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Free Your Creativity! Qualified, experienced Art Teacher and Professional Artist (PGCE and MA), personalised private lessons, all media and approaches, relaxed friendly atmosphere, everyone welcome

ONE-TO-ONE PERSONALISED CREATIVE ART LESSONS, ART COURSES, ART RETREATS, ART WORKSHOPS IN NORFOLK, SUFFOLK Free your creativity, express yourself, discover the real you! One-to-One, personalised, Creative Drawing, Painting and Photography Lessons, Art Workshops, Art Courses, Art Breaks and Art Retreats are individually designed for your own, unique, personal interests and needs.

Dollis Hill
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Leigh - Dollis Hill - Expressive Art

I have taught in over 200 different educational institutions, across London, Hertfordshire and beyond ranging from Musical Theatre Course Coordinator at The Arts Educational School, Tring Park to a successful Head of Drama post in Harpenden. Herts.

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London based artist (masters degree education) available for tutelage in Abstract Painting. Experienced in creative advocacy, aiding to foster a dynamic approach to individual creative process.

As a Creative Advocate and a practicing artist I am very well aware of what it means to work in an artistic capacity. I have had over 20 years experience in the creative industries and I am a huge fan of collaboration and have learnt that coupled with sustainability and engagement it is a driving force that will upgrade any creative project.


Alexa - Epping - Expressive Art

I am a friendly secondary school teacher, I have been qualified for 10 years as a Drama and English teacher, and have held the post of Head of Performing Arts for the past 5 years. I'm passionate about my subject both practical and theory elements. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in English, Drama, Performing Arts and A level Theatre Studies.


Catherine - Brockley - Expressive Art

I'm a passionate and supportive tutor with a PhD in English and six years' tutoring experience. As a lecturer in English at Goldsmiths, UCL and Kingston university, I teach a range of topics. My tutoring centres on the student's specific needs.

Burgess Park

Alex - Burgess Park - Expressive Art

Hi I am a graduate of LAMDA and have ten years professional acting and teaching experience. I also regularly sit on the LAMDA interview and audition panel. I can coach for both public speaking and drama school auditions too. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach: Drama School Auditions, Drama and theatre studies, Acting, Public speaking. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Colin - Ipplepen - Expressive Art

I worked as a theatre & creative arts professional for many years before qualifying as a teacher. I believe that a basic grounding in communication and creative thinking techniques and strategies holds well in all situations. I offer these to all. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Drama, English, Performing Arts, Expressive Arts, Communication and Presentation Skills. Improvisation.

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Hey, I'm Sue. I'm an undergraduate Art student from the Birmingham School of Art.

Art is fun! I structure my lessons to reflect that. I split the sessions between practical and theoretical waves in a way that they will complement each other without overwhelming the student but rather emphasising what the theory has to say with the practical side of things. All in all, I love to get hands on the work. It is art after all. p.s: I also teach collage sessions if interested.

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Privious Art and Design student. Works with youth service, volunteers and generally wants to help young artists.

I believe in a "hands on" approach. Using all media, and setting work that someone may find challenging but, working from it to better their outcomes and understanding of art, as well as the methods, history and understanding how to enjoy the process of creating art. Focusing on what is important to the student and how to progress at a rate with suits them.

Central Sheffield

Is life told by an idiot, full of sound and fury? Macbeth

Hi, I’m Pete, and I’m presently working at Birkdale, travelling to sunny Gainsborough for lots of GCSE poetry and prose ( who can tire of one's anthology of poems? Polite answers only, please), teaching Macbeth, IELTS ( there's always IELTS ), City and Guilds and the Weimar with a student from Sheffield High.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine art Painting Graduate offering help in preparing for exams, preparing course work and putting together a portfolio.

I pride myself in my ability to fully immerse myself in the ideas and concepts of the student I’m teaching. This helps me aid them in creating not only work which reaches school specification but also helps me aid them in evolving their own personal style, interests and ideas.

1st lesson offered free !

BA Fine Art Graduate offering lessons in traditional and expressive painting techniques

My lessons are aimed at people who draw/paint as a hobby and want to gain more confidence. I'm open to giving lessons to younger children who have a creative spark or want to realise their creative potential through painting. I truly believe rules are made to be broken in art and in order to break them, you have to learn them first.

1st lesson offered free !

With over 20 years within the art and design sector and with a loving and passionate attitude towards art, I believe I could really teach and encourage people to express their individuality through ar

My teaching method would be a relaxed, enjoyable one. Where my students can free encouraged, energised and gain confident. I am a very approachable person and patient. I am very dedicated to people's needs and take the time to listen, understand and encourage.

1st lesson offered free !

London Art Student- Grade 9 GCSE (A**) experience of volunteering to support younger students in art classes.

I am very flexible and adapt to the needs of who I'm working with. In order to help you develop your artistic skills or expression I would give you ideas to experiment with e.g a combination of materials that I feel is interesting. If there's an area you're struggling with I can advise ways you can get passed initial struggles.

1st lesson offered free !

Architecture student offers painting, drawing, abstract art and creative DIY lessons in Leicester

As art is a subject that does not require to sit back in a chair and absorb insane amount of facts, I base my lessons purely on enjoyment. To have fun and enjoy the lesson is crucial and neccessary in achieving the best results.

Hertford Heath
1st lesson offered free !

Intuitive artist with 30 years experience in drawing, acrylic paint and pastels in Hertfordshire

My teaching methodology is simple and practical as I prefer everyone to follow a particular method however everyone has the right to express themselves depending on what they feel in the moment. I keep an open mind and like to go with the flow.

1st lesson offered free !

Proactive designer, visual artist and teacher offering interesting/innovative learning methods/lessons in Oxfordshire

I can summarise my method as a person centred education what means professor is focusing in the student needs as individual: Strength, weakness, targets, etc.

(2 reviews)

Laura - Wimbledon - Expressive Art

I am a qualified (DITALS certificate) and experienced Italian teacher and Life Coach. I run a school of languages "Ad Meliora Academy" and our students improve their languages learning different skills. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian (grammar, literature, culture and phonetics in a peculiar and enjoyable way!).

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering and arts student offering tutoring in art and gcse or bellow math English or science

my teaching methodology is simple with a modern twist. my teaching is individually customised to each student. I believe every student is different and requires customised teaching to reach there full potential. this is easily assessed with in meeting the student .

1st lesson offered free !

MA level Therapeutic Arts Practitioner can help you excel in your subject

I aim to inspire, focus and help clear any blocks in the way of each individual blossoming in their personal creative process. This is available for anyone, with any amount of experience or qualification. We will embark on a creative journey together. There will be artistic homework and personal exploration.

Herne Bay
1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Dance Teacher offering privates in all styles of Street, Commercial, lyrical and basic tap. Also offering English literature, language and essay skills tutoring up to GCSE level.

My teaching method is always suited to the individual, the first class would always be basic so I can gather knowledge of the student to understand what approach I should take and at what specific level, along with recommendation.

West Bromwich
1st lesson offered free !

Hi, I'm a university graduate teaching Art, Design and Art Theory in Birmingham

I approach each lesson by building on the last, in order to create an ease of access to knowledge. I'm interested in my student's thoughts and opinions as well, as this can be the basis for their artistic endeavours. I Also believe the best thing is not to rush anyone, as everyone has their own pace of learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Creative & Colourful Arts & Craft tutor gives lessons over various levels in Luton.

My teaching method is dependent on the student & the actual work they are undertaking at the time, we all learn in different ways.

1st lesson offered free !

Choreographer/Dancer/Ballerina can help you learn dancing and be confident with every step you take

I dont have a teaching method, it's just about learning how to feel the music and to feel the moves

1st lesson offered free !

Visual artist giving drawing/painting/illustration classes for children who wish to express their ideas into beauty

I base my classes on recreational practice of drawing or photography, without creating a tense atmosphere for the student, but surely obtaining progression and a good understanding of the domaine.

1st lesson offered free !

Well qualified teacher of Art situated in Newcastle. I can help you pass your examinations. I can help you learn a new skill.

My approach to teaching is student led. I teach students what they need to know and what they are interested in. I can teach Art from 3 years old to adults. I can teach to any British examination board. I have skills in most Art mediums my favourites being, painting, drawing, textiles and sculpture.

1st lesson offered free !

Work in an art studio for people with special needs would like to help anyone else that wants to learn art

It's all about what kind of art the student wants to do, whatever it is they'd like to do I'll give practical demonstrations on techniques but will always try to make the lesson as much fun as possible.


Amanda - Oakwood - Expressive Art

As a voice coach, actor and examiner with over 20 years teaching experience I believe that every student deserves the highest quality education with dedication to personal tuition to encourage the best results. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I both teach and examine in English and Drama.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine Art student teaching how to paint landscapes, abstract art and drawing figures

I believe that anyone can make art. My classes are based on setting yourself free through art and bring out your inner self.

1st lesson offered free !

Acrylic pouring artist with a passion to share and teach my passion

I am very laid back and easy going, i am willing to teach anyone that wants to learn! In terms of a lesson structure it will be very much about you and what you want to learn and at what speed.

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