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Aspiring writer and book blogger offering Literature Lessons in Sheffield at home or online

I base my approach on the pupils themselves, prefering to adjust to a style they would find more approachable and easier to understand and apply in their day to day school lessons. I believe there is no set method, but rather a versatile approach will help the most when dealing with the individuality of each child.

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Expert English Literature tuition by an experienced and popular tutor. Contact me today to discuss your tuition requirements.

I offer tailored tutorial sessions which help to build self confidence. My patient and calm approach serves to ensure that students achieve the best results.

Pablo javier
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English, American Literature, Comparative Literature lessons. English graduate in Brighton and Hove

As a teacher I adapt myself to the client needs and availability. I am flexible. My methodology is modern, updated, interactive and different to classic lessons. I don't teach a subject, I show the pupil how to learn by himself.

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English literature lover, BA in Creative Writing, a hobby poet. In Rugby.

I believe it is important to make each lesson individual, and to help you find a true passion for the subject.

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English Literary Studies Master's Student offering tutelage to A-Level Students in Belfast

I've been passionate about English literature for as long as I can remember and achieved an A grade in my Junior Certificate [GCSE equivalent] and an A1 in my Leaving Certificate [A-Level Equivalent]. I moved to Belfast and graduated from Queen's in May 2017 with a degree in English and history.

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English Literature student offering English and languages teaching up to university level

As a student, I am used to teaching a variety of levels, and I adapt my teaching to each student, as I do not believe that there is one universal method for all students. I spend time over the first session working out how my student learns and I adapt my method accordingly.

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Experienced and warm English Literature postgrad (BA, MA from King's College London) living in Glasgow.

As a tutor I like to begin with an initial consultation stage where my client and I can discuss learning needs and collaboratively plan methods and outcomes for our sessions. I tailor individual lessons plans for each of my students with emphasis on areas that require improvement: comprehension, essay writing, close reading, etc.

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Modern languages student offering fun and intense tuition in French and Spanish languages

I don't like being repetitive, which I find boring and demotivating. In learning a language, it is important to practice every single thing through three aspects - writing, speaking and listening. That's why in my classes I use a lot of extra resources, such as videos, recordings, articles or past exams.

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MA Creative Writing student offering 1-2-1 and group classes in English Literature and Language, in and around the Teesside area

My teaching methods include sitting with my students to discuss the work we are looking at, I believe in literature discussing the work out loud allows you to understand it better.

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Master of Arts and Master of Letters by Research Graduate, Pentalingual Blogger & European Writer offers her help in English, French, German, Italian and Luxembourgish, everything literature, language

I believe that everybody has creativity inside of them. Creativity is deeply connected to who we are and most importantly who we can be, our vocation and our strengths. It is the source of confidence which is vital to an open mind and the success of learning.

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English Literature Graduate with passion for poetry, books, words and everything else they’re comprised of! A truly engaging teacher with endless enthusiasm.

I am a methodical tutor who will find out where the student’s strengths and weaknesses are and tailor an individual teaching plan for each student’s needs. I will be able to identify your child’s learning style after the second lesson and from there the bespoke lessons will begin. I use motivational interviewing techniques and guide each child along their most effective learning path.

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Literature and Related student at York, am about to enter my final year so offering tutoring up to university level !!

I am a firm believer in practical application and discussion around texts - poetry, novels, films etc. - is the way to gain knowledge and understanding that YOU can apply to exams and essays. I am an understanding and patient tutor.

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English Student offering help with English lit/lang and essay tutoring in South East Cornwall

Depending on the students needs, my lessons with be tailored to focus on their aims and weaknesses. If they are preparing for any examination then I will focus on the mark scheme and where the student needs to improve in order to move up the grade boundaries.

South Shields
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University English Literature student offering lessons in close analysis, exam-prep, literary studies.

English is all about interpretation and engagement. The text only half exists until we read it. As a result, I've found the best approach is to let the student explore a piece of literature, considering a particular passage or quote, and then let their natural interpretation guide what we think, discuss and discover.

Sutton Coldfield
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Experienced and Qualified English teacher (with QTS) offering Language and Literature tuition.

I believe that pupils need to be fully engaged to learn to their maximum potential. With this in mind, I strive to make my lessons exciting, different and engaging, in order to challenge every learner and make them enjoy the content of what they're learning.

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Kingston University graduate living in West Yorkshire, offering tutoring sessions in English, History and Drama to your door.

I am internal supply teacher who teaches every subject when asked to 11-16 year olds, although my specialist subjects English, Drama and History I could teach up to degree level. I have a laid-back approach when it comes to teaching, however I do strive for efficiency when doing so.

Leamington Spa
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English and Creative Writing student offering help in English in Leamington Spa

I have taught whole classes with powerpoint presentations and also helped individual students go over their essays, trying to refine them to a great standard, ready to be handed in. I am happy to take on students of any school age.

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English Literature student offering tutorials for any ability up to 2nd year degree level

I base my classes on student's work, helping them to find ways to improve and boost grades. I can also help with research for up coming projects and focus on any particularly troubling areas of study. I will also aid revision and create tasks to work on outside the sessions.

1st lesson offered free !

PhD Cambridge educated university researcher offering tuition in English literature and writing tuition

I aim to inspire true understanding of texts, and to help students to organise their thoughts with clarity. I believe that learning is a journey centered on the learner, and can help you to express and explore your thoughts and ideas to make your work really your own.

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Ma TESOL student offering English, essay writing/commentary and Literature tutoring in East London

I currently use an eclectic approach to teaching, blending task based exercises, communicative activities, and behaviourism. When starting the tutoring, the first step used is the student diagnosis, which enables me to identify the actual level of the student, and which is his particular learning style.

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Ruby McCann, Glasgow Literary Salon, Creative Writing (poetry, fiction, playwriting) BA MLitt

Offers a safe environment for learning, all workshops are highly practical, offering you the chance to be part of an interactive writing community. As well as detailed feedback on your assessed work, there will be opportunities to give and receive constructive criticism to work in progress through online workshops and discussions with fellow students.

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French instructor and lecturer helps you master French, in London and online

I am lucky to teach all ages and levels, preparing students for exams and helping them reach their personal objectives. Each lesson is entirely based on the student : during our first class, we find out what our goals are and we design a way to reach them.

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Specialising in working with special needs, those with mild to profound learning difficulties and those not in education employment and training, due to needing an alternative curriculum.

My teaching methodology, is learner centred learning finding a style and way that suits them. So if it means having a walk by a canal or up a hill to find out about the natural world for History or Geography or Science to being in a classroom researching information on the internet or from books.

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Literature Teacher with Professional Writing & Arts Review expertise ready to teach you how to get the most from your book-reading assignments.

I base my lessons on deep reading. This includes understanding the story from the characters' understanding of themselves and each other. Setting and voice and action are secondary to what happens inside a character's mind and the words that come from his/her mouth.

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Experienced tutor, with a Masters degree offering competitively priced lessons for all ages

I like to make classes interactive and inclusiary. They will always be tailored around the students desired experiences and their own level of compitency. I fully believe in the Socratic method and so rather than deliver lectures I prefer to have a discussion on the subject which encourages greater understanding.

Dr katia
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Improve your Academic English, Literature and Essay Writing skills for A-Levels, IB or Univeristy with a Dr of Literature in London.

My main priority in teaching is to create an atmosphere where learning can happen. This means that I get to know you, what you struggle with and what you love, from this place we can start learning together. I bring a variety of materials to class: we watch film clips, photography/art, and any other materials that support the learning of the particular subject.

1st lesson offered free !

English and Educational student offering English lessons in Lincoln. Advanced DBS Checked

I am very adaptable in my teaching method, i find what best works for the student, rather than sticking to a set why. i have found that every student learns differently, whether they are Primary school level, secondary school or even college.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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A masters student in Cross cultural communication and media studies, I offer to teach English literature to students looking for guidance in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have a BA in English Literature.

Every text has context and without context, it is not possible to understand a piece of literary work. In my method of teaching, I aim to make the subject as interesting for the student as my professors had made it for me.

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English Literature student from King's College London offering comprehensive English lessons online

I offer interactive, encouraging and friendly lessons for school and university students. Classes focus on key aspects of English language, grammar and literature. I am happy to answer your questions and offer easy exercises to review your learnings throughout the lesson.

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English teacher with nineteen years experience offering lessons in Beverley and surrounding areas.

I approach lessons on a one to one student basis, by informal assessment. I like to discover strong and weak points and work on both, and keep motivation strong working out what works best and personal interests. Lessons plans are individually tailored around achievements, interests and targets.

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Perfect! I booked lessons with Luke to improve my English literature essay writing. He proved to be most helpful in crystallising improvements I could make. I am currently still working with Luke.

Jamie, student
1 year ago

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