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💰What is the average price of Aerobox lessons?
The average price of Aerobox  lessons is £22.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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On Superprof, many of our Aerobox tutors offer online tuition.

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101 tutors are currently available to give Aerobox lessons near you.

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From a sample of 40  tutors, students rated their private tutors 4.9 out 5.

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Ultimate Aero Box Training in the United Kingdom

Have you ever known that nothing is more efficient, convenient, and useful for your body than the workout of a boxer? I think you should know. Aero box and boxing have existed since the early 90s, and its influence on the fitness world is now global. The fact is that aero box requires a very minimal amount of equipment. The intense levels of shadow boxing, demanding rounds of jump rope, challenging levels of body sculpting, plyometrics, and isometric exercise are all benefits that follow you through our training. Whether you are a hard-core loyalist to your gym or a professional boxer, or an intermediate or merely a complete novice, it is always beneficial to understand the latest trends in health, exercise, and wellness. We persistently strive to be the best personal trainers in the boxing and gym environment with the perfect particular training methodology. We offer the ultimate performance of personal training in the United Kingdom.

We have the perfect trainers for your specific needs, depending on the package of your choice. Each package depends on your budget, availability, and location. The fascinating thing about our tutors is that they are always on standby. They are ready to attend to you in person, whether online, at home, or the place of your choice. For more interaction, you can contact us, as we intend to offer you the best. If you chase perfection, you can catch excellence!

Benefits of Aero Box Training

Why should you take Aero Box and boxing classes? Aero Box works the entire body from various exercises that combine kicks of kickboxing and punches, combined with aerobic activity. The training can help you lose excess calories. The caloric expenditure is superior to that achieved with the regular aerobic practice since it intensifies the pace and adds the discharge of energy produced during the beating and kicking.

The following are some of the benefits of aero box training:

  • The practice involves an expenditure of calories, burns excess fats, and tightens the muscles around the legs, abdomen, and arms quickly.
  • Reaction time to stimuli is improved.
  • Improves Muscular explosiveness
  • The training allows movement of all body parts; hence, it is a complete sport.
  • Aerobic base enhances the blood flow, lung capacity and gives strength to the heart.
  • Increases body elasticity.
  • It releases energy, stress, and accumulated depression.
  • The training equips you with the basic knowledge of self-defense in case of danger or an attack.
  • The preparation is accessible from the first day as the movements are simple and easy to learn.

The Aero Box and Boxing Packages We Offer

The Aerobox training sessions tend to last for forty-five minutes. Sessions of training are tailored to address the immediate needs of the student. 

Our tutors first determine what you as a student want. Once it is established, a blueprint framework is then developed to navigate you through the entire training course. The trainers design fun, varied, efficient, and challenging exercises and activities to keep you motivated and can structure lessons for entry-level sports and fitness up to the degree level 6 in exercise, nutrition, and health-related studies. The courses we offer include fitness training, personal training, cross fitness, body attack, body pumps, gymnastics, postnatal gym, muscle strengthening, aerobics, or aerobox.

Why Should Students Take Private Lesson with Us

Taking aero box lessons is a good thing, but taking the lessons with our professional tutors is the best step you can ever make. Why choose us? Our instructors respond to you in less than two hours. Our tutors have an average rating of 5.0 and over seven reviews. We care for your budget, and that's why we offer the best prices in the market. 97% of our tutors provide their first lessons free, and the average lessons cost as low as £23/hr. Therefore you can choose a tutor according to your budget and learning objectives.

Also, some of our instructors will offer you a 1hour pt session, a personalized workout plan and food diary, nutritional and supplements bits of advice, seven-day week support through Whatsapp, and all you need to achieve your goals.

Our boxing coaches are engaging and interactive and will always be in touch with you to help you achieve your objectives. Our private interaction with you will make you reach greater heights. We offer classes with fun anywhere you choose to have them. We offer the best qualities, and if you are still undecided about taking the lessons, then you are almost late! Get in touch with our tutors right now and organize your first class, and have exciting moments of your life.

How to Find the Perfect Aero Box Classes in the UK

You need not worry about distance when it comes to aerobox training. We offer individual lessons that best fit you either at the trainer's home or at your own home. If online classes seem best for you, we can also offer them through your webcam. The aerobic and boxing classes vary depending on the level, and the students' needs. Our training is student-centered, and to begin your next course, all you need to do is follow the following simple steps:

  1. Have a look at our instructor profiles- This is an essential step in getting you ready for the classes. You will be able to find an ideal tutor, depending on your needs. All the consultations can be done online and free of charge
  2. Plan your lessons- Your tutor of choice will then find your objectives and organize your first free lesson. He or she will then organize introductory lessons or workshops, suiting your availability at pocket-friendly costs.
  3. Discover new experiences- Once you have enrolled for the classes and pass, you have unlimited access to all tutors and coaches and masterclasses for twelve months.

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