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Fun Fencing Lessons & Group Skill Games Using Fencing Equipment Suitable For Adults & Kids

All levels are welcome as each session will be tailored to everyone needs, methods used is a basic structure of introducing the topic or aims for the day, basic technique taught and practiced followed by skill games which is very fun and skill orientated ending the session is a competitive or challenging task.

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MMA athlete offering lessons in a variety of martial arts/ disciplines in Nottingham

In my kids classes, I try to make the sessions fun by martial arts themed games which require the students to be active and use their initiatives. I also add a small element of conditioning so that the students' fitness increases session by session.

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Experienced Brazilian Boxing Athlete and Instructor lessons Liverpool 14 years of experience

What are your goals? The trainings can be directed according to what are you looking for. We can do a training aimed at improving physical fitness, Techinique, Competitive and recreational.

Royal Leamington Spa
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I have trained in a variety of martial arts over 14 years in judo and good experience of other martial arts and self defence,

My teaching methodology is that of positive reinforcement and looking at your technique and changing one thing at a time. I learnt how to coach from my coaches Adam and Dave in judo. I also have high quality behaviour management.

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Certified Martial Arts and Sefl-Defense coach offering private ang groups lessons, North East UK

i am teaching very patience, based on eveyone person skills, becasue everyone person is different. This is beauty of aikido martial art- every one person have his own way to success- for one person success is black belt,but for another person success is harmony and peace of mind.

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World champion Martial Arts Instructor with over 22 years experience West Midlands

I have different methods for different ages. However all my classes/tuition incorporate team work, self defense, confidence building, fitness, focus, co ordination, balance, discipline, respect and memory. All classes have a grading system in place. Allowing everyone to grow, achieve and obtain a black belt should they wish to do so.

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Experienced Self Defence instructor offering martial arts tuition and coaching in Manchester.

I tailor martial arts training to an individual student's needs and interests, developing progressive sparring and effective self defence by balancing traditional approaches with combat theory and martial philosophy.

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Level 2 Boxing coach and Personal Trainer offering individual or class based sessions

My name is Andy I provide lessons to mostly adults who inspire to progress in there boxing career. I also train beginners to become better boxers. My technique and method in training often varies on ability. I will always demonstrate what it is I want from you then we go through it slow time - step by step, building you up to a good standard.

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Krav Maga and Self Defence Private and Group Lessons In London Bridge

Learn how to rapidly defend yourself against the most common attacks in your own time Are you looking for an intensive course to get you upto speed fast and give you the skills yesterday? Maybe you want a joint activity to do with the better half? Or you might just want to learn life saving skills on a personal basis where all the attention is on you? or you're just looking to learn...

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Open Hand Self-Defence With Master Errol Learn self defence techniques that work

In the main I offer a bespoke training session based on the individuals personal experience and requirement. Self - defence Easy to learn, Easy to remember, Techniques that Actually Work , with DEVASTING EFFECT!!! anyone can learn all welcome.

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Amature MMA fighter with 2 years experience teaching self - defence in sheffield

I teach through practical lessons, getting student to copy my movements. I film practce to help Address technique and generation of power. I am a good motivator and am patient with students. I also do bag work and pad work to give better practice.

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Reality-Based Self Defence coach in Chester, BCA qualified, realism is our speciality.

My approach to teaching self defence is quite simple; everything on my syllabus has been pressure tested, and can be learned in less than fifteen minutes or it doesn't get taught. Everything should be simple to learn, and then we drill until it becomes second nature.

1st lesson offered free !

6 years practicing Muay Thai and kickboxing in 5 differents country !

Frist training will be free, the objectif is to understand your level and what you are looking for. I can teach you the basic. I can make you fit with boxing. You can just come to punch and enjoy a sport moment. It can be really technical or really intensive.

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England Level 1 Boxing Coach offering Classes or 1 to 1 Training

My classes will be based on the fundamentals of boxing with lots of fun and games mixed in! I want my students to be the best boxers they can be whilst enjoying every session.

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Learn from a Mixed Martial Arts Coach Teaching All Aspects Of Striking

I teach the funadamentals of MMA striking. These techniques can be used in self defence and consist of blend of Martial Arts including Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate and Tae Kwon Do. I teach in a relaxed, fun environment. I find my students learn better when they are having fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Self Defense & Personal safety Trainer with 5 years exp. can give classes or private training in Derby & Stoke on Trent. Can travel further...

All of my sessions begin with a quick knowledge warm up and muscle stretch followed by a bit of theory and situational understanding. After this we learn about different techniques, problems and skill in depth and the do stress drills to test those abilities. After this we end the session on something a little more interesting...

1st lesson offered free !

Female kickboxer offering kickboxing lessons from the comfort of your own home! (Crawley)

I teach one-on-one and group sessions based on the very basics of kickboxing. Whether you are looking to build your technical ability i.e. learning how to throw a punch or you are looking to build your fitness level.

1st lesson offered free !

Captain of University boxing team offering boxing and self-defence classes in London

After attending self-defence classes myself in the past, I have found that though the techniques were being taught correctly, the framework of classes was chaotic and unstructured, with seemingly random techniques being taught in no particular order and bearing no particular connection.

1st lesson offered free !

15 years tutor of martial arts taekwondo kickboxing an self taught animals of kung fu

From what I have leant from masters of the arts I can make it fun an turn you into a better you

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Sports and Exercise Science student that has 14 years experience teaching and competing in Taekwondo competitions.

My lessons are tailored to my student's ability and ambitions/targets they set for themselves at the start. I aim to provide what was provided for me; the opportunity to learn new skills, learn some useful/practical self-defence; improve fitness and most importantly enjoy tough training that motivates you to carry on.

1st lesson offered free !

Approachable, friendly and calm martial arts instructor with current world title in sports Jiu Jitsu

My teaching method has been formed over the last few years due to trial and error. I learned the basics of my methods whilst doing a Btec course in Outdoor adventure, which i then took one stage further by going to University.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Martial art instructor ready to give lessons in mental and physical developments of a ones character.

My methods of teaching are based upon my 30 years of studying the Martial Arts discipline of Mu-gen-do- The Unlimited Ways. This style in design to combat life while fighting and life after fighting. Dealing also with everyday issues.

1st lesson offered free !

Mma pro fighter give lesson for fight self defense and personal trainer

my method of teaching is simple I train with you for your well-being and to make you overcome your limits and help you to acquire more conviction in your potentiality. Teaching respect and defense in a bad situation.

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12 years experienced 2nd Dan Black belt, offering Karate introduction and instruction

Tradition well known formal karate practices. Happy to take one-on-ones or large groups of all abilities and ages. Karate is broken into 3 - Kata, Kumite and Kihon. Kata is a routine form. Kumite is one to one opponent sparing. Kihon is the individual form, opponent-less.

1st lesson offered free !

Self defence and martial arts lessons for any skill level and children, in Redditch

I am a 19 year old male with 14 years experience in martial arts, kickboxing and MMA. Capable, and with experience of, tutoring any age and skill level.

Paris 17e
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1st lesson offered free !

Close Combat intensive training in Paris: learn how to defend yourself and gain confidence.

Hand-to-hand combat training that will help you to no longer be afraid of confrontation, get in shape and help you find your own fighting style. This course is for everyone. The ideal session takes place in 2 hours: warm up, techniques, fight. What I will not teach you in any case: techniques of neutralization against a knife or firearm.

Lyon 7e
(4 reviews)

Teachers with professional qualification gives Krav Maga, Self Defense and sport lessons in Lyon

Lessons for all levels at home / private room (equipped with advanced equipment) for children, teens, adults, seniors, women. Krav maga learning SYSTEM with a global approach to the management of aggression.

Alcalá de Henares
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Instructor certified in Spain and the US Muay-thai Grappling Kali-Escrima defense-staff JEETKUNEDO Prevention

The classes are run all kinds of people, of any age, interested in learning. The methodology is very simple, an educational program that allows us to train and develop in a safe and friendly environment and especially with us to enjoy.

West Hollywood
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1st lesson offered free !

25 years experience Self protection, martial arts and fitness coaching in Hollywood

I work with peoples strengths to get them where they need to be, I want you to see the results you deserve, I train children, adults, professional athletes and actors, always make it a fun and comfortable process no experience necessary

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