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PhD in Aerospace Engineering and fully qualified teacher. Tutoring Engineering, Astronomy, Maths, and Physics in Chorlton, Manchester and online.

I am a highly qualified private tutor, experienced in tutoring students at a wide range of levels. In addition to improving grades, I've taken the fear out of maths and physics. I teach maths and physics, ranging from KS3 level to A-levels. I also tutor physics-based subjects, such as astronomy and some undergraduate engineering modules.

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Toulouse-based Spanish Engineering and Physics penultimate year student offering lessons via webcam

I believe every student has the ability to understand and enjoy Physics. I therefore do my best to teach them through examples so that complex concepts become a lot simpler. I am convinced there is no better way of learning Physics.

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BTEC LEVEL 3 aerospace and engineering education provided, theory of flight and frames and processes

My teaching method is broken down to a level that is easy to understand, and very easy going and relaxed

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Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate at Bristol University! Tutoring for Maths, Physics or Various GCSE Subjects upon request.

Teaching by example then setting questions and assessing students. Learning from their own mistakes so to prepare them for exams.

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Learn Aerospace and Engineering from a real Rocket Scientist! I only provide online tutoring :)

I provide sessions to interested individuals who needn't have any background in aerospace sciences. I believe, so long as you're willing, anything can be learned. I love sharing knowledge, and I prepare a set of slides prior to each session depending on the level of depth the student is interested in pursuing.

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Fresh engineering post graduate offering lessons for engineering modules. Individual modules can be discussed.

Can be catered to need. Usually involvs weekly quizzes to prepare for engineering exams and assignments.

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Oil & Gas Project Engineer offering lessons in Maths, Engineering and Project management

My teaching methodology is set how you would like to receive it. Provide topics to cover and discuss. Raise problem areas that you require help with. Online or in Person.

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Professional Engineer and PhD student offering tutoring in STEM subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Maths, Programming), Glasgow City

I am a PhD student at the University of Glasgow offering tutoring in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects to secondary and post-secondary students. In addition to previous academic degrees, I also have 6 years of industrial experience as a professional engineer.

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Recently-graduated Aerospace Engineer providing tutoring lessons to enlighten the world’s future engineers.

Throughout my higher education I have provided tutoring to peers, learning how best to transmit the knowledge I have accumulated well.

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PhD researcher in mechanical engineering gives engineering , maths and physics

I am PhD researcher in mechanical engineering at the Staffordshire University, I am very skilled in engineering, maths, and physics for training and teaching students. I have extensive experience in tutoring or teaching students , I am very good in connecting with students , I like training and teaching student and continue my career in the academic area.

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Experienced Core Engineering Lecturer with College Aeronautics and Mechanical disciplines bias, based in Birmingham.

I have the ability to simplify big concepts to every student. I am fluent in Maths and core Mechanical subjects up to Levels 6/7. I have taught HNC/HND and BSc students for many British colleges. I can help your degree in: Mathematics, Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics,...etc.

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Aviation-Business-Lean Six Sigma Professional with 38 years of experience in Horsham/Billingshurst UK

Mr Holmes teaches as an Adjunct Professor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the College of Aeronautics - Worldwide for Undergrad and Graduate Learners.

Aldyandra hami
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Current Ph.D. candidate in Aeronautics offering lessons in subjects related to Aeronautical and Structural Engineering in Oxford and London.

I prefer to teach on a personal level as different students see and understand concepts differently. I usually use a white board or piece of paper to help illustrate ideas in a more flexible way to adapt with how my students progress with their understanding.

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10+ years experience in private lessons. Engineering subjects, projects, thesis, Maths, Physics

I ask in advance to the student what is the topic that needs to be covered in the next lesson in order to prepare the lesson in advance. I provide a theoretical explanation of the subject followed up by practical examples and exercises.

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Engineer offering Maths and Science tuition in Bristol from last three years.

My style of teaching is focused on process of learning rather than on the correctness of the answer. One important thing I have learned along the way is to be patient and provide appropriate 'think' time. Ask leading questions to help students learn and understand the material. Also, relate successful study strategies to the tutee.

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Sussex County; Private Design and Aeronautical Engineering tutoring services. Up to BSc and EASA levels taught.

Product/Industrial Designer – May 2017. I teach undergraduate Bachelor’s degree level Product/Industrial Design, to include both technical (BSc) and creative (BA) variants of the subject.

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Researcher at Aerospace Engineering in relation to applied mathematics and reduced-order-modelling. Tutor for Aerospace engineering modules and mathematics.

Researcher in aerospace engineering specializing in applied mathematics and reduced-order-models. I have an abstract approach to teaching undergraduate aerospace and mechanical engineering concepts and two years experience in doing so. I am also capable of teaching mathematics and physics at GCSE and A Level. I have passion for the subjects and wish my students to do well.

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Mechanical engineering apprentices or trainies want to be the best. I offer the best techniques and ways of learning to be better than your trainer

My name's Steven, I am a very skilled engineer with knowledge of all mechanical engineering forms. I will explain all aspects of any specific competent you ask. Also explain how to make it simple.

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Robone educational services for Robone , electronics and Aerospace Engineering for all levels

I am Mechatronics Engineer with EASA License CAT B my teaching method is Friend to Friend to let students feel free for frequent questions and discussing their difficulties any time over day even by phone , mail or chat as they prefere

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A postgraduateengineer who can give online tutorials on mechanical engineering. I have a 5 years experience on Automation aeronautics and designs.

I try to teach in simple words and give quite numbers of real life examples while teaching the course. My medium of instruction can be English, Hindi and Tamil. I am quite fun as a tutor who likes to enjoy and teach. I would try to make engineering look simple.

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Passionate Aerospace Engineer with good Theoretical and practical knowledge in Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures & Propulsion.

My way is simple, As definition of physics says "Science is nothing but study of nature". So I always extract the concept from nature. Make students to understand the subject rather than just learning. I will make you to love the subject before understanding the topic.

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Aerospace systems expert offers deep experience in design, development, test and operations.

I tailor my courses to the needs of the customer, from students seeking to enter the field to mid-career professionals trying to solve difficult problems. Emphasis is placed on understanding the goals and needs of the system and how it will be operated. Examples are offered from other systems and directed discussion applies the example to systems of interest.

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I'm passionate at teaching. My focus is always to start from basics and build up to the advanced level. I motivate students. Students always feel comfortable around me.

Teaching style: I like to build up from fundamentals right upto to the level of GATE exam or course levels that is being taught at IITs. I have motivated and inspired wide spectrum of students. I work around their individual potential. Students generally feel very comfortable learning and being around me. I'm sure you will definitely learn something good if you give me an opportunity to tutor you.

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Private professor of airline transport theory (ATPL) in Madrid, help in preparation of exams

Explanation of basic concepts, lowering the difficulty level until the operating principle is understood. Review of the question bank until good grades are obtained in the exam simulations.

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Learn Mechanical Engineering from a student of IIT-Guwahati. Let us celebrate engineering and Mathematics!

My teaching strategy would be purely based on concepts and practical examples. I also believe mathematics is an integral part of mechanical engineering and I base most of my claims with mathematical proofs. I prefer discussion over one-sided teaching methods.

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Open to teach students physics , maths and mechanical engg from 10th class to engineering college students

My methodology is simple first throughly overview of topic then making every topic clear to students with the help of day to day life examples and builiding their concepts and then after clearing doubts proceed with numerical problems.

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Tuitions for mechanical engineering students from across the nation is conducted here

My teaching methodology is simple that is start from the basics and read from a standard text book for a particular subject. Theoretical concepts have to be clear before we start for an problematic topics.

Hasleen singh
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Experienced mechanical engineer teaching mechanical engineering subjects to university students in Melbourne

The different teaching methodologies used by me are: The Flipped Classroom Model basically involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class. Design Thinking (Case Method) Self-learning Gamification Social Media Free Online Learning Tools Other duties are: • Developing course material. • Developing assessments.

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Maths & Physics Teacher for class 8 to 12th in Hebbal & Yelahanka

I teach Mathematics and Physics for class 8 to 12th of ICSE, CBSE and IB syllabus, besides which I also teach engineering subjects like Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials. I conduct Tests and Home Works specifically crafted for the student to ensure his/her progress.

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