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Running Coach with 3 years experience in the business, specialising in distance running, from 3.1 miles to 100 miles. Based in Leicester

I love teaching practically, there's no better way to improve your running then to go outdoors.

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Current GB international distance athlete offering coaching in and around the Leicestershire area.

I believe you have to get to know who you are working with to know how to get the best out of them. To be able to work together so you are both going in the same direction with the goal looking to be achieved.

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Personal trainer of 15+ years helps you reach your fitness goals and become the person you want to be through fitness, nutrition and life coaching.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years now and have helped many clients reach their fitness goals and now I would like to do the same for you. I incorporate life coaching with fitness and nutrition so that you get longer lasting results. We can work together either in person or via the internet.

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I did mountain running for northern Ireland at the age of 16, over sportsman in high school, ulster trails for rugby at the age of 17 and also did track, road running and cross country, best pb in 5k

The execrises would change with the days of the week there would be varieties of running methods and with the weather too,as we would be training cardio, endurance and agility and we would be pushing you to the best of your capacity

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Coach to 5K in Rayleigh, Essex or running for weight loss. I will help you start your running journey, whether that be to enable you to run 5k and do a park run or a marathon.

I am a run leader for a local running club and help to instill confidence to run no matter what size you are. If you wish to loose weight then I will design a walk/run program which will increase gradually and offer advice on diet and other exercises to help you achieve that weight lose.

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Exercise Science student gives sport, exercise and fitness lessons to all levels as well as biology to secondary school pupils. Based in Manchester/Salford

Young professional who has completed a number of fitness achievements both personally and with teams. Give fitness and exercise lessons to all ages, individually or in groups. Prefer a hands-on approach and I tend to take part in the lesson in order to lead by example. Ambitious and always trying to push students to their maximum effort.

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College student in law, gives sports lessons (running and badminton) for beginners in Leeds

i am a friendly, easy going person, who studied a level psychology and sociology, and gained A* in both. i am happy to use my very detailed notes to go through past papers and revision with anyone who may be struggling. i am patient an have a very effective teaching strategy. please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Wych Cross
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Giving advice and coaching on increasing your running capability and endurance skills

My teaching methodology focuses on getting to know each individual client as your running technique can differ per person. I would then look at your goals and set up a plan which will help you understand the process of improving more importantly.

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Women On the Wolds is the Cotswolds only guided trail/fell running company & Running Community, designed for women. Our guided runs take place in the Cotswolds area of the UK and are aimed at women who want to break free from the road and take their running into the Hills & Mountains beyond.

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Paula Personal Training core aspects Illness pain and fitness business

I am QUALIFED IN FITNESS !! I teach students to become qualified fitness Personal Trainers. My area of expertise is . Writing fitness programs Micro Meso Macro cycles. . Core area if you suffer pain because training method are incorrectly performed . I use Inquiry based learning, hands on learning providing quidance and support for students through their learning process.. .

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Experience Leader in Running Fitness and leading running sessions at a running club. I've been running for 30 years with experience of every distance.

I like to talk to people individually to hear what their goals are and to find out what motivates them.

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Competitive runner looking to train people up and give advice on training plan and give tips

Patience is a virtue, I want you to enjoy running and build yourself up slowly so the enjoyment isn't taken away

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All abilities running training in the Erewash area. Ex International runner tutor.

I am an ex-International runner looking to help runners of all abilities, from beginners to those already running, in the pursuit of building on their current fitness levels to achieve new goals. I have extensive knowledge of training programmes and advice on healthy eating. The sessions are all over Erewash based at parks or well lit meeting points where you live.

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Hello My name is Oboh, I was a former athlete of high national level in France and I am at your disposal to progress in running.

my method is to accompany you during your jogging, follow you at a distance, give you advices to progress, on nutrition

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Retired semi-professional athletics and cross-country athlete available for personal coaching and training plans

Able to provide high level coaching to any and all abilities of running from track races to marathon distance. Willing to be an involved coach for those who desire lots of feedback and attention or simply provide a training plan and structure. I am simply laid back individual eager to pass on years of running experience to whomever has a passion to improve.

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Experienced Sports Science Lecturer at University and College Levels 3 to 6

I have taught from level 1 college BTECs in sport and sports science to University undergraduate degree level. I use powerpoint and discussions to assist with learning.

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Athletic performance coach with degree, beginner to elite experience. Based in Sussex

I am an athletic performance coach, who coaches individuals of all ages. As well as performance based tutoring/coaching. I teach academic units From secondary age; skill development and leadership to degree level; studying sports coaching; to expanding active coaches knowledge on how to progress athletes athletically. Sessions are practical or theory based on needs.

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Young athlete with coaching license and experience offering mixed athletics and running coaching in Aberdeen

My teaching method is mainly based around providing a casual but structured training and coaching regime. I find that works best for me as I am able to interact with people and create relationships easily and this helps me to make people feel comfortable doing sessions and achieve the best because of them.

1st lesson offered free !

Strength and Conditioning Graduate Offers Tailored Tutoring in Sport and Related Subjects

I am currently studying for my MSc in Strength and Conditioning (Sports Science). I offer a tailored tutoring/coaching experience to suit your individual learning styles as I am aware from my own experiences that a 'one size fits all' does not work with learning - being dyslexic myself.

1st lesson offered free !

Scotland's best pole vaulter offering teaching in anything athletics related in Glasgow

My experience as an elite pole vaulter has given me extensive technical knowledge about all the different jumping events in athletics. My lessons will also cover the training and diet necessary to not only perform at a high level in athletics, but to look and feel healthy.

1st lesson offered free !

Would like to be fit and flawless? Please get in touch and make the impossible possible.

The teaching will mainly be based on practical learning and techniques. Depending on your fitness level and interest in running would be created a specific tailored to your preferences training programme. I have been coaching individuals between 14-18 years old for 2 years and have been consulting people around their 30s.

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College Athlete studying/competing in the USA. Compete in 400m-800m & Cross Country. Located in Carlisle over summer/winter breaks.

I am currently a student-athlete in the USA where I am earning a degree in Psychology & Behavioural Science and competing in athletics. I compete in middle distances during track season, and Cross Country (5km-6km) during the Autumn. I have experience writing training plans for beginners to regional standard, which are based off of current fitness levels.

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Sports Trainer- Athletics (sprinting), Basketball, Football- Located in Greenwich South London I use the same methods my previous coaches have used when training the likes of Asafa Powell and I also u

My methods are very technique focused, focussing on the key fundamentals such as strength, endurance and speed before working on the skills. I have various routines that i will use on a consistent bases to help the muscles become very familiar and used to specific movements allowing the muscles to remember these actions when in a in game/competition environment.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced marathon and Ultra runner willing to coach and advise for races

I have experience running marathons and ultras, willing to provide coaching and advice on training plans, nutrition, motivation etc towards either a specific race or more general aims. Depending on distance/speed goals would be willing to accompany on training runs/design and oversee sprint sessions. Generally am upbeat but focussed.

Saint Ives
1st lesson offered free !

Sports student offering endurance running coaching/training for all abilities with experience of up to and including A-Level standard in Cambridgeshire

I look to teach through making lessons practical and engaging and tailor lessons depending on the requirements/needs of the student

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I train swimming and gymnastics for college and school people in india

teaching means motivate the children to achieve higher goals and help them to there dreams come true particularly school kids and graduates and college students to understand mantel capacity and how much can take work load and how to give good guidance to them and make them to fallow good habitue ls

1st lesson offered free !

From growing up running as Fife hill and cross country running champion and 3rd in Scotland 5th in Britain to becoming a royal marine. Looking To pass my experience to others.

Different training techniques from speed work , distance, track running and hill running. Running on sand , cross country, roads. Fartlek training. Locations are set in numerous of places due to different styles of running. You can choose which style you want or have a mixture of all.

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Boy offering running classes and club to improve your running to a greater stander

my teaching method is to slow nature you into becoming not only faster but more efficient runner, i would do this by slowly increasing pace of runs and showing proper technique.This would be done in both sessions and will be a good way to increase your liking for running.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm a keen runner myself competing at national level before 19 years old and want to help others fulfil their dreams!

Have fun! To improve at a sport one has to enjoy it first and foremost and afterwards we can implement specific training that will improve performance

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Perfect! Pat has been brilliant in coaching my 10-year-old to sprint, he’s punctual and excellent in keeping my son focussed and motivated. N

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