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Female, Manchester based graduate, gives lessons in English, Maths, Science and more

I am a professional, critically acclaimed playwright who has been consistently working across the UK in the writing sphere since graduation 2 years ago. Because of my job I specialise in English tuition, tutoring in English language up to GCSE level and English Literature up to A Level. I have a grade A* in English Literature at A Level and grade A IN English (both lit and lang) at GCSE.

Greater London
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Business student offering tutoring in english literature and language at all levels up to A-level

I have finished school and am going to study business at university. My teaching method is explaining things simply and having a ton of patience- the most important thing is for the student to feel comfortable and confident in order to truly learn.

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Student of economics offering Spanish (I am native speaker), and school support lessons/ baby sitting

I focus on learning through deep, intuitive understanding of the subject in question, rather than memorization (except when necessary). In the initial stages of teaching I like to analyze the student's way of learning, making the most of his/her strengths and working on his/her weaknesses.

(4 reviews)
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Student Midwife looking to babysit on an ad hoc basis to support degree.

I love children and like to make my time babysitting fun. As I am used to teaching children (And adults!) I am able to help with homework. I am very comfortable with children of all ages and know first aid.

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Passionate and intelligent student at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

I work with children aged 4-16 as well as adult learners. For each student, we will create action plans which outline the objectives for the half term and how we aim to achieve them. Lessons will be split half theory (teaching content) and the other half practical (i.e. do exam questions) unless you ask otherwise.

(3 reviews)
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Second year university student looking babysit children from four years old upwards

With babysitting, I always make sure the children are happy and safe, that we respect each other but also have fun! I also try and make the babysitting sessions educational where possible and teach children vital social skills.

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Actual Primary Education tutor offering after school classes to young students in Edinburgh

Young Spanish Primary Education teacher offering afterschool classes to Primary Education students.The methodology I usually use is "Learning by playing", I like students to discover things on their own, interactive classes, so that they can experiment and see the results by themselves.

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A-Level History and English student gives academic support to primary school pupils in Kent

During lessons I will ensure the completion of their homework and I will make every attempt to secure their understanding of the subject. My teaching style is clear and concise while also supportive and understanding of limitations, and it can be adaptive according to a students needs. I am also fluent in Spanish and have supported students with all subjects within this language.

(1 review)
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Friendly, Adaptable and Motivated Native English Speaker offering English and Spanish lessons.

I'm 19 and am looking to improve my skills and earn some money while helping people in an area that I am truly interested in. - ENGLISH TUTORING As a native English speaker I can offer an effective and adaptable lesson to anyone of any age with my main aim being to adjust my lessons to the needs of the learner.

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Professional highly motivated, passionate and dedicated recently qualified teacher with experience of working with students from different backgrounds. I give English, spanish and primary level any

Professional highly motivated, passionate and dedicated recently qualified teacher, demonstrating excellent interpersonal, communication skills and with experience of working with students from different backgrounds. Loyal and caring person who loves making a difference in the lives of children.

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Specialist Primary Teacher- Booster sessions in all primary subjects and SEN support in East Sussex

My sessions are for primary ages pupils or those working at this level. They are based around the learning styles, level and interests of the pupil. I prefer to use multi-sensory approach, incorporating concrete objects and activities to boost engagement and progress rather than textbook based sessions.

Brough With Saint Giles
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Early Years Assessor/Tutor with 18 years experience working in a childcare environment

My teaching method is to set clear and fair expectations, have a positive attitude, and patient with students, and assess their learning on a regular basis. When deciding if early childhood education is right career choice for you, the first and most important question to ask yourself is: Do I like working with children? If you can’t answer yes, then this career may not be best for you.

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Communication student offering academic coaching and babysitting in Cambridge with a 4 year experience in personal and group tutoring.

My approach is more practical than just pushing down the theories. I like to demonstrate the academic theories and try to build a connect with the day to day lives of children. I like to show visual illustrations and videos to make complex concepts more simple. I make my own simplified notes and pass them out to children for reference.

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Primary Teacher with EYFS, KS1 SATs (and all ages) experience near Selby

I believe in making memorable learning opportunities for all children I teach, I get to know all children really well and teach based on their needs and interests. I have taught forest schools and believe that learning can happen in all environments, including outdoors.

West Bridgford
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Forensic science graduate, who would like to help others achieve their academic goals.

I believe that teaching methods depend on the individuals needs and ways of learning. Each student learns in a different manner whether it is visual, repetitive, or read. I believe that individual tutoring gives a student the opportunity to learn in a style most suited to them to help there succeed.

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University student who offering school pick up/babysitting within the Canterbury surrounding area

I have lots of experience working with children and understand how different children can be from each other. I like to think I have a firm but fun approach, and that the children look forward to my company. Most importantly that the children feel safe.

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£10ph Baby sitter, £20 per session Pupil or Student support available Monday to Friday evenings and weekends - Northampton UK based

Open to support preschool, primary, secondary and undergraduates (please ask for any questions) Various teaching styles-I am excellent at creating visual audio to kinaesthetic teaching, I believe regardless of age having a varied way of learning is most effective! So teaching using sound, imagery and movement.

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Neuroscience student offering tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology or maths and English

My teaching method is a combination of Visual (Diagrams, Drawings, written material) and conversational particularly for those wanting to learn English. For younger children I try to incorporate the use of arts and crafts or props or a ‘class companion’. For students with struggles in learning I will assess and arrange a time to discuss how you have learnt best previously.

Ghadafi muhmar
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I am available to offer support to children within the Paisley and Glasgow environs to ensure greater performance in school and extra curricular activities.

I am a Masters student who will be willing to offer help to children in Primary and Secondary school levels who have problems with Maths or Basic Computing techniques. I will also be able to provide support in relation to extra curricular activities such as football, dancing and general upkeep and coaching.

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University student studying a Diagnostic Radiography degree offering lessons in science and help with science homework

I'm a radiography student willing to give lessons to pupils up to a GCSE level in Biology, anatomy and physiology. I'm a kind, happy person that has a positive attitude towards learning and helping others grasp areas that might confuse them. I use both an online and text book approach to teaching using all the tools availble to me to help you learn in the best way.

Kingston upon Thames
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Enthusiastic babysitter offering tutoring lessons and up to grade 3 piano lessons

My lesson structure would centre around the specific person i.e. how they learn best. I would start off by givng them a quick test to see what they know and build from there and give free consultation meeting to discuss areas of confidence and concern and work from there! I would give students homework and mark it to see how they improve.

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University student offering general school work support, after-school pick up and babysitting in Winchester

I am currently a first-year student at the University of Winchester, studying Psychology. I am looking to help Primary school and Secondary school students (including GCSE) with any homework, coursework or revision. I am also willing to do after-school pickups and babysitting if needed.

Royal Tunbridge Wells
Amelia jane
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College student about to start studying midwifery, offering english tuition from primary to GCSE level in the Kent area, IB diploma holder.

I am open to teaching in any style that make sure that the student receives the greatest amount of understanding of the subject. If needing to study particular books please specify so that I can make sure that my teaching will best help you. Each session is customized to the students needs so that they gain the best experience from it.

Greater London
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An experienced babysitter and tutor in the area of north west London

I work mainly with primary and secondary aged children however I have many years of experience working with children in lots of different settings of all ages. I have lots of experience and knowledge with special needs children of primary age, and lots of resources and tasks available.

(5 reviews)
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Predicted grade 9 in GCSE maths and science and 7 in English.

I see how the young person works best, and tailor my teaching style to suit and engage the young person.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Sixth form graduate offering tutoring in biology, chemistry and PE up to a level standard, also GCSE Spanish and music and any primary school subjects needed, in Portsmouth

I will base my tutorials and methods of teaching on the needs of the individual and vary methods to find the best way for them to retain information, whether that is making creative diagrams, worksheets or textbooks. Often learning around the subject or in further detail helps them to better understand the original material.

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Psychology student offering English and French tutoring up to GCSE level in Winchester

I am confident that I can assist my students in their language development up to GCSE level, and would design exercises around all four pillars of language learning: listening, reading, writing and speaking. I would be able to provide a variety of activities that would enhance my students abilities in both grammar comprehension and extension of vocabulary.

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Imperial College Graduate looking to help young/primary school level students to achieve

I tailor my teaching methodology to the child as an individual; I have learnt a range of techniques during my voluntary placements, so I would find the way that is most appropriate to your child(ren) & that allows them to thrive the most.

1st lesson offered free !

Sociology student able to teach English & science lessons in London with experience

Advancements in technology have propelled the education sector in the last few decades. The high tech approach to learning utilizes different technology to aid students in their classroom learning. I use computers and tablets in the classroom, and others may use the internet to assign homework. The internet is also beneficial in a classroom setting as it provides unlimited resources.

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Perfect! Bernadete was extremely helpful with helping me to grasp a better understanding of learning Human Rights from a Gender perspective. I am looking forward to more sessions with her in the future

Lois-diamond, student
11 months ago

Perfect! Margareth é molto professionale e puntuale nel suo lavoro; grazie a lei ho superato bene l'esame d'inglese all'università. Scrivi testi molto chiari e coincisi ed è stata un aiuto prezioso.

Cristina, student
3 years ago

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Today's fast-paced lives see family members arise early in the morning and take on their different schedules until evening. When there are young children in the family and a parent is not available to pick them up and look after them when school is out, it can pose a problem. It is a problem that SuperPROF provides a reliable solution to with their Afterschool pick-up & Baby-sitting service. The service gives a parent the peace of mind knowing that their child will be safe and they will be taken care of until they get home. Afterschool pick-up & baby-sitting can be combined with lessons when the service is provided by teachers. After they have picked up, children can take the time to reading lessons or lessons in other areas they need help with. SuperPROF matches parents to an academic tutoring teacher or methodology teachers to work with them in areas where they may be weak. The Afterschool pick-up & Baby-sitting service is done with school support where schools are involved to provide an area where the children can take after-school lessons. Schools are also encouraged to have teachers sign up on SuperPROF at no cost to advertise their services. SuperPROF Afterschool pick-up & Baby-sitting is available throughout the UK.