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Finding the Perfect Poetry Tutor

Poetry and creative writing aren't just great ways for writers to express themselves, they're also an important part of literature, which is why they're often studied as part of English Literature courses by school students all over the country.

The English language allows writers to be creative and poetry is an intriguing way for students to learn more about their language. As we mentioned, they can do this when they're at school or by studying it on university courses. Private tutors who can help you to better understand poetry and creative writing and gain an appreciation for it.

Poetry also shares a lot of similarities with lyrics in music and students and writers who enjoy one will probably enjoy the other. Of course, the subjective nature of poetry means that it can be difficult to immediately appreciate, which is why students have to study it before they can start enjoying the plethora of published work available.

Poetry in the UK

The UK has a long history with poetry and since the English language is so fascinating and versatile. Some of the earliest examples of creative writing in the form of English poetry in the UK dates back to the 7th century AD. While there is poetry in the UK predates that, it wouldn't have been in English. Even the poems from the 7th century are written in Old English which is so different from Modern English that you probably wouldn't be able to read it.

Fortunately for you, many of this poetry has been translated so there's over a millennium's worth of creative English literature for you to sink your teeth into. That said, it's not the easiest subject to get into.

Why it's Important to Study Poetry

Both poetry and creative writing are important because of just how many ways they can help English students and writers.

Firstly, a poetry course can teach students how to read better. When writers create poems, there's creative intent behind the choice of every word and studying poetry allows students to better discern and analyse said intent.

Secondly, poetry (and other types of creative writing) is a great way for students to express themselves. This is particularly true for teenage students who may probably need an outlet for some of the new and confusing emotions they need to deal with.

Thirdly, students will improve their writing. By analysing the minutiae in English literature, students will learn more about structured writing and this understanding will make them better writers in general, not just when it comes to writing poems.

Finally, it's important to study poetry because it's on the English Literature GCSE and if you want a good grade, you'll have to study some poems. This makes studying poetry doubly important if you want to do something involving English literature at university and your results in the subject at GCSE and A Level could be the deciding factor when being accepted onto courses.

Areas of Poetry Studied at School

In England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, students will study poetry as part of their English Literature GCSE. There are particular poems they study and students are tested on writing and analysing poetry. Students are expected to be able to understand the context of poems, compare them, and respond to them.

In Scotland, students will study poetry during their National 5 exams. Much like the GCSE elsewhere in the UK, the National 5 exam also includes poetry and students are tested on their critical reading skills. The key difference here is the poems studied are from Scottish poets.

Challenges in Poetry

Poetry can be challenging for a lot of students as there's no right answer. Unlike a maths or science course, when they study poetry, students are marked on how well they understand the writers' intent, the context of the poems, their efficacy, and how the work affects the reader. This can be difficult for younger students who've spent their whole academic life being told that there's a single correct answer to be found.

Similarly, while the English Literature GCSE includes several poems for students to study and analyse, it can be difficult to appreciate and subsequently analyse poetry if it just does nothing for you. When you find poems that resonate, they're great and it's much easier to understand the creative process behind the work, but if they don't, having to analyse them can infuriate students.

Private Tuition in Poetry

There are plenty of poetry creative writing tutors in the UK. Whether you're looking for someone to help with an English Literature GCSE or just would like to gain a deeper understanding of writers, poetry, or structure, poetry tutors can provide engaging courses either face to face or online.

Outside of school or university, studying poetry can be enriching and many students, especially those who enjoy music, can gain an appreciation for poems and enjoy them in the same way they enjoy lyrics in a song. If you enjoy reading or writing, reading the published work of the best poets can be incredibly rewarding even if you're not studying for an English literature exam or planning on going to university to study the subject.

Finding a Poetry Tutor

It's never been easier to find poetry tutors. For one, a quick search online will provide you with plenty of results, especially if you search on Superprof. Of course, having too many options can be daunting so if you can, search for a specific type of poetry in a particular geographic area.

While you'll generally find more poetry tutors in London, they can still be found all over the country and if you do live rurally and can't find one near you, don't forget you can also get creative writing and poetry tutors that work online.

Many poetry tutors offer the first lesson free so make sure you contact them to arrange a trial tutorial. Try out a few different tutors before settling on the one that you feel provides the best service as no two tutors are the same.

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