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Agricultural Science & Farm Management Tuition and advisory in the South Devon area

I believe in practical demonstrations and simple language. Using collaborative software such as, Join Me and Skype, I can oversee work and teach you techniques which will enable you to understand the principles of agricultural sciences. I am more than happy to teach in person, at a destination which is mutually suitable, however, travelling costs will be incurred.

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Agronomist with over 30 years of experience and knowledge of soil science, biology and engineering

I would offer online or home based classes with information sheets, powerpoint and links to videos. I have experience of teaching students in the classroom or in practicals to small or large groups or 1 to 1.

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French lesson in U.K., agriculture in R&D specialist with a native French lady.

Hi ! I can help you for your french lessons by skype. I am French and I live in England for 1 year. I have a Bachelor's degree in Agronomy. I work for a company in agronomy R&D. I am not a teacher but someone very organise and I give all my best for you ! I can give lessons for High school or Btec (level max). I will give some exercices, you will speak in French with me, I will correct you.

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BSc Agronomy Engineer in Reading (UK) for Biology, Chemistry and other Natural Sciences

Encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class, resolving real-life cases through detailed analysis, brainstorming, innovation and creative ideas, let students focus on exploring an area which interests them and learn about it for themselves and allow students the freedom to expand and develop ideas.

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Horticulture graduate (Masters) offering Agriculture, Agronomy, business management lessons for all classes, primary to Undergraduate level

My teaching methods are highly adaptive and designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Classes are interactive, life illustrations and graphics are utilised. Individual assessments are informal and on the go, to ensure a firm understanding of the topic is achieved before proceeding to another topic.

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Inquisitive and humble agronomist willing to help you be the best student in agronomy

I mostly use examples to clearly state and explain a particular phenomenon to a student. The practical way of explaining is in a form of demonstrating through an example and theory is the first step to teaching, learning and research.

Dr mahendra singh
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Tuition for aspiring Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences students from High school to PG standards

as per student demand. it may be verbal, black board, assignments, LCD presentation and also group discussion.I may talk over cell and telephone for solving the student problems. Few educational trips may also be arranged for greater exposure of the students.

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Graduate student of Carleton University gives private tuition in Science and Agriculture

I base my classes on practical problems and how to prepare for the assessments. However much you know about a given subject is useless, if you do not know how to write correct answers to the assessments. Classes are for high school students and other students.

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Agronomist and Geographer teaches several disciplines, especially Geography, History, Sociology and Biology.

I am an agronomist trained by UFRuralRJ and professor of Geography in formation by UERJ. I believe that education, besides a means of professional growth, personal and social development, has the capacity to transform lives by the value of knowledge and critical analysis of reality.

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I'm agriculture graduate and planning for MBA, so I can teach you both biology and maths at the same time

I use to take tuition for the students in my neighborhood from 9th ownwards, and I use to take seminars

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Sr Research Associate in Corteva, hold MSc in Plant Breeding offering Agricultural Science and Biology lessons

When I teach I open the eyes of learners about the world of Agriculture in a practical sense. I will teach learners how what is learned in the classroom is applied in the real world. I will like to teach learners from Grade 10 to 12 and also in the university. Learners who are perusing agriculture as one of their subjects.

Raheel atif
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Agronomy is the key of highest on farm production in Canada. PhD in Agronomy

To deliver an effective and long lasting memorable lecture, i use to deliver lecture on Multimedia Projector, Face to Face by using white board, teach with examples, soft cards, spread sheets and by giving assignments to involve the students in course work deeply.

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A masters student in animal science gives agricultural science lessons to students in Saskatoon

My teaching methods are interactive and practical. This makes me get a better understanding of how the students view whatever is being talked about and also makes it easier to remember and appreciate. I like to teach lower to high-grade classes as they are interesting.

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Student from university provides coaching on Agricultural sciences for high school and college students

My teaching method will be simple and easy to understand kind of. I will always start with basic and then move to the more complex portion of the topic. My each class will be topic based only in a systematic way.

La Florida
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Student of Agricultural Engineering, he teaches all subjects to prepare the PSU

My methodology is flexible and adapts to the different types of student learning, so that they can better develop the required knowledge.

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Seeking for a challenging career to work by utilizing my skills and knowledge to the best of my abilities and contributes positively to my personal growth as well as growth of the organization.

• Industrial visit in AGIIT( Axis Global Institute of Industrial Training) regarding robotics in the year 2015. • Internship at National Aerospace Laboratories(NAL) regarding ATMEGA16 microcontroller for different applications from 11th July 2016 to 29th July 2016. • Attended two days workshop at Adarsha Institute of Technology regarding Aaron tool VLSI Cad tool in 2016.

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To work in a firm with a professional work driven environment where I can utilize and apply my knowledge, skill which would enable me as a fresh graduate to grow while fulfilling organizational goals.

B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) Faculty Of Engineering and Technology, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya 2013- 2017 70% Intermediate U.P. Board Bal Nikunj Inter College,Lucknow 2013 91.60% High School U.P. Board Bal Nikunj Inter College,Lucknow 2011 76.

Dinesh l
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To be part of company and to enhance my skills and knowledge

2016-19 Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore. (B.E. ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING) 2013-16 Muthayammal Polytechnic college, Rasipuram. Percentage:94.5% 2011-13 Shri Vinayaga Higher Secondary School, Morpalayam. Percentage:84% 2010-11 Sri Vinayaga Matric Higher Secondary School, vaiyappamali.

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To obtain a responsible position in a professionally managed organization where I can utilize my Technical Skills to contributing to the growth of Organizational and future advancement of my Career

 Candidate in “NSS” Camp  Participated In Workshop On Mobile game development & Virtual Reality in Robotics  Participated in National Level Symposium (Structural Repair and Rehabilitation).  Participated In Internship on Structural Analysis Approach.  Participated in International Design Competition By Cadcentre Services Pvt.Ltd.

Ward No. 3
Dinesh kumar j
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To work on innovative solutions by applying and developing my technical skills as a professional with gifted colleagues in an environment that builds and rewards creative thinking and teamwork

I Have undergone with my mini project on DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF IRON BORIDE REENFORCED WITH BORON CARBIDE. Participated in 30 days workshop industrial training in “ THERMAL POWER PLANT “ in SANGAM , In 2017. Participated in one day workshop on “ADVANCED IC ENGINES held at DHANALAKSHMI College of engineering and technology in the year 2016.

Mahesh r
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To be a part of the challenging team which strives for the better growth of the organization and which explores my potential and provides me with the opportunity to enhance my talent with an intention

Software developer in Cognizant Technology Solutions(2 years). Worked as a software developer for 'UNUM' - A Insurance based U.S project (2016 - 2018). Presented a conference paper on SVD BASED DIGITAL WATER MARKING SYSTEM FOR COPYRIGHT PROTECTION on 28th march 2015 at GOJAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS &TECHNOLOGY.

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Agronomy is the party of agriculture...by Agronomy change of agriculture. And by use develop in agriculture and production.

My teaching mathod is diffrent.i want doing different in class .i am not teching student .

College Station
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Graduate animal science student offering science and analytical tutoring in College Station

I believe in helping students succeed by helping them find the right answer. My goal is to teach students how to learn, so that they can find answers themselves. I am not the answer key, I don't know everything, but I know how to find it.

Boobalan k
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To be an employee where I can contribute my skills to the further development of the organization and achieve growth in my professional career.

AREAS OF INTEREST Automatic Engineering Unconventional Machining Process ACADEMIC PROJECT Mini Project Title : Motarized Screw Jack Description : To reduce the effort of lifting car with low cost Team Position : Team leader Main Project Title : Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actutation before collision Description : Reduce the accident Team Position : Team leader

Haringhata Farm
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PhD in Agricultural Extension interested in offering classes on agriculture sciences for competitive exams.

My teaching method is based on creating a basic conceptual understanding of the subject matter, followed by explaining the various keywords. The subject matter is selected based on its relevance and the current thrust areas for agriculture in India and around the world.

Jd José Alves Carneiro
(17 reviews)
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Agricultural Engineer gives classes of school reinforcement, technical disciplines at home and online

I conduct my classes in a focused and structured way in the needs of each student, so that each specific question can be solved by giving clarity to the related subject as a whole.

Bhitoli Khurd
Man singh
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Students studying in BSc.(Agriculture) and MSc.(Agronomy) or preparing for competitive examination of Agricultural Services .

I teach through class room lecture as well through power point presentation of important topics and personal discussion by giving them examples.

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Agricultural graduate offering agronomy from basic to specific field crops e.g maize, sorghum etc.

My teaching method is based on how much a student knows in a certain topic, I also start from the beginning to those who needs to know everything in agronomy.

Dr. sanjay
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Doctorate in Entomology and Teaching Agricultural Science and allied subjects in Gujarat

I prefer theory teaching followed by practical experience or thru assignment for in depth understanding of subjects. Including live examples & current scenario & research in subject matter is my strength. I can teach to graduate as well as masters class.

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