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A certificated Naturopath , specialised in Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Facial diagnostic and Developing of Mental Skills offering lessons

I'm offering theoretical lessons supported with practical examples of Holistic Natural Medicine to all interested, whether they are students, healthcare professionals or life style conscious individuals, who choose to integrate and follow the holistic approach of physical and psychological well-being and want to improve health and life quality of a person considering body,emotions,mind and...

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Holistic nutritionist and herbalist student offering online advice, lessons and consultations to interested indivduals

I provide advice, lessons, and consultations to anyone wishing to learn more about how food is medicine, using herbs to supplement or as an alternative to conventional medicone and to debunk many myths of what the best diet is. I focus on nutrition for the individual and how herbal preparations can compliment a nutritional protocol and encourage healing.

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Well-being tutorials for people who want to feel well - if you feel well you do well!

My method of teaching is based on the principle of small building blocks make the whole and showing how every building block is inter-connected so that students understand every component in the context of the bigger picture.

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Mindfulness, positive thinking and self care, Nottingham NG5, counseling BSC Honours degree Counselling & Psychotherapy

My method is to be honest, approachable and congruent. Building on an honest and genuine way of working, allows us to be real to ourselves.

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Qualified Health and Wellbeing Consultant offering the ultimate health toolbox in Gloucestershire

My approach is facilitative and supportive. I teach theory and encourage my students to use this to move forwards in their own exploration of weekly themes. I encourage discussion and reflection. Lesson structure includes some theory, some experiential learning and discussion. Each week will have a recap of the week before and clear aims and objectives for each session.

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Herbalist student offering exciting classes on living a healthy lifestyle including PCOS

I base my classes on studies I have done myself and they have proven to work for example, I suffered with PCOS and struggled to get pregnant for 4 years. I am now in a situation where my body is much healthier and I am due to have a baby in 5 months and we managed to conceive naturally without any help and it's all down to what you are putting in your body.

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I would love to share my perfect way to eat healthily and keep control without heavy exercise or low-calorie dieting.

I am a journalism student by day but in my spare time, I love to research basic health and nutrition. I believe that dieting starts with the mind and that food shouldn't be seen as a reward or punishment, just basic fuel. I have tried all the crazy diets out there but my research so far has led me to the healthy lifestyle I lead today.

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Plant-based Nutrition is what I live for. I would like to help share the skill is have learned healing my own body so that others may do the same.

I would provide in depth nutritional information and help you develop a healthy plant-based lifestyle which works for you, as well as put together information packs about various supplements/super-foods which can help you. This can be extended, and i will do everything in my power to help you reclaim your health and vitality.

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Pharmacy Graduate with university teaching experience, fluent in both arabic and English

My teaching method is to create a story that's easy to remember by students that relates to whatever information they need to memorise in addition to explaining every thing every step of the way. I also help students with mind mapping, and pnumonics.

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A reliable herbalist, nutritionist and Ayurvedic therapist offering wellness classes in Liverpool.

Having healed myself of rheumatoid arthritis, and having healed many patients of various deceases by means of Ayurvedic, herbal and nutritional therapies, clients are counselled individually as well as invited for workshops utilizing various methodologies of teaching.

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Medical student offering biology and health related courses and issues. I have a 4 year experience in lecturing and teaching and I understand what it takes for the learner to comprehend and bringing i

Basically my teaching methods are based on the students way of quickly comprehending things, but basically we'll deal with lessons based on each topic;s subject thus making it way easier.

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NLP Practitioner and health professional offering lessons in relaxation, meditation, hypnosis and alternative medicine.

My teaching method is based on neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis as I want my students to slightly relax during the training session so that they can absorb more information effortlessly and comfortably. The learning process has to be a positive and interesting experience. There is no need to stress during the lesson.

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Alternative Medicine Adviser such as Nutrition, Naturopathy, weight loss, eating well and relaxation.

My teaching methods is based on the approach and philosophy of alternative medicines, and my emphasizing would be more on drug less medicines which means that alternative medicine promotes and helps his/her body to prevent as well as recover from illness naturally.

Julie reiki river
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Reiki Master Teacher offering Reiki +Reiki Drum workshops in north east England + York

All workshops offered are either one to one or small groups. Comprehensive notes accompany all workshops. Reiki is a relaxation therapy you can use on yourself and/or family, friends, pets too. Contact us for more information and further details.

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Marketing Student offering a holistic approach to life, Overcoming hardship is what i specialise in.

I create an environment where people can openly express themselves and then nurture conversations that are dormant in the mind and help funnel anxiety into creativity. I do this in practical and artistic ways depending on the client. I am a calm and considerate individual who is very social and active.

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Nutritionist; with experience creating specific meals and routines for family friends and clients

I like to build a relationship with a client; and feel out what they may be lacking. I.e after a few conversations we may find that the client suffers from anxiety; and many will simply tell them to learn to relax.

New Bradwell
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Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher looking to share the benefits of these two beautiful offerings.

My teaching method is taylored to your individual needs, giving you exactly what need at the time you come to a lesson. I am relaxed and patient, open and willing to listen to whatever is happening in your life right now to provide you with the tools to be able to come into a deeper sense of tranquility and calm.

East Kilbride
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Art student and Buddhist practitioner teaching meditation and spiritual healing practices online

I have been studying Buddhism and meditation for 5 years, along with Usui Reiki at the Second Degree. I find that conversations, and getting to know students on an individual level is the best way to learn.

Greater London
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Unplug and be happy - reclaim your power and be happier now

I've worked as an academic (I have a PhD in Bioinformatics), then I joined a global consultancy to work with businesses and showing them how to transform and become better at what they do. My passion in life has always been health and wellness. There is no joy in life without it. Meditation and alternative energy medicine techniques are what helped me learn how to be the best version of me.

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Holistic approach to living with joy and vitality, solving the cause root of a matter

Are you tired of spending a lot of time within the self-help industry, or tired of the fluff that most books offer and you don't know what the next move is. You're looking for a way out from what seems a trap and want more peace or fulfilment in your life. I'm here to make you get RESULTS..

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Sportsman with 6 years of experience gives weightloss and bodybuilding lessons at home in Derby

My teaching methods do vary since everyone wants to achieve something different, some may want to build muscles and lose weight or just focus on the weightloss and then there are those who want to do effective cardio etc. Throughout the years I have gone through 3 weightloss processes and the last one took 2 and a half month in order to lose 52 lbs (24 kilograms).

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Mew energy teacher offer a sessions about inlightment, Consciousness prezent, inner piece , consciousness breathing sessions nad many more...

Online conversation in English and Polish, Online breathing class,give you message to you w from you.

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Medical Herbalist in Bradford can help you to find out about the medicinal properties of plants and herbs and a healthy diet.

I have a degree in medical herbalism and I want to help peop,e of all ages to find out how to improve their health naturally. My lessons are always interactive and focus on what each person wants to learn.

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Change your mind and body - weightloss, muscle building, motivation and overall well-being

Giving you a personal one on one approach to changing your lifestyle. I will help you set and understand your goals, this will make it easier to achieve. The main focus will be how to start eating clean, alternative diets, working out, and feeding your mind.

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Dedicated and patient yogi offering meditation and yoga tutoring in Colchester Essex

My teaching methods are what ever suits you best... 60% practical training and 40% talks and explanations.

Mohammad israr
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Final year MBBS student teaching Pharmacy,medicine,health,biology,chemistry,physics,mathematics,language,first aid ,nutrition,patient caring,O level,A level, medical etc

My teaching method is so amazing I involve student in making assignments plus I take test and I suggest daily based study

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Acne Coaching. Natural skincare, mental health and nutrition coaching, with long time adult acne sufferer

I suffered from late-onset cystic acne for over 10 years (between 19-30 years old) at its worst I was getting around 10 new blemishes/spots per day.

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Complementary Therapist & PGCE graduate offering tuition in holistic health and well-being.

My teaching uses a facilitator style which means I believe we should empower our learners with a student-centred approach. Learning should be fun whilst sparking passion and discussion leading to new knowledge and individual ideas.

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Heal yourself from chronic disease with the power of plant based nutrition

Diagnosed with an auto immune condition and told there was no cure I decided to take health into my own hands. I managed to reverse my condition with a change in diet and lifestyle.

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Learn the beauty of how to treat yourself and others you naturally

I was brought up only using natural medicine, I spend my spare time teaching others how to treat their families

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