talking & listening initially will unearth the difficulties which are holding us back.

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Change your reality, life, positive mindset with taking massive action right now!

I have experienced years and years of having to work on myself before I teach others. I have done a lot of therapy and work on mind shifting for a while now. I can talk from experience. My teaching skills will be about how to shift your mindset, how to find your purpose in life, also taking action and how to improve your social skills.

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Natural optimist whose desire is to improve and brighten your thinking and life.

My teaching method varies on student preferences. I am open to teaching face to face or consulting online. The amount of hours also depends on you and on your situation, therefore, after the first session, I will recommend you the teaching technique and we can agree on what suits you the most.

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Life Coach Working with Self-Love and other Coaching Techniques, I work Online only.

My goal is to help you train your mind in a way that you could enjoy your life, notice opportunities that are always around you and learn how to get the things you want in life. I help to learn how to process difficult emotions, experience them and let them go.

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Expert in criticial incidents and stress management , recreative activities events manager. Eco tourisme, sport. Publics : children, adults and professional levels

Group and indivudual activities for each. kids, adults. Also, we can provide specific activities training like training for sports, one week induction in agrobusiness plantations in Africa for cocoa, banana, cofee etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Entrepreneur, Inventor here to motivate you into dreaming, believing and ultimately acheiving

Skype sessions: firstly to understand what is your dream and where you are and what you need, then to set a plan as required to help you move forward.

1st lesson offered free !

CBT/GESTALT/MINDFULLNESS/GRIEF Therapist and Psychotherapy, lifelong Buddhist , Philosophy, Religion and Communication background

I assess each person on what they are seeking to happen and plan a series of tailor made classes.

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Creative artist/nutritionist branding a message for those who want too maximize their inner potential and output

I like hands on approach so even in a live seminar, i might single out someone to create in the moment content in order to release any inner conflicts they may otherwise be able to mask. I strongly believe what we intake has a lot to do with what we create; i.e.

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Professional Practice manager offers his help to everyone who needs to reach the infinity

my methodology is based on motivational speeches to enable my students know themselves better and help them find out who they are and what they want to do with their life.

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Sports teaching assistant who has a sports degree offering health and well-being lessons in london

As mentioned before I teach a maximum of 10 pupils four times a week physical education and PSCHE (personal, social, citizenship and health education). I follow the national curriculum for both and structure it based on each individual needs as I work with pupils ranging from year 7 to year 11.

1st lesson offered free !

I offer practical proven methods and knowledge you can apply to get whatever you desire.

I teach using simple, powerful, proven and practical knowledge that easy to apply and master in a short period of time. I tend to teach using case studies and personal testimonials from people who've actually applied my principles to attain their desire in life. It's amazing and works every time.

1st lesson offered free !

Hi, I'm Dave. I'm a 'Social Alchemist' with a passion for well-being, mindfulness and meditation. I am eager to help individual's build their best life and engage with the world around them.

I approach each session with a focus on what well-being factors the individual wants to build on and how we can move forward in a positive, engaged and person-centred way. This can include developing meditation & mindfulness techniques, using social exposure principles to engage in new situations and working through your present identity and future goal setting to bring in meaningful change.

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"Anger is the wind that blows out the lamp of our mind" Choose you path wisely. Never sacrifice the future for temporary reliefs.

No one is perfect. Rather than a syllabus or classic approach, I consider my students as my friends and I keep away all the tradition norms and tend to impart real life incidents which have proven more effective than a printed or a recorded one.

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Personal development enthusiast, and qualified Martial Arts Instructor with over fifteen years of running my own businesses, ready to teach and mentor in lifestyle design, and self-discipline.

My habit based teaching method is to discuss the aspirations of my students so I can tailor a lifestyle and personal development action plan to inspire them to complete their goals, develop success habits and then achieve their ideal lifestyle.

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