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Online Tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classics / Classical Studies from Classics PhD graduate with 10+ years teaching experience.

My name is Déborah, I have an Msc and a PhD in Classics from Edinburgh University. I started tutoring while I was working on my PhD, and never stopped! I can prepare students for all Scottish and English exams, up to the BA. I also have experience helping students work on their Post-Graduate dissertation.

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Oxford and Yale Graduate: Oxbridge applications advice, and Humanities, Latin, Ancient Greek, Classics and English tutoring in London

My teaching methodology focusses on sculpting the approach to a student's personal learning style and strengths, and creates pride in personal progress. Lessons are structured around student-led learning and fun, interactive engagement with the topic. Working with students with learning disabilities has taught me to shape a learning environment to suit the particular needs of every single student.

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Law student offering Latin and Ancient Greek lessons up to A-Level in London

I approach teaching/tutoring grammar first, as the base of the language, and build on this with the students. I prefer to work through exercises with students, increasing their capabilities so they are able to tackle more complex passages of Latin or Greek. I also seek to give the students context surrounding the subject. (eg. author, time of the passage).

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A passionate and friendly graduate from the University of Nottingham. Specialities include Homer’s Iliad, Virgil’s Aeneid and Greek tragedies.

My teaching method is aimed around allowing students to discuss their thoughts and opinions on each area. My goal is to expand a students perception on certain topics and allow the to think beyond the curriculum. These not only allow them to achieve better results in their exams but will also prepare them for the next stage of their education at University and beyond.

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Italian teacher graduated in Classics gives Latin lessons in Middlesbrough and surroundings

My teaching methodology considers the most recent studies on strategic and motivated learning, because I think that teachers should always be up-to-date on teaching techniques and they should have interdisciplinary skills. I believe that a solid base of grammar has to be built beside innovative and practical execises where communicative competence can be developed.

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Cambridge Classics graduate offering friendly tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and more // Zones 1-3 // KS2 to A-level, university prep, adult learners and Latin for Historians!

Well aware of the current educational climate, I aim to provide lessons tailored precisely to the needs and learning styles of individuals.

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Classics and Archaeology 3rd Year BA - Tutoring Secondary to Undergraduate Level

Looking to tutor from Secondary upwards to undergraduate degree level in areas of History.

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English and History student giving English lessons and help with study techniques in York and online

I am looking to give lessons to anyone from High School to an A-level standard. I always initially base my lessos around what the student personally perceives their weakest point to be, as the students self-confidence and personal views are of the utmost importance to me.

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First Class Cambridge graduate with classroom teaching experience tutoring Latin and Ancient Greek in London

I believe that the best one-to-one tutors create a positive and approachable working environment, and experience tells me this is the best way to achieve high results. I aim to build a friendly atmosphere that allows students to push themselves towards their potential.

Leamington Spa
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Master's student in Ancient Visual and Material Culture specialising in Roman history, Latin and Ancient Greek

In both Greek and Latin I am able to tutor up to GCSE level and believe that the best way to tackle the ancient languages it through the 'little and often' method, particularly with vocabulary. At university I have written a number of first class essays, thus am able to aid essay structure and the analytical process of examining ancient evidence.

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Oxford University student offering tutoring in London in Latin, Ancient Greek and English Literature.

As a student myself, I understand the difficulties faced by students in the academic field. While I was at school, I often found the the subjects I struggled with the most were also the subjects which I enjoyed the least. In my teaching therefore, I think it is important to keep the student interested and to find interactive and energetic ways of teaching.

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Cardiff-based, but Skype-literate! I have a BA in Classics; can teach Latin

My teaching method is very tailored to the needs of the individual. I assess what the student wants/needs to work on and plan my lessons accordingly.

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Guidance counsellor and teacher offering literature, history, and English tutoring in Liverpool

My teaching method is person-centred and based around what is best for each individual student. I have no problem changing my methodology to suit each student's preferred learning method, and like to use a variety of materials and methods to enhance the learning experience.

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Inspirational Latin and Greek,Class Civ specialist, GCSE and A level in BRISTOL

My method is based on rigorous language learning, vocabulary and appreciation of the Classics. The set-text element of the examinations is a particular favourite and my method has never failed (?) to enthrall and excite. Unseen work is also very enjoyable.

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Aston's Teaching Assistant offer Classics' lessons. Spanish Graduate in Classics and in Linguistics, my expertise are the languages, Latin and Greek!

I can give lessons to any person at any level, but I strongly prefer the students from 16 y.o. and on. We will try to make an trustful relationship by adaptating all the contents to the student's requirements. I am aware about the deductive techniques on Greek & Latin teaching (Aléxandros or Familia Romana, Hans Orberg) and I work with those books, you I can guide the student through them.

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Ancient History Masters student offering to tutor in Classical Culture and Creative Writing

As a masters student, I am willing to provide tuition to all levels of education up to undergrad level. I myself am a visual learner and I reflect this in my teaching methods, where possible using images to help stimulate memory.

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English Lit and Classics graduate offering one-on-one tuition in Edinburgh for general writing, literature or classics

My teaching methodology would revolve around you; I am open to whatever would help you best. I can offer feedback and advice on an essay you are working on, help you plan essays, give you mock-exam questions or we could just brainstorm and discuss a book you are studying.

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Recent graduate in Ancient History with A-Levels in Maths, Economics, English Literature, and Classical Civilisation. Eager to tutor pupils of all ages in the Exeter area. Tutored subjects include Mat

My lessons are targeted at specific issues which pupils are struggling with, which I can prepare for beforehand and arrive with a goal for that lesson in mind, as opposed to a more general, wide-sweeping style of teaching.

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Latin, Classics and Essay skill lessons available from a training vet in London

The method I use for teaching will vary depending on the subject and closeness to the exam. I teach Latin up to A level and will teach grammatical constructs and translation then provide examples to practice on. In addition I teach students how to easily spot notable points and analyse set texts in essay form.

South Darenth
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Classics undergraduate offering help for Ancient Greek and Latin tutoring as well as Greek and Roman history

I have experience of studying Latin at GCSE, IB and undergraduate levels. I have a good understanding of Greek and Latin grammar and am also able to assist in English studies having studied it at as one of my highers in my IB.

Newton Aycliffe
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Classics Graduate offers Tutoring to University Level in Latin/Greek/English in North East

I base my classes around text appreciation and understanding, using ancient and modern texts as the basis for learning about literature and language. I also insist upon frequent testing in order to check the abilities of the student in question, in grammar, vocabulary and literary device use.

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Classics student, tutoring English Literature and Language and Classics up to A-Level and French up to GCSE

I like to approach each lesson with a clear aim but an open mind as well. I like to plan a structured series of lessons based on the areas we need to cover however I believe that flexibility is key here. I am more than happy to go over additional material or re-visit a topic if the student feels that this is necessary.

Charlton Kings
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Cambridge classical and english literature graduate and musician based in London and Berlin

I teach in a variety of ways, tailoring my approach to the pupil and to the topic. I feel strongly that we learn quickest when it feels like we aren't studying; so for example, instead of crawling through grammar books, we could discuss a foreign language film.

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Female graduate (Exeter 2:1) available for tutoring Latin/Greek/Class Civ to different abilities!

I would approach each child differently depending on their age and ability - I am very flexible and would work easily around my pupil, listening to how they learn best. I would prefer to tutor in person as I think it is easier both to understand and be understood face to face.

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Masters Student, 1st in Ancient History undergrad, PGCE qualified, teaching Classics, Ancient History and Latin

My teaching method is to find out what a student already knows, what they want to know and to go from there. The lessons will be focused on what the student needs help with, and I will adapt my lessons and methods of providing information to what suits and helps you best.

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Classical Studies Post-Graduate, providing flexible A-level course tutelage in Brighton or Hove.

I believe first and foremost in establishing three key cornerstones for learning. Firstly, getting to know the student in order to ascertain the learning style best suited to them. This allows me to tailor their lessons to best maximise their learning potential. Secondly, going through the entire module with the student, breaking down the key topics that will be covered.

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International and French Business Student offering French lessons for beginners in London

I like to have a friendly and playful approach to teach French especially with the youngest, and to progress gradually in fonction of my student to respond to their own goals and capacities. I mostly teach beginners of all ages.

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Classics Student at Edinburgh University offering Beginner's Latin and Ancient History Tutoring

I approach each topic by covering the basics, making sure that the foundations are there to build upon with further learning and development of the subject. Constant relaying of the information that is being taught is my number 1 priority and making sure that the pupil understands each stage of the learning.

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Experienced teacher offering English, Theology, Religion, Classics (in translation), History of Art.

I can give lessons to people of any age group from basic literacy to GCSE standard. I have experience of one-one tuition. When teaching larger groups, I use a variety of methods, including setting individual tasks so that students can learn at their own pace, pair and group activities, and role play.

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Experienced and award winning investigative journalist and documentary film maker. Europe wide

Theory is good but no substitute for experience and my experience is truly international. By relating my personal experiences I can discuss real time issues with students.

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Perfect! Gemma is a very calm , consistent and kind tutor who cuts through all the complicated jargon to explain Latin in a very clear manner. Very personable and professional and punctual and my daughter finds the lessons fun which is a bonus! Would not...

Laura, student
4 months ago

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