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Glasgow based new media tutor specialising in the moving image, offering tutoring in photography/videography/green screen from beginners to higher education. Suitable for any ages or levels.

I adapt and change all sessions in relation to the students needs. I will always motivate my students to the best of their abilities and want them to achieve their best possible outcomes.

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Hello there, I am an highly experienced Commercial Photographer, Retoucher and Educator

I use a multitude of teaching methods. Each session is tailored to the learners requirements, be it a one to one or group session. Photography requires a experiential learning approach. Learners are introduced to the relevant skills and then apply the gained knowledge through practice, evaluation and development.

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Qualified Photographer and Lecturer offering Photography Workshops, Classes and Trips in Cornwall

I can teach from entry level for students that have never held a camera, up to Level 3, the equivalent of A Level or Foundation Diploma. I often work with a social teaching style, letting the students lead the direction of the class whilst acting as a facilitator for the needs of the individuals in the groups.

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College Student Offering Photography/Fashion Photography Lessons Online- GCSE to A-Level 7yr Experience!

I am a very friendly, open, empathetic and patient individual, who knows exactly what the current educational pressure can feel like, and so I personally aim to teach in such a way that calms, prepares and motivates you to produce the best quality work as possible! My teaching method is to always encourage you to express yourself and your passions within your work.

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Professional Photographer With 30 Years Experience Offering 1-2-1 Tuition in Perthshire, Scotland.

I will teach you what the settings on your camera are for, what they do, and how to use them to your advantage, by going through them a stage at a time until you are confident in using them to achieve fantastic results.

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Professional photographer offering various photography workshops for beginners in and around Clackmannanshire

The initial idea is to start teaching the very basics of photography... A bit of theory but absolutely needed to better understand how a camera is working and how to use it at its best. To make it more enjoyable, there will be no classroom and lessons will be given on the field while practicing with the camera in your hands.

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Passionate student photographer teaching you how to take a perfectly composed photo and edit that photo using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Photography may seem easy. It's just aiming a camera and pressing a button right? Wrong. To get that award-winning photo you must consider multiple aspects, such as the lighting, composition, focus of the photo, and many others.

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Photography Tutor: Masters Degree With Over 20 Years Of Experience Online, Travel, Face2Face

I love for people to learn at ease, where they feel comfortable to express themselves so that together we are able to achieve the results we want. I also enjoy teaching in large groups. I always want my students to be open about what they need help with or what they may not understand.

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Contextual photographic study, learn to get out of the “norm” of portraits

I’ll help you think on your feet, I’ll teach you how to compose a good image, I can’t teach you to be a better photographer, but I’ll get you on the path of being a better photographer, I’ll teach you photographic manipulation and how to think outside the box.

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Photography student; 16 years old, will teach and help with photography to GCSE students in photography.

My teaching method for photography is teaching GCSE students on how to take photographs of certain things and which camera settings to use. I will also give lessons on how to do basic photoshop as well as what camera equipment to use for certain photographs.

Greater London
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Life Hacks, Beauty Hacks , Fashion advice , Study well tips, How to blossom

How to do make your life easier. Testing beauty products and trying beauty hacks. Fashion advise, discussing trends.

Alice shingiro
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I have graduated in Media Production, I am passionate to take photography and teach about it.

My teach methodology will be theory and mostly practical. Both are needed to know the ethic and procedures on photography. Social media has gone beyond the terms and conditions. And with the theory we will see the “Do” and “Don’t Do” to avoid troubles.

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Fashion and Photography student offering classes on all types of photography for you!

Im more of a visual person and like learning to be kept interesting and fun, so when coming to teach you guys I'm going to do the same so its not boring and you enjoy it more! I hope you guys want to enter the world of photography!

West Sussex
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Photography and Photoshop Tutoring - Brighton - Experienced Photographer and Photoshop Expert with 3 years experience!

I teach mainly to let you explore your own way of doing things, and with a guiding hand from me you will be able to effectively create your own stunning portfolio. A typical lesson structure would consist of, going through photo ideas and previous portfolio work + any assignments that you have completed.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Beautiful & Professional Photography Tutor - Here to Help You Take Magical Photos

I merely want to pass on my skills & knowledge in the photography aspect, as I find it so easy to take outstanding photos & I’d love to show others just how they can as well.

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MBA student at Edinburgh Napier University who has experience in Fashion Photography and makeup’s

Practical experience and learning from the best people around the globe is what I take my aspirations from. I also believe in learning from idead put out by people.

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A level student offering tutoring/lessons in digital photography and editing techniques.

teaching through trying mainly for GCSE level but also for beginners or anyone wanting to learn how to photograph.

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Professional studio photographer offering the key to art of stills in Solihull

I can give one to one and group lessons depending on the need of the student. I try to create a fun and productive learning process and be as flexible as I can according to the aim of the pupil.

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Graphic Design graduate and photographer offering Photography and Film lessons in Berkshire

After graduating in Design at University for Creative Arts in 2017, I have surrounded myself by professionals in creative arts. I used to tutor in photography and love to pass my knowledge forward.

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Free Photographer in Carterton whit 3 years experience, lessons at home.24/7 customer support

The first step towards a successful photoshoot is having great backgrounds and props. Now, I use these words interchangeably, because my photography style is more minimal and ingredient-focused. Smaller props like spoons and plates are useful in many situations, but I’ve found that you can create a variety of photos using minimal styling.

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Professional photographer offering photography lessons in London. 2 years of experience as tutor

Personal model: Incorporates blended teaching styles that match the best techniques with the appropriate learning scenarios and students in an adaptive format.

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A student who has studied Media in GCSE, A Level and currently doing a Media Studies degree at the University of Brighton, who is offering any digital content lessons such as photography, videography

I will ask you on what you would like to focus on and want help in. A topic or task that you do not understand - I will help to break it down to you. The meanings, the theoretical and practical sides, how to do a certain thing such as take pictures in the right settings in a camera etc. I will break it down, depending on what you find difficult and will help you understand and love it.

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Photography Lessons / DSLR / Learn to take stunning images / Eyes Like a Shutter, Mind Like a Lens

I tailor all of my lesson plans to the individual and have experience in teaching people with ADD and Dyslexia. I have taught from ages 11 to 65.

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Performance Sportswear Design student in Falmouth offerring Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop lessons

I love to put a storyline or a certain plot behind everything I do, as for me motivation is key. Unless one knows why exactly they are doing something they will never be motivated and good enough in what they are trying to achieve. Therefore, it is essential to ask yourself why you want to do what you are doing.

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Enthusiastic film student and professional photographer offering variety photography classes in London

I am available to give lessons to everyone interested. I teach both film and digital photography, as I believe it is important to understand both in order to understand the fundamentals of photography. I'm friendly and believe in everyone learning at their own pace, so every class is closely tailored to the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Recently Graduated Photography student (HND) offering Photography lessons in the North Lanarkshire area!

Own camera and equipment is necessary; I would base my instruction on students interests and would mould the lesson towards them. I am able to break things down into simple lessons and would like to be clear on what I will be teaching and for however long.

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Photography student offering photgraphy and other subjects lessons in Wigan and Manchester

My teaching method is showing the client the basic steps of photography with the use of Photoshop. Then, I would help them build more and more. I would also give them challenges and homework to take photos that links with photography.

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Photo tutor perfect for photography classes, digital and film photography. Contact me

I am an engineer with extended experience in photography and teaching. My classes are dynamic and you will enjoy all the minute while learning basic or advanced skills. If you are interested in a particular field or genre of photography don't hesitate to contact me.

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Photography Tutor available in Ashford and Canterbury with 5 years of experience

As a graduating student of the University of Kent studying Liberal Arts, I have much experience in photography, both its history and practical use. I have both theoretical and practical approach to teaching photography, part of the lesson will focus on a few aspects of the camera, which would be applied in the second part of the lesson.

St. Austell
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student offering a photography or art introduction as a hobby or gcse ability

My teaching method would be hands on and very visual. I know how to work photoshop and I am very friendly and communicable.

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