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Civil Engineer offering Maths and Physics lessons up to University Level in London


Planning my lessons in advance, emphasizing the key aspects of the task and dealing with more specific & personal educational needs of the students, make me a great tutor. I always focus on different ways to deliver one problem so that the students can pick the easiest and the most suitable way they find.


Dundee University (UK), Civil Engineering Graduate with 15 Years Experience, tutoring students of various disciplines in UK and Qatar.
I teach various disciplines and subjects so the students find it convenient as they can switch from one subject to another and can get all the knowledge in one package i.e.
1st to 9th Grade Maths & Physics
GCSE’ Level & A’ Level All Modules
All Civil/Structural/Environmental Engineering Modules

I also help students with daily home tasks, coursework’s and exam preparations according to their curriculum requirements.


Rate for online lessons : £35/h
Lessons offered by Raza
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Further Maths
  • All Levels

Raza's CV

Aoun Raza (Professional Tutor)

Personal Summary
Experience: 15 Years
Enthusiastic & hardworking Dundee University, UK graduate holding a 2:1 in Civil Engineering. Since graduating in 2013 working as a Site Engineer at various projects in Qatar and teaching part time to university students, aim to contribute to education sector by teaching students of various disciplines with the knowledge and experience gained in the past years.

2009 – 2013 University of Dundee Scotland, UK BEng Civil Engineering Honours
Honours project aimed to investigate “wave induced pore pressure leading to liquefaction in marine sediments.”
First class merit certificate in each year of study for achieving 1st class level of study.
Class Representative for first three years at university.

Structural Analysis (A1), Fluid Mechanics (A2), Mathematics for Engineers II (A2), Structural Design (B3), Conceptual Design (B2), Business Framework (B2), Steel & Concrete Structures (B2), Water Resources and Treatment (B1)

2004 – 2008 Beacon house School System Jhelum, Pakistan
A-Level Maths 95% (A), Physics 72% (C), Accounting 67% (D)
O-Level Mathematics 91% (A), Urdu 90% (A), Add-Maths 91% (A),
Physics 87% (B), Islamiat 82% (B), English 71% (C)

Teaching Work Experience
• Efficient user of Structural Analysis Software such as GSA and QSE to replicate loading scenarios as per Eurocode 1.
• Capable of using AutoCad Civil and the Microsoft Office suite to present Engineering Drawings & perform related calculations.
• Develop conceptual design projects and execute final output using loading scenarios to construct the approved designs.
• Construct business framework for various projects in Qatar for adequate formation of work on site.
2013 – Present Tutor for Engineering Subjects
• I am registered member of University Tutor website since 2009 and have a great record for tutoring more than 65 students over the period of time.
• I tutor UK/Qatari Students part time for preparation of College and University Examinations. I help them solving their problems regarding structural analysis and design coursework’s. Develop their skills for adapting new techniques to solve Engineering Problems.

2009 – 2013 Tutor for Various University Modules
• I tutored British Students part time for preparation of Scottish Higher, Foundation Courses and University 1st Year Examinations.

2004 – 2009 Tutor for Maths, Physics
• I tutored O Level & A Level Students for preparation of their Cambridge Examinations.

Professional Work Experience
February 2019 – Present Maylim Limited
Project/Position: Building & Landscape works at 100 Bishopsgate (Site Civil Engineer)
• Use of Aconex Construction Software for planning, forecasting and reporting data
o Access to approved project technical documents/drawings to control information and processes across internal & external organization.
• Use of Zutex Construction Software to present Building and Completion Information in accordance with Project Specifications and Site Requirements.
o Interpolate and store data such as Site Drawings, Models, Site Daily Reports, Material & Equipment Data, Contractual & Legal Records and Testing & Commissioning, for Approval of Multiplex (Main Contractor).
• Review Uniclass 2 Development Release Classification Tables provided through Construction Project Information Committee (CPI), to obtain best practice guidance on the content, form and preparation of construction production information.
• Setting out and checking site works in accordance with approved drawings.
• Monitoring and inspecting Site Works i.e. Landscaping, paving, slot drains, concrete slabs and waterproofing to get approval from Multiplex.
• Produce and update RAMS on regular basis to cover the scope of work.

July 2017 – October 2018 KBAS Trading & Contracting, Qatar
Project/Position: Road Improvement Works in Northern Area Phase 2 (Site Civil Engineer)
• Setting out site works in accordance with Project Drawings & Specifications.
o Raise RFI’s and facilitate discussions with client (ASHGHAL) and consultant (ITAL) to identifying opportunities to improve road construction process.
o Active participation in tool box talks to ensure that the scope of work executed is in alignment with health & safety regulations and Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS 2010).
• Supervise site clearance and safety signage installation to mark the start of work.
• Assist sampling technician team for soil samples from site, to study ground nature.
• Review marked setting-out and elevation to see the topography of existing ground in accordance with clearing and grubbing report.
o Monitor the removal of existing asphalt according to QCS 2010 regulations.
• Supervise cut and fill phases of various sections of the road according to sectional drawings and site requirements.
o Obtain excavation permit from Ashghal to start rock cutting in designated areas.
o Calculate the quantity of approved filling material and monitor its laying in compacted layers to meet formation level requirements.
o Manage machinery, material and workforce to increase the progress of work and meet project deadlines.
• Inspect the formation level preparation with consultant by performing Nuclear Test and get approval to start underground utilities.
o Calculate the materials needed on site and monitor installation of electrical, water and ooredoo ducts according to design specifications and QCS 2010.
o Check kerbstone installation and alignment according to site requirements.
o Perform site visits and daily checks with KAHRAMA and OOREDOO inspectors to maintain the standard of work and close the raised inspections for approval.
• Calculate the quantity and examine laying/compaction of approved sub-base material to perform SRT and Nuclear Tests, to get approval for Prime Coat (MC1) spray.
• Calculate asphalt quantity as per site and supervise laying/compaction team to make sure the material is laid properly following the QCS 2010 to pass the Core Test.
• Inspect road marking and shoulder preparation to handover the road before the deadline.
• Documenting project records through site visits, quality control inspections, field logs, photographs, daily construction reports, communication meeting, work look ahead etc.

May 2018 – October 2018 IMAR Istanbul Trading & Contracting, Qatar (Part Time)
Project/Position: Joint Warfare Training Centre at Al Duhailiyath (Procurement Officer)
• Engaging with site team to obtain material requirements according to project design.
• Support and develop a number of material supplier companies to obtain company profiles and material availability for selection and approval.
o Review Purchase Requisition (PR), specifications, and related data sheets for getting quotations from different suppliers.
o Prepare supplier comparison sheet based on proper selection criteria, focusing on company standards for quality, availability and cost of materials.
• Arrange meetings with management and suppliers to discuss procurement issues and supplier loyalty for long term business relations.
• Prepare and approve contracts for submission to management, negotiate contract terms with vendors, and manage other activities related to issuance of contracts.
• Prepare Local Purchase Order (LPO) and arrange delivery of goods to site.
• Work with finance department and vendors to ensure proper receipt of goods & approval of invoices for payment.
• Maintain accurate records through summaries, reports, and recommendations from start to completeness for all the phases of the project.

August 2016 – June 2017 Benshi Trading & Contracting, Qatar
Project/Position: Local Roads & Drainage Programme Industrial Area (Project Engineer)
• Review approved drawings and ensure that site work is in accordance with the provided dimensions and specifications.
• Ordering machinery and materials as per site requirements.
• Monitoring and inspecting of road construction and maintenance works.
o Calculating and ordering Sub-Base and Asphalt material for temporary roads maintenance, with supervision of site team to maintain quality & safety standards.
o Supervise road maintenance related services such as traffic management.
• Check excavation details for surface and ground water drainage network.
• Assist and inspect pipe laying as per approved layout drawings.
• Ensure that all assigned work is completed on time and within agreed budget.
• Carrying out site visits and surveys with subcontractors and other third party.
• Anticipate and resolve technical ambiguities before they affect construction at site.
• Awareness of health & safety regulations and reporting any hazards or incidents.

June 2014 – July 2016 Promer Qatar Contracting, Qatar
Project/Position: Transfer Station at Al-Khor (Site Civil Engineer)
• Prepare method statements for all related Civil & Architectural works in accordance with site conditions and Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS 2010).
• Coordinate with consultant and sub-contractors engaged in the Project for site works, material inspections and site visits to main the standards of work.
• Execution of civil/structural design as per approved drawings and QCS 2010.
• Prepare & submit daily, weekly & monthly construction reports and photos to consultant.
• Develop a weekly look ahead schedule based on construction at site, material and work force availability to meet an agreed program of deadlines.
• Using engineering skills to analyse and interpret information to implement them on site.

Oct 2013 – June 2014 CCRC Contracting, Qatar
Project/Position: Al-Khisa Petrol Station Project at Doha (Site Civil Engineer)
• Scheduling material and equipment purchase and delivery.
• Checking surveying setting out and implementing the changes on site as per drawings and QCS 2010 specifications.
• Coordinate and collaborate with work peers and project team for execution of site work according to work programme.
• Undertaking technical studies and site investigations to ensure construction in accordance with design and health & safety procedures.
• Aggressively pursue project completion milestones and ensure that the construction done on site meets the client and company standards for quality.

Nov 2015 – Present Certified Safe Scaffolding Erection & Dis-Mantling Supervisor

Possess good communication skills within the working environment using various languages i.e. English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi as being a regular speaker and has also got proficiency in Arabic. Obtained 6.5 Bands in IELTS.

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